5 Best Dog Toys for Golden Retrievers (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Do you own a Golden Retriever and are looking for toys for your furry friend, but keep getting overwhelmed by the sheer amount of toys on the market? Whether you are looking for an interactive toy, a teething toy or just a fetch toy there are hundreds of options out there for you to go through. When buying any toy for your Golden Retriever you should keep in mind their jaw size as to not get a toy that is too big or too small for them.

Below are the top five recommended dog toys for Golden Retrievers with short items descriptions besides each product that explain why that toy is above average. At the end of the article is a buying guide with extra information about the various toy types that your Golden Retriever would love.

Best Dog Toys for Golden Retrievers

Here are our Golden Retriever dog toy reviews.

1. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Dog Toy

Allstar Innovations Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Product Image

The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Dog Toy is made with six spots for your Golden Retriever to easily lift the ball as they play for an easier time. The toy is filled with tubes and other contraptions that make sounds, meaning there are no batteries needed. The durable outer ball is made for indoor or outdoor play.

  • Six easy grabbing spots for your Golden Retriever
  • Tubes and other things inside ball, no batteries needed
  • Ball is durable, great for outdoor or indoor play
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2. ZippyPaws Tug Dog Toys

Zippypaws Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toy, Fox, Raccoon, And Squirrel Large

The ZippyPaws Tug Dog Toys are made without stuffing for when your Golden Retriever eventually shreds them the clean up is easier for you. Each animal themed tug is eighteen inches long for a fun toy for your pup. The toy includes three squeaker of high quality material for hours of fun for your Golden Retriever.

  • No stuffing makes for a more durable toy and easier to clean up
  • Each toy is a foot and a half in length for loads of fun
  • Three squeakers per toy keeps your dog busy for hours
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3. Benebone Dental Dog Chew Toy

Benebone Real Flavor Dental Dog Chew Toy, Updated Design, Made In Usa

The Benebone Dental Dog Chew Toy is made for those Golden Retrievers with bad breath of build ups of plaque on their teeth. The real bacon flavoring used in the toy makes your dog even more interested in chewing on it. The design is made to give your Golden Retriever an easy grip on the toy as they chew, thanks to their paws a special design is needed for this.

  • Great for dogs who have bad breath or other dental issues
  • Flavored with real meat to make your Golden Retriever love it
  • Special design helps them grip the chew toy as they gnaw
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4. Monster k9 Indestructible Dog Ball

Indestructible Dog Ball Lifetime Replacement Guarantee! Tough Strong, 100% Non Toxic Chew Toy

The Monster k9 Indestructible Dog Ball has a lifetime replacement guarantee, making it perfect for even the most determined Golden Retrievers. The material is a completely non toxic rubber and is as sturdy as possible for your pup. On top of being a great chew toy, this ball also bounces making it great for fetch.

  • Lifetime replacement guarantee is perfect for power chewers
  • Non toxic rubber is used for your Golden Retriever’s safety and health
  • Ball works as either a fetch toy or a chew toy
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5. goDog Periwinkle Dragon Dog Chew Toy

Godog Periwinkle Dragons Dog Toy

The goDog Periwinkle Dragon Dog Chew Toy is made with the best materials to ensure both durability and comfort while your Golden Retriever plays with it. The toy is made with a squeaker on the inside for your dog’s enjoyment as they play. The fabric has a chew guard on it to make it last longer with your Golden Retriever.

  • Made with sturdy material for a tough dog toy
  • Squeaker inside toy will get your Golden Retriever’s attention instantly
  • Chew guard on the toy allows it to last longer with chewers
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Golden Retriever Dog Toy Buying Guide

As you can see from the above products, there are many different toys that would work for your Golden Retriever and they each have their own purposes or features. Always remember to replace toys that have been worn down to reduce the risk of your Golden Retriever swallowing parts. Now we shall go over the various types of toys and why you would want each type.

Interactive Toys

Interactive toys or puzzle toys are known for making your Golden Retriever stop and consider the toy in front of them to get their treat at the end. Some are little hidey holes for you to put treats in while others are tree trunks that hide squeak toys. These toys have been said to increase your dog’s critical thinking skills.

Treat Dispensing Toys

Treat dispensing toys are nice for times when you need your Golden Retriever distracted while you work. The toy can hold either treats or dog food, and some even hold all the way up to a full meal in them, making your Golden Retriever’s dinner time more fun.

Squeaker Toys

Dogs love squeaker toys, this is a proven fact despite no one quite understanding why this is. The sound of a squeaker gets your Golden Retriever moving and all wiggly for playtime. Squeaker toys are great for every day play, whether your dog is playing with you or alone.

Teething Toys

If you have a Golden Retriever puppy who is entering the teething stage then you know how much damage they can do to the things they chew on. To save your shoes and furniture, you should get a teething toy. Teething toys are made to survive the sharp puppy teeth and usually have features like breath freshening or infused with meat to further incent your Golden Retriever into biting it. These toys are a dime a dozen and save your possessions from taking their place in your puppy’s mouth.

Dental Toys

If your Golden Retriever has bad breath or build ups of plaque or tartar then this toy is for you. Usually dental toys are made with grooves along the toy so when your Golden Retriever chews on them it scrapes off the excess plaque and tartar. Some are made with baking soda or other ingredients, those ingredients release into the dog’s mouth as  it chews and works as a breath mint. They are great for your pup’s all around dental hygiene.

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