5 Best Dog Toys for Chiweenies (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Chiweenies are one of the cutest dog breeds, they are small and cute, and at the same time, hyperactive. As an owner of this hybrid dog species, it’s essential you provide them with play materials. It helps keep them healthy.

Here are five of the best dog toys for Chiweenies that we can recommend for you.

Best Dog Toys for Chiweenies

Here are our Chiweenie dog toy reviews.

1. VetIQ Minties Dog Dental Bone Treats

Vetiq Minties Dog Dental Bone Treats, Dental Chews For Dogs, (perfect For Tiny Small Dogs Under 40

The VetIQ dog bone treats are the perfect playthings for your Chiweenies. It cleanses your dog’s teeth and freshens their mouth. The bone-shaped mints keep your Chiweenie playful all day long.

  • Made from herbal breath fresheners including alfalfa and peppermint
  • Pack contains sixteen dental bones
  • Removes plaque and tartar on dog teeth.
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2. Outward Hound

Outward Hound

This toy is a challenging dog puzzle for your Chiweenies. The Outward Hound is modeled as a tree trunk with squirrels inside. This toy will keep your dog active and interactive socially.

  • Made from a fluffy-comfy material that relaxes the dog
  • The squirrels also squeak keeping dog engaged
  • The pattern is easy to learn.
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3. Holysteed Squeaky Dog Toys

Holysteed Squeaky Dog Toys Latex Dog Toy, Squeaky Balls For Dogs, Dog Squeaky Toys For Dogs Small An

The Holysteed Squeaky set of balls is another perfect dog toy for Chiweenies. The size is perfect for keeping your dog engaged. Keeps your dog’s instinct sharp with its different colors.

  • Made from natural latex, bio-friendly and well elastic
  • The balls are turgid and durable
  • It comes with fancy designs suitable for outdoor use.
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4. Nylabone Healthy Edibles Chew Treats

Nylabone Healthy Edibles Puppy Natural Long Lasting Dog Chew Treats

This Nylabone Healthy Edibles Chew Treats bone set is an innovative introduction to dog playthings. It contains real lamb bones already dried. This avails your Chiweenie the natural feel of chewing and gnawing at bones.

  • Contains small-sized bones perfect for Chiweenie sizes
  • Lasts long due to dryness
  • No artificial preservatives used.
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5. Hyper Pet Doggie Tail Interactive Plush Dog Toys

Hyper Pet Doggie Tail Interactive Plush Dog Toys(wiggles, Vibrates, And Barks – Dog Toys For Boredom

Hyper Pet Doggie Tail is a dog toy custom-made for hyperactive dogs. A perfect toy for your super agile Chiweenies. The fluffy tail mimics a real dog through vibrations and dog sounds and keeps your dog interactive and playful.

  • The erratic movement keeps your dog mentally sharp
  • Automatically switches off after minutes of no use
  • Responds to motion like throwing, shaking, and rolling.
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Chiweenie Dog Toy Buying Guide

In choosing the best dog toy for Chiweenies, you must first consider the properties of the toy. It must be one that your little pup can engage effectively. This would then inform the type of dog toy you are opting for.

Properties for Chiweenies Toys

The distinguishing characteristics of dog toys for Chiweenies are those that take into consideration their body size, their activeness, and their inquisitiveness.

Here are some of the things you should look out for in selecting a dog toy for your Chiweenies:


Good dog toys for Chiweenies would be able to withstand a fair amount of chewing and gnawing. Most dog toys are made durable as they have thick coatings and sometimes rough edges. Your dog gets used to the toy when it lasts.


It would be inconvenient for a small-sized dog like Chiweenies to play with large toys. Hence, size is a no brainer in your decision making. Go for small turgid toys, but not too tiny to avoid the risk of swallowing or choking.


Select toys that would preoccupy your Chiweenies mind, and it won’t have time to lay your house in disarray. Interactive toys also help your dog learn better and interact more with humans.


Watch out for toys made from harmful materials. Rather, go for dog toys that are biologically friendly, preferably ones that are edible like dry bones. Materials like wool, cotton, and other natural products are some great choices available.

Now, with an idea of what to look out for in choosing a toy for your Chiweenies, you are left with selecting the dog toy category perfect for your pup. Here are a few dog toy types suitable for Chiweenies.

Chew Toys

Chiweenies love chewing! It helps them cool off some steam. They also help keep your pup’s dental health in good shape.

Squeaky Toys

As they chew away, adding a squeaking sound helps excite your Chiweenies. As long as the toy is hardy and squeaks, you’ll have your Chiweenie engaged all day long.

Tug Toys

If you have more than one dog around, getting a tug toy might be your best option. It helps the dogs relate socially and keep them active as well. Tug toys are also fun to use if you want to spend time with your dog.

Puzzle Toys

The best set of dog toys for Chiweenies. A handy tool is training your Chiweenies, toys such as puzzles, hide and seek, and other game-related toys are great stimulative toy options. While you satisfy your little buddy’s inquisitiveness, you also keep them active.


Toys are one of the essential equipment needed to groom your Chiweenie as an owner. And considering their peculiarity in size and activeness, you should only choose the best dog toys for Chiweenies, specific to their need. Are your Chiweenies’ needs specific to any of the toys above? Make sure you order for it now!

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