5 Best Dog Toys for German Shorthaired Pointers  (Reviews Updated 2022)

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German Shorthaired Pointers are a very energetic breed. They require a lot of physical activity to keep them from being agitated. Even if you’re not up for a walk, keeping your pet y occupied for at least an hour every day is advisable.

One way to get this done is by playing with your dog with German Shorthaired Pointer specified toys.  Toys will not only provide the much-needed exercise your dog requires, but will also prove to be a great bonding time.

Best Dog Toys for German Shorthaired Pointers

Here is our dog toy for German shorthaired pointers review

1. Kong Squeeze Ball Dog Toy

Kong Squeezz Ball Dog Toy

The Kong Squeeze Ball Dog Toy is a very durable fun toy. It comes in a variation of six different shapes and four eye-popping colors. Its protected squeaker squeaks whenever it bounces, providing your German Shorthaired Pointer with something to be engrossed with.  It’s a fantastic choice if you favor playing fetch with your German Shorthaired Pointer.

  • Comes in four eye-popping colors: sapphire, amethyst, ruby, and emerald
  • Available in a wide range of size option: S, M, L
  • Protected recessed squeaker to excite your German Shorthaired Pointer
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2. Goughnuts – Indestructible Chew Toy

Goughnuts Indestructible Chew Toy Maxx

Goughuts – Indestructible Chew Toy is one toy your dog will fall in love with. It will offer your German Shorthaired Pointer several hours of power chewing.  It is from durable rubber that will not tear even if your dog is an extreme chewer. Its ring-like doughnut shape allows your German Shorthaired Pointer to pick it up and sink its teeth into it quickly.

  • Natural rubber construction offers more excellent durability
  • Void of harsh chemicals
  • Built-in warning system alerts owners when it becomes necessary to replace
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3. KONG Extreme Dog Toy

Kong Extreme Dog Toy Toughest Natural Rubber, Black Fun To Chew, Chase And Fetch


KONG Extreme Dog Toy offers multiple play options in one single piece. Your German Shorthaired Pointer can use it as either a fetch toy or a chew toy. Its sturdy and durable rubber construction allows it to survive long hours of power chewing. Its unique shape and ultra-durable rubber material give it its bounce.

  • Open hole for fitting in your dog’s snacks
  • The KONG Extreme black rubber formula for heavy and powerful chewers
  • Two-in-one option: Fetch and chew toy
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4. ChuckIt! Ultra Ball

Chuckit! Ultra Ball, Medium (2.5 Inch) 2 Pack

If your German Shorthaired Pointer loves the game of fetch, here’s a little something to keep him occupied. The bright colors help always to keep the ball within sight. It’s perfect for water and land use. It comes in different sizes for you to choose from, depending on how big your German Shorthaired Pointeris.

  • It floats which makes it great for playing on land and water
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in five different sizes
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5. Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone Chew Toy

Pet Qwerks Dinosaur Barkbone Chew Toy Tough Durable Nearly Indestructible Bone For Extreme Aggress

Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone Chew Toy is a pretty good choice if your dog is a power chewer. Its components are non-toxic and non-allergenic, making it safe for your dog. This non-edible chew cleans your German Shorthaired Pointer’s teeth and massages its gum while it chews.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Real bacon for a safe and tasty experience
  • Nylon material for ultra-durability
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Dog Toys for German Shorthaired Pointers Buyer’s Guide

Most GSPs are heavy chewers and play lovers. Meaning that, in a matter of minutes, they can take down any toy that isn’t quality enough. To prevent that from happening, keep an eye on these:


Plush and rubber toys are an absolute favorite for German Shorthaired Pointers. If you’re considering getting a rubber toy, make sure it’s very bouncy. German Shorthaired Pointers love that feature. Also, make sure that the toy is hard enough to accommodate their excessive chewing but not too hard to cause them to get injured or lose a tooth.

Silicone or soft ultra-durable rubber is preferable. Plush toys are also great if you get the more durable ones. If your German Shorthaired Pointer is up for some real chewing, you could go for nylon constructed bones.


You don’t want to end up with a wounded dog. Take special care to see that you pick the recommended and appropriate toy size for your German Shorthaired Pointer.  It should be comfortable for your dog to grab in its mouth.

If the toy is too big, your dog might quickly lose interest in it, and if it’s too small, it might accidentally swallow it. Both are risks you don’t want to take. So, choose something that fits.


The rule is this, “safety first, fun next.” It’s vital to choose toys that specify that they contain no toxins and preferably no component that can cause allergies to your dog.


German Shorthaired Pointers don’t mind going through intriguing outdoor games over and over again. That implies that their toys would most likely be always dirty. This is usually the case as well with treat-dispensing toys.

Choosing a toy that can is easy to clean will benefit you in the long run. Some toys can be cleaned in a dishwasher, while others are only suitable for hand wash. Make sure you choose what works best for you.

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