4 Best Dog Toys for Beagles (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Beagles are extremely energetic dogs. They love to hunt, climb and have fun in open spaces. Beagles are also excellent diggers and chewers, so it’s important to find a variety of toys for your beagles that support their natural instinct to chew and to channel their often boundless energy.  Beagles also love to play tug-a-war so a toy that will withstand their zealous play will be ideal! These are our favorites:

Best Dog Toys for Beagles

Here are our Beagle dog toy reviews.

1. Multipet Gumby Dog Toy

Multipet Gumby Dog Toy

The Multipet Gumby toy is a plush, favorite toy of dogs everywhere. This plush toy is also packed with a squeaker to entice dogs to continually play.  This 9″ toy is great for all breeds that are not aggressive chewers.

  • Plush, ultra-soft pet toy with inside squeaker toy.
  • The Gumby toy is licensed.
  • Convenient size that fits within the mouth of most medium to large sized dogs.
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2. Kyjen Outward Hound HideASquirrel

Kyjen Outward Hound Hideasquirrel Small

This soft dog toy doubles as an interactive dog game to keep your dog interested! The HideASquirrel is mentally enriching and contains a squeaker inside that dogs love! This toy is also refillable for continued use.

  • The Hide & Squeak dog puzzle game comes with squirrels with hidden squeakers.
  • An attached trunk top makes it trickier for your dog to remove the plush stuffed toys.
  • This hide and seek game challenges your dog’s brain, keeping bored dogs occupied for hours!
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3. West Paw Zogoflex

West Paw Zogoflex Rumpus Dog Chew Toy For Aggressive Chewers, Made In Usa

West Paw Zogoflex is made for indoors and out, wet and dry land. That is because Zogoflex is not only durable enough for the most aggressive chewers, it also floats! West Paw cuts out the chemicals, this chew is BPA-and-Phthalate-free, non-toxic and FDA compliant.

  • Zogoflex is 100% guaranteed by the manufacturer.
  • Zogoflex is BPA and Phthalate-free, non-toxic and FDA compliant.
  • These toys are floatable.
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4. goDog Dragons with Chew Guard Technology

Godog Periwinkle Dragons Dog Toy

The goDog Dragon is a plush pet for your dog that has chew guard technology to resist rips or tears. There is a squeaker inside the dragon to attack and comfort pets. And, the goDragon is under stuffed for less mess.

  • The go Dragon is a super-soft plush.
  • goDragon features chew guard technology and double stitched seams.
  • The inside holds a fun squeaker to attract the dog and it is under stuffed for less mess.
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Beagle Dog Toy Buying Guide

Beagles are highly energetic hunters, who love to climb, chew and dig. When you’re looking for a toy for your Beagle, it’s important to find one that can withstand vigorous play and keep them entertained. Look for toys that have multiple functions: plush and squeaky, rope for clewing and throwing and even interactive rubber toys. Toys that can reroute any destructive behavior will keep your pet entertained and you happy!


Beagles might be small, but they are extremely strong. Toys that encourage play are ideal for Beagles, but they will need to withstand a Beagle’s strong teeth and jaws. Tug-a-war is a favorite game for the beagle and your pet will likely encourage you to chase after them with their favorite rope. This is why it’s extremely important to look for toys that won’t quickly shred, which could pose an injury risk to your pet and result in wasted money.  Look for toys made from durable materials and double stitched seaming.

Supports their instinct to chew

Toys that support a beagles instinct to chew and hunt are ideal for staving off boredom. A toy that can do double duty to support their instinct to chew while also strengthening their jaws or even cleaning their teeth is guaranteed to be a long-lasting favorite. Look for toys that will withstand a Beagles teeth and can help clean plaque in the process.


Beagles have boundless energy.  And if they get bored, they can be destructive. This is why toys that engage and encourage interactivity are ideal for Beagles. Toys like the HideAway Squirrel keep dogs entertained for hours and reroute a pet’s energy into a safe alternative. Toys that have multiple uses, like removing different parts, offering opportunities to uncover treats or even take it in the water, will be ideal to support your Beagle’s zest!

There are many choices in toys for your pet; the fun part is the hunt your Beagles favorite!

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