5 Best Dog Toys for Bullmatians (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Known for their loving and enthusiastic nature, Bullmatians are quite popular among pet lovers as companions. Although they are friendly around children, they also show stubbornness at times, thus requires distractions. Since they are highly energetic, dog toys help in encouraging physical exercises and outdoor activities.

Dog toys help in fighting off boredom, provide mental stimulation, and reduces destructive behavior. Are you planning to purchase a dog toy for your Bullmatian? We are happy to help you with a review of various dog toys for Bullmatians.

Best Dog Toys for Bullmatians

Here are our dog toys for Bullmatians reviews.

1. Frisco Fetch Squeaking Colorful Tennis Ball Dog Toy

Frisco Fetch Squeaking Colorful Tennis Ball Dog Toy

For ensuring bonding with your Bullmatian, involve in a game of fetch with the Frisco Fetch Squeaking Colorful Tennis Ball Dog Toy. They bounce very high when launched and provides a squeaking sound on hitting a surface. Thus, adding extra excitement and long hours of playtime.

  • Two numbers of tennis fetch balls.
  • Built-in squeaker with an engaging noise.
  • Soft material ideal for teeth and gum development
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2. Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Dog Toy

Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Dog Toy

Adding extra fun in the daily activities will not be an issue with the use of the Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Dog Toy for your Bullmatians. Along with flying to large distances, it also floats in water, thus ideal for water bodies. The glowing effects on the edges of the dog toy help in making evening and nights enjoyable. 

  • Multiple layers for extra protection
  • Soft material for comfort during carrying
  • The aerodynamic shape ensures a more extended flight.

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3. Bones & Chews Made in USA Cotton Rope with Bones Dog Toy

Usa Bones & Chews Cotton Rope With Bones Dog Toy

If you want to involve your Bullmatian in a game of tug-of-war, the Bones & Chews Made in USA Cotton Rope with Bones Dog Toy is apt. The sturdy ropes have long-lasting strength and use quality materials that are safe for chewing. Younger Bullmatians will enjoy playing and chewing with it as it will help in minimizing teething pain.  

  • Dual-purpose toy- chewing and playing
  • Ensures healthy teeth and gums
  • No artificial colors or harmful materials in the rope
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4. Multipet Lamb Chop Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Multipet Lamb Chop Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

If you want to provide your Bullmatian with a cuddling toy, the Multipet Lamb Chop Squeaky Plush Dog Toy is appropriate. You can use it for a game of fetch and engage your Bullmatian in physical activities. The squeakers provide additional excitement and engage in playtime for long hours along with a snuggling companion while sleeping.  

  • Attractive character enhances happiness.
  • Multipurpose toy for fetching, interaction, chewing, and snuggling.
  • Soft and comfortable material

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5. KONG Puppy Dog Toy

Kong Puppy Dog Toy

For reducing behavioral changes during teething, the KONG Puppy Dog Toy is appropriate for Bullmatians. It promotes healthy chewing habits and prevents damaging furniture by satisfying its chewing needs. It is ideal during playtime and reduces boredom while you are not physically present with your Bullmatian. 

  • Bounces without prediction and adds more fun
  • Recommended by professionals and doctors
  • Soothes the gums of teething puppies

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Dog Toys For Bullmatians Buyer’s Guide

Dog toys engage Bullmatians when left alone for a long time and help in reducing destructive behavior. They also provide support in training and promote the healthy development of mind and body. They help channel their excess energy while keeping them entertained and strengthening the bond with pet parents with interaction. However, deciding on an ideal dog toy for Bullmatian will need rational thinking. 

Let us discuss some of the essential factors that one must consider while selecting a dog toy for their Bullmatian.


One of the crucial factors is the dog toy price that will help in deciding its purchase. Different types of dog toys are available, and their price range differs from one another. You must decide on a budget beforehand, and then choose the one as per your convenience. The seller also offers various deals and discounts on them, which can avail of further price reduction.


While selecting a dog toy, it is essential to consider Bullmatian’s age and select the appropriate one. A massive toy will be challenging to carry and move around, while a smaller one will risk choking if swallowed. You may also choose a suitable dog toy for all ages or multiple toys for different age groups. The seller offers a lot of options and varieties to choose from.


Chewing dog toys: These kinds of toys help develop healthy chewing habits in Bullmatians, especially in the younger ones. It also helps in minimizing destructive chewing and reduces damages to household items. Chewing toys promote healthy gums and teeth in Bullmatians and maintain the oral cavity. Non-toxic materials of these toys are not harmful and also helps in reducing pain in gums during teething. 

Interactive dog toys: These toys ensure the bond between pet parents and their Bullmatians. Engaging them for hours also helps in mental stimulation, thus promoting the development of the brain. Interactive toys in the form of ropes are ideal for activities like tug-of-war. Likewise, balls of various sizes can engage your Bullmatian in a game of fetch, which is a form of physical activity.

Plush dog toys: Also known as stuffed toys, are usually cartoon characters and emoticons. They are mostly colorful and attractive that enhances a Bullmatian’s interest to involve in playtime. They minimize boredom and loneliness when none of the pet parents are around for providing attention or supervision. They are comfortable for cuddling and snuggling and ensure a tight sleep without the fear of any threat.


The chosen dog toy must ensure that it follows all the standard safety protocols of manufacturing. Check if any small attachments might choke your Bullmatian like batteries or buttons. Also, ensure that the dog toys’ materials are non-toxic elements, which have no harmful effects on the skin or digestive system. Check if there are any pointed edges or sharp corners that might harm your Bullmatian during playtime.


While you select a dog toy, make sure to choose the one which is multipurpose and versatile. The dog toy must be easy to wash and clean and allow machine washing too. You can also choose the one which has puzzles and hidden chambers for treats. These will engage them better and for longer hours while staying alone.

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