5 Best Dog Toys for German Wirehaired Pointers (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Athletic German Wirehaired Pointers were bred in 19th century Germany to accompany the locals in hunting. This leading medium-sized breed of gun dog is known for its muscle build and distinctive traits. The weather-resistant wiry coat distinguishes this energetic breed from the rest of the German pointers. Often categorized as a rare breed, German Wirehaired Pointers are quick learners, and they have an eagerness to please their immediate family by helping them in household activities.

These adorable yet fierce German Wirehaired Pointers do wonderfully as a playing companion of kids. As these dogs always need a task to remain occupied, vets recommend bringing them plenty of colorful toys so that they don’t get bored while you are unable to play with it.

Best Dog Toys for German Wirehaired Pointers

Here are our dog toys for German Wirehaired Pointers reviews.

1. KONG Squeezz Ball Dog Toy

Kong Squeezz Ball Dog Toy

This KONG Squeezz Ball Dog Toy satisfies the inherent playing instincts of your sturdy German Wirehaired Pointers. This extraordinary ball comes in a multitude of bright colors. The hidden squeaker inside the ball toy entices your playful German Wirehaired Pointer with its noisy sound and makes the playtime extra special.

  • The ball has been engineered for erratic bouncing and thrashing.
  • It is perfect for fetching and chasing games.
  • You can avail of multiple sizes of this ball starting from medium to extra large.

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2. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Squeaky Dog Toy

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Squeaky Dog Toy

This Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Squeaky Dog Toy makes the playing session more interactive for your German Wirehaired Pointer. 

The funny giggle sound comes out of the ball, keeping the dogs engaged for hours. The surprising fact about this toy is that you don’t even need to change the batteries every now and then.

  • This colorful toy is made of flexible phthalate-free vinyl.
  • The six clutch pockets let dogs shake it and roll it as per their will.
  • The bright color of the ball makes it visible in low light too.

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3. ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toys

Zippypaws Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toys

The ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toys triples the fun of playtime for your German Wirehaired Pointer with three soft toy animals. Three of the woodland creatures are an orange fox, a naughty squirrel, and a raccoon. As none of them contain any filling material, you no longer will have to worry about your German Wirehaired Pointer chewing it and tearing it apart.

  • These plush toys last longer than other stuffed animals.
  • Each of the creatures consists of two squeakers.
  • You can easily toss the dog toy in the machine and later air dry it for cleaning purposes.

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4. Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Plush Dog Toy

Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Plush Dog Toy

Specially designed for hide and seek games, this Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Plush Dog Toy is bound to be the favorite of your German Wirehaired Pointer over the time. The whole toy set combines a plush trunk with multiple holes in it and a few squirrels that fit perfectly in the holes for your dog to dig them out one by one. The soft yet durable squirrels have inbuilt squeakers in them, and you can buy these squirrels separately too.

  • The ginormous pack offers its customers six squirrels.
  • The incredibly soft squirrels survive heavy chewing also.
  • Wash these toys with your own hand.

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5. Trixie Activity Flip Board Activity Strategy Game Dog Toy

Trixie Activity Flipboard Strategy Game Dog Toy

This Trixie Activity Flip Board Activity Strategy Game Dog Toy triggers your gentle German Wirehaired Pointer’s curiosity. The puzzle toy is pretty satisfying and rewarding, too, as with every passing level dog gets the treat you hid in the slots of the toy. This thoughtful toy features rubber feet and provides your pointer an additional grip on the toy while it figures out how to get to its hidden treats.

  • The game comes with an instruction manual.
  • You can disassemble it for cleaning.
  • So far, there are only two varieties of colored models available for this toy in the market.

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Dog Toys For German Wirehaired Pointers Buyer’s Guide

German Wirehaired Pointers came to the United States of America in the year 1953, and they were recognized soon after the decade as an athletic hunting dog. Even after 60 years, these all-rounder gun dogs are seen in only a few houses, and only a few people know about their excellent qualities. Although these dogs take pride in being a good pet, they often suffer from separation anxiety and boredom. In this case, dog toys act miraculously in keeping them busy and facilitating the life for both you and your German Wirehaired Pointer. Here we have garnered a few guidelines which can go a long way in helping you choose the right toys for your pointer.


Research has proved that like humans, dogs also have a size preference. Small dogs are more likely to play with balls and other little toys, whereas the large breeds are more prone to go for extra-large toys. 


The style of playing differs from one dog breed to another. Keeping these tastes in mind, manufacturers are bringing to you various types of toys, such as balls. Chew toys, wishbones, ropes, interactive puzzle games, and soft toys. Balls are mostly for fetching and chasing games. These also trick your German Wirehaired Pointers in training and behavioral modification. On the other hand, dental toys are good for the teeth health of your German Wirehaired Pointers.

Puzzle toys are a relatively new introduction to the toy industry. These games not only challenge their intellectual standard but also keep them away from undesired activities. 


The bright colors of the toy sharpen eyesight and keep the dog happy for several hours. As dogs share maturity with that of children, they tend to play with colorful toys more often.

In this article, we have tried to present all the good quality toys and buying guidelines to you so that it saves you some hours sorting the best toy for your German Wirehaired Pointer. We sincerely hope that your pointer will have a very good time playing with these toys.

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