5 Best Dog Toys for Boxers (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Do you have a Boxer who chews straight through the toys you buy for them, no matter how sturdy the toy is advertised to be? This is a common problem with the bigger breeds of dog, or any aggressive chewer and the pet industry has made toys for this. Trying to find the true nearly indestructible dog toys can be difficult and pricey, but after thorough research I have listed the top five recommended dog toys for Boxers.

Each product will have a short item summary to explain why that item would work for your Boxer. At the end of the article will be a buying guide with extra information about the various types of dog toys on the market. With the thousands of options out there, picking a toy can be difficult, but this article may help narrow it down a bit.

Best Dog Toys for Boxers

Here are our Boxer dog toy reviews.

1. Ethical Pet Stuffless Dog Toy

Spot Skinneeez Stuffless Dog Toy With Squeaker For All Dogs Tug Of War Toy For Small And Large Breeds By Ethical Pet

The Ethical Pet Stuffless Dog Toy is made to let your Bozer play tug with you without sending the messy stuffing everywhere. The toy has squeakers inside it, the sound will make your dog go crazy with joy while they play. The toy has thirteen different designs and six sizes for you to choose from.

  • Stuffless dog toys are great for your pup who loves to shred, no mess for you
  • The squeakers in the toy are sturdy and great for your pups playtime
  • Wide variety of styles and sizes for your personal choice of style preference
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2. goDog Chew Dog Toy Dinosaur

Godog Just For Me Trex With Chew Guard

The goDog Chew Toy Dinosaur is made with the best quality of materials to make the toy last as long as possible with your power chewing Boxer. The toy is understuffed for less mess and has a squeaker inside to make your dog go crazy. With a chew guard, this dog toy is great for rougher playtimes.

  • High quality materials are used to ensure the best toy possible
  • Understuffed for less mess for you to clean up
  • Chew guard is great for rougher playtimes with your Boxer
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3. Benebone Dental Chew Dog Toy

Benebone Real Flavor Dental Dog Chew Toy, Updated Design, Made In Usa

The Benebone Dental Chew Dog Toy is designed to be easy for your Boxer to hold down while they chew and clean their teeth. With real food ingredients, this bone is made safe and healthy for your dog. Real bacon is infused throughout the chew toy to give your dog a tasty treat as the bone cleans the excess plaque on their teeth.

  • Designed to be easy to hold down and chew on
  • Real ingredients used for flavoring to ensure a safe and healthy toy
  • Toy cleans plaque build up in your Boxer’s teeth as they chew
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4. Pet Qwerks Dinosaur Bone Chew Toy

Pet Qwerks Dinosaur Barkbone Chew Toy Tough Durable Nearly Indestructible Bone For Extreme Aggressive Power Chewers Made In Usa, With Fda Compliant Nylon 2 Flavors Available

The Pet Qwerks Dinosaur Bone Chew Toy is made with real bacon for flavoring to give your Boxer a tasty treat while massaging their gums. The toy is made sturdy for those aggressive chewers to gnaw on for days. The toy comes in four sizes ranging from large to triple x for the perfect toy for any medium to large dog breed.

  • Real bacon is used to give flavoring to the chew toy
  • Sturdy and durable for any determined or aggressive chewer
  • Comes in varying big sizes to fit most medium to large dog breeds
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5. HuggleHounds Squeaky Dog Toy

Hugglehounds Plush Corduroy Durable Squeaky Knottie Dog Toyfor Aggressive Chewers

The HuggleHounds Squeaky Dog Toy is made with high quality materials for a durable but fun dog toy for your Boxer. There are twenty different versions for you to choose from, guaranteeing that you’ll find something that you like. The limbs are knotted with no stuffing for tug games and less clean up.

  • Made of high quality materials for a tough toy
  • Many different variations to choose from for your personal preference
  • Limbs are knotted for tug games or to be a chew toy
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Boxer Dog Toy Buying Guide

Now that you have seen some of the options available to you, you have a better idea of what kind of variety is out there for dog toys. Before I go into the various types of dog toys on the market, I will warn all pet owners that when buying toys you should always check what materials they are made of as some have toxic materials when chewed on or swallowed.

Tug Ropes

Tug Ropes have always been one of the single best toys for your Boxer, most dogs love to play tug of war and I haven’t met a Boxer yet who doesn’t. When buying a rope toy, you should try to find a sturdy one and once it starts to fall apart you should dispose of it immediately to prevent choking hazards.

Balls/Fetch Toys

The ancient game of fetch was probably the very first dog toy known to man. Whether your Boxer prefers the ball or the stick, having a sturdy throw toy is a must for energetic dogs. There are many bouncy balls or treat dispensing ones for you to choose from with various features in each one. Whichever one you get, I’m sure your Boxer will love it.


Stuffless animal chew toys are nice for those dog owners who always seem to be cleaning up the scraps left over from their Boxer’s toys. This reduces the mess from flying stuffing or innards. You never know just how much stuffing is in a toy until you spend six months picking pieces of it up from various places around the house.

Teething Toy

Teething toys are mostly for puppies whose teeth are pushing through the gums. That is the reason puppies chew on everything, it is to stop the pain of the teeth erupting. That is also why it is important to get your Boxer puppy an appropriate teething toy. A teething toy needs to be strong and made from safe materials. Otherwise it has more chance of hurting your pup than helping them.

Dental Chew

Dental Chews are great for Boxers with a build up of plaque as your pup can lay down and serenely chew on their toy while it does all the dental work. Some toys are whitening, others are for bad breath and some are for plaque so when you buy a dental chew be sure you know what you are buying it for.

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