5 Best Dog Toys for Border Terriers (Reviews Updated 2024)

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For those times when your Border Terrier needs preoccupying with some play time it’s necessary to get him some toys. They are great for releasing built up tension, as well as passing time. All dogs will get attached to their toys, so you can take the opportunity to teach them some disciple. Dog toys are good training tools, both at home and when you’re outdoors walking. There are different types of toys that are especially made for outdoors, which are great for encouraging them to exercise and use up more energy.

Then the toys made for the home are designed to keep them entertained for hours on end, which is useful when they are home alone to stop them chewing or damaging your belongings and furniture. With this great selection of toys we have found here for your Border Terrier there is plenty to keep them content, as well as stimulate their hereditary intelligent minds.

Best Dog Toys for Border Terriers

Here is a selection of the top five dog toys that are especially designed for entertaining Border Terriers:

1. Ottosson Puzzle Brick Dog Toy

Outward Hound Ottosson Puzzle Brick Dog Toy

This is an excellent toy for developing your Border Terrier’s mind positively till they reach a tasty treat surprise. The Nina Ottosson Dog Brick design are made with easy flip-up lids, as well as separate removable bone puzzles. It’s fun and entertaining, as well as practical for brain development.

  • Durably made
  • Easy to clean
  • Innovative dog training tool
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2. Nylabone Power Dog Chew Toy

Nylabone Power Chew Textured Dog Chew Ring Toy Flavor Medley Flavor X Large Souper 50+ Lbs.

The dog chew toy made by Nylabone is excellent quality and made in the USA. It’s textured, uneven-ridge surface is especially designed to clean teeth, as well as provide a comfortable and durable gnawing device.

  • Long-lasting meaty flavour
  • Made with durable quality-tested nylon
  • Prevents the build up of tartar and plaque
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3. Outward Hound Tail Dog Flirt-Pole Toy

Outward Hound Tail Teaser Dog Flirt Pole Toy, Play Wand (1)

Outward Hound supply a great toy for outdoor play! As a breed they love to tug and chase a moving object with lots of energy to burn. This is the ideal toy, which sports a tugging lead attached to a luring pole that includes two soft toys that clip on to the end for your Border Terrier to chase and try catch.

  • Quality nylon cord and pole
  • Includes two faux-fur toys interactive squeak toys
  • Design mimics natural prey
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4. Chuckit Ultra Ball Small (2 Pack)

Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog Toy

This is a simple, yet timeless popular toy designed to encourage special bonding with you and your Border Terrier.  They just love to run and chase for hours, so a game of catch with a small-sized ball, like this one made by ‘Chuckit!’ is a great investment.

  • Made especially for small dog breeds
  • Durable and thick rubber with a soft surface
  • Available in bright colours to enhance interactivity
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5. Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Dog Toy

Jolly Pets Romp N Roll Rope And Ball Dog Toy

Finally, as your Border Terrier loves a good tug of war! The Romp-n-Roll  made by JollyPet attached to a strong, durable rubber ball is a great option. He can play with it alone, as well as play fetch together. It’s multi-purpose design is made with the hardest-wearing of materials to ensure it stands the test of time.

  • Available in different colours
  • Multipurpose toy
  • Excellent quality strong, non-toxic material
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Border Terrier Dog Toy Buyer’s Guide

As Border Terriers are active, but also a very intelligent breed of dog. There are some great designs, which accommodate and develop these two characteristics, really well. You will need a durably made toy, that is preferably interactive in some way, so that it can develop their brain power, whilst they play. The toys that dispense dog treats are very good at this because they have the prize already implemented in the design. Then dog toys, which inspire exercise, like tugging and catch are great for using energy up, whist giving you a chance to bond and have fun with your Border Terrier too.


The durability of the material, which your Border Terrier’s dog toys are made out of have to be strong and wearable. They are strong chewers and they will rip a toy to shreds, if it is made from poor quality material. This can be dangerous for your Border Terrier if he digests any cheap, toxic material it might result in surgery to remove it. Therefore, look for toys that use a non-toxic strong rubber, nylon or plastic. The stronger and more hard wearing the better. Finally a toy, which is made with a bumpy ridge texture is a great teeth cleaning tool for removing plaque and tartar.

Extra Features

Each dog toy will come with great additional features, which are included to enhance the design of each toy, as well as it’s practicality. There are some excellent multi-purpose toys to choose from that act as excellent chew toys and brush their teeth too. As well as, food dispensing toys, which keep them occupied for hours and develop their brain with a tasty treat at the end. A toy, which he can use indoors and outdoors and fills all the right requirements is perfect for long-term use.


Toys can be used as training tools both at home and when you play with them outdoors. Your Border Terrier will get very attached to their toys. Therefore, you can take advantage and use them to teach your Border Terrier some discipline. There are also some great thought provoking toys, which are especially good for training and developing their brain. Take some time to bond with them and pick a toy, which will not just entertain, but train them. It will help in making a more stress-free life for the both of you.


When you are considering to get a dog toy, then you also have to keep in mind to take caution and set your ground rules at the start. They are likely to get attached with their toy and as they are most used to chewing, then when you take the toy away be precautious. Get them used to taking their toy away from the very beginning and always be weary when strangers are taking dog toys out of their mouth, especially children. Your Border Terrier might not be an aggressive dog, but he will be very protective of his precious toy and will try and defend it all costs, if you don’t teach him otherwise.

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