5 Best Dog Toys for Gordon Setters (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Bold and confident Scottish Gordon Setters are known for their excellent bird hunting traits. Well muscled Gordon Setters are very industrious in the field and you will hardly see them shy away from any situation. These noble hunting dogs boast of their agile nature, and fast speed, which help them excel in the race track and in other dog sports.

Although these long-haired Gordon Setters take up heavy-duty tasks, they are pretty immature from the inside. Their maturity level hardly exceeds that of a 3-year-old baby, that is why sometimes they get angry with you when you buy toys only for your kids and forget about it. To satisfy its playing instinct, buy it some colorful toys, and to help you along the way, we have marshaled some safe and funny toys.

Best Dog Toys for Gordon Setters

Here are our dog toys for Gordon Setter reviews.

1. Pet Zone IQ Treat Dispenser Ball Dog Toy

Pet Zone Iq Treat Dispenser Ball Dog Toy

This Pet Zone IQ Treat Dispenser Ball Dog Toy is a rewarding puzzle toy for dogs, which makes your Gordon Setter use its logic to grab a bite of its favorite snack. This interactive toy lets you upgrade the level each time your Gordon Setter passes the previous one. This rolling ball also keeps your Setter physically active and combats separation anxiety quite wonderfully.

  • This ensures your Setter eats at a slow pace and thereby improves its digestion.
  • You can disassemble the ball very easily for cleaning.
  • If used delicately, the toy can last for months.

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2. ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide & Seek Plush Dog Toy

Zippypaws Burrow Squeaky Hide & Seek Plush Dog Toy

This ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide & Seek Plush Dog Toy, Hedgehog Den keeps your Gordon Setter engaged and entertained for hours simultaneously. You can play hide and seek game with your Gordon Setter by hiding the hedgehogs, and your Setter will dig them out one by one. This interactive puzzle game throws a gauntlet at the intellectual standard of medium-sized dogs like Gordon Setter.

  • All the hedgehogs have a built-in squeaker hidden in them.
  • Although you can machine wash it, you shouldn’t put it in the dryer ever.
  • It comes in two unique packs – a puzzle set and refills.

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3. Frisco Retro Denim and Swirl Bone TPR Squeaky Dog Toy

Frisco Retro Denim And Swirl Bone Tpr Squeaky Dog Toy

This Frisco Retro Denim and Swirl Bone TPR Squeaky Dog Toy, 2-count brings back the old days of 90 when only these retro bone toys were in vogue. Made of TPR material these toys come in several, retro prints and bold colors.  With every bounce, the fun doubles for this squeaky toy.

  • You can only spot clean this delicate toy.
  • This classic wishbone toy comes with another toy of the same kind.
  • Owing to its unique size, it fits their little jaw.
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4. L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You American Classic Food Set Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

L.a.y. Pet Lifestyle And You American Classic Food Set Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

This P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You American Classic Food Set Squeaky Plush Dog Toy doubles the fun of playtime for your Gordon Setter. The chicken drumstick, burger and other plush food items of this set are made of eco friendly recycled plastic materials. The double layer in the exterior of these soft toys provides an enormous amount of durability and sturdiness.

  • The toys promote safety for heavy chewers as their edges are double stitched.
  • These detachable toys are perfect for fetching and chasing games.
  • You can toss this handcrafted toy in the washing machine for cleaning.

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5. Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball Tough Dog Toy

Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball Tough Dog Toy

This Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball Tough Dog Toy is an excellent choice for dog parents who house playful and agile dogs, like Gordon Setter at their home. Due to its extraordinary size, the rubber ball fits any ball launcher. This ball also floats in water, and that is why if you are trying to teach your Gordon Setter swimming for the first time, this toy is apt for that.

  • The bright and vibrant color of the ball helps your Setter spot it even in low light.
  • It is designed especially for chasing games.
  • The extra thick layer of the ball ensures it doesn’t get ruined in extreme heat.

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Dog Toys For Gordon Setter Buyer’s Guide

Originated in the year of 1620, Gordon Setters take after other medium-sized Scottish breeds of dogs. These dogs climbed up the ladder of rank due to its glistening black stunning coat and long ears. These Gordon Setters show a huge diversity in their innate instincts. While they are affectionate and protective around their loved ones, they can be pretty fierce when on the ground hunting birds.

Almost every dog owner will admit, these dogs know how to secure their place in the human heart. This way, these classic and dignified Gordon Setter deserves new toys for them every once in a while.


Almost all the dogs in the world have an instinct to chew their toys. Your adorable Gordon Setter is no exception to that. Soft toys are made of unique stuffing materials like recycled plastic, synthetic cotton, and many others. Although sellers claim that these are non-toxic, it is not good to swallow these for any animal. So, while your Setter plays with its toys, make sure it doesn’t tear it apart.


Though there are numerous types of dog toys, plush toys are their all-time favorite. These days vets recommend at times to go for interactive puzzle ones. These not only challenge their intellect but also keep them engaged unless they figure out how to solve them. To satisfy the chewing tendency of dogs, manufacturers have invented rope toys and flavored bones. The unique smell and taste of these toys make them licking these items for days.


Believe it or not, when it comes to toys brighter the color, the more is the fun. As they share maturity level and taste with that of a human baby, they are more prone to play with colorful toys. Bright colors such as orange, lemon yellow, pink, green, etc. help them find the ball in the air during fetching games. These are also unlikely to get lost even inside your home.

Now that you have a crystal clear idea about what to choose, what are you waiting for? Hurry and place the order before its potential favorites get sold out.

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