5 Best Dog Toys for Cane Corsos [Updated April 2022]

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A dog toy for your Cane Corso is the ideal way to keep him occupied, so he can let out some nervous energy biting, chewing, fetching and catching his favourite toy. He will become attached to it, so its a practical way to keep him entertained for those times when you want some time out. When buying him a decent dog toy consider that he has very strong teeth.

It’s worth investing in something durable, or they’ll destroy very quickly!

Toys are also excellent training tools and you can use it to state you’re dominance over him. This is necessary with the Cane Corso, which although very protective have their tendencies to test you and attempt to dominate, even their owner at times.

Furthermore, there are a great selection of toys, which are excellent mind stimulators to entertain, as well as train the brain.

Best Dog Toys for Cane Corso

We have taken into consideration all the beneficial ways that a Cane Corso can play and we’ve put together this great selection of dog toys for you:

1. PetSafe Large Bouncy Bone Pet Chew ToyPetsafe Large Sportsmen Bouncy Bone Pet Chew Toy

The extra large dog bone made by PetSafe comes attached to a fun vanilla-scented bouncy ball and includes 6 replaceable rawhide rings, which attach to the bone treating and providing your Cane Corso with additional dental care too.

  • Three toys in one
  • Provides healthy dental care
  • Includes 6 replaceable rawhide rings

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2. GUCHO Tough Strong Tug of War Dog Toys

Gucho Updated Ultra Durable Dog Chew Toys For Aggressive Chewers Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

Here we have an ultra durable dog chew toy by Gucho, made for aggressive chewers. Using a biodegradable natural rubber that is so indestructible the toy comes with a lifetime guarantee. The riveted edges acts a tooth brush and there are small slots to spread and hold treats like peanut butter!

  • Soft and natural, durable rubber material
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Promotes good dental care and strong jaws
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3. DIBBATU Tug of War Toy-Muscle Builder

Dibbatu Spring Pole Dog Rope Toys With A Big Spring Pole Kit, Strong Dog Rope Toy And A 16ft Rope Fo

The spring pole rope is an excellent strenuous toy that you can attach to a tree in your back garden (if it applies) to give them a powerful and exciting bit of exercise. Tie the rope in a tight knot at the tree, hang it over the branch and let them play tug of war for hours burning lots of energy.

  • Rust-resistant stainless steel metal attachment clips
  • Muscle-building exercise toy
  • 16ft (5m) durable outdoor safety rope
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4. LHPRO Dog Toothbrush Chew Toy

Dog Toothbrush Iq Treat Ball – 4 In 1 Tooth Cleaning Stick & Treat Ball Kit Oral Dental Care Chew

This excellent 4 in 1 dog toy made by LHPro acts as a tooth brush, an IQ stimulator, a treat dispenser and chew toy. Not only are you giving your Cane Corso some valuable entertainment he is treating his teeth and learning at the same time, as well as gaining a treat here and there.

  • 4 in 1 multi-purpose toy
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic durable material
  • Free mini cleaning brush included
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5. PiAEK for Large Dogs Chew ToysPiaek Dog Chew Toys For Aggressive Chewer, Tough Dog Dental Chews Toy, Indestructible Dog Toys For L

This is a great exercise toy for keeping your Cane Corso at home. It releases lots of aggressive energy and works their muscles at the same time. The rubber end is made of resistant FDA-certified non-toxic rubber flavoured with pineeapple.

  • Teeth cleaning texture
  • Active tugging mechanism
  • Made of durable, natural rubber
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Cane Corso Dog Toy Buyer’s Guide

When choosing a dog toy for your Cane Corso, be sure to choose him something that is durable and effectively releases built upon energy.

Here there are some excellent options, which are not only chew toys but help to de-stress them, stimulate their mind and actively burn energy.

Your Cane Corso is an intelligent breed and the brain stimulating toys, as well as the ones that inspire tugging and exercise are very beneficial, as well as providing the perfect entertainment.


A durable dog toy that is going to last has to be made from a very strong, hard-wearing material like rubber, high-quality nylon, or in some cases rope.

Effectively, you want to make sure that the dog toy for your Cane Corso is made with a non-toxic and natural material. Don’t forget they are going to be chewing and using their mouth to play with it.

You don’t want anything that’s going to damage their stomachs, or anything that will break easily, so they end up swallowing the pieces.

Extra Features

Toys with extra features are going to be more practical. The most effective ones are the multipurpose toys, which don’t just act as a chew toy, but help relieve stress and act as a pass time.

The toys with a special riveted surface will help brush your Cane Corso’s teeth and keep them looking healthy.

There are excellent toys that help stimulate the mind, as well as entertain. The toys that you can insert treats into are especially good at this.

They are also good at teaching your pedigree moderation and help him understand, they have to work to get the treat.


Toys are an excellent training tool for your Cane Corso, which is an essential part to owning this incredibly loyal, yet dominant canine.

They become attached to their toys, so you can take advantage and use it as an active training tool. You can throw it and encourage him to fetch it, bring it back and drop it.

You can also take it away from him when he has been naughty, a bit like you would with a child.

The food dispensing toys teach your Cane Corso moderation when it comes to feeding and meal time.


When your Cane Corso gets attached to his toy take great care when you are taking it out of his mouth, especially watch other people when they do it too.

It is recommended that with this breed of dog only to let people within the family who are familiar with them to carry out this action.

A Cane Corso does not take likely to strangers, so if that person is then threatening to take away their favourite toy, then they are definitely stepping over the line.

Always take caution when taking the toy out of their mouth and adapt them to the idea as soon as they get their first toy.

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