5 Best Dog Toys for Harriers (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Harriers, like all hounds, are agile, energetic and affectionate beings. They make excellent companions for an active family, as they are absolutely fantastic with children and other animals. Dog toys are excellent tools for behavior modification and ensure that your harrier is stimulated both mentally and physically. These toys keep them distracted and direct their energy from unsavory behavior like chewing and digging.

Are you wondering which dog toy would be best for your Harrier? We are happy to bring you details of some of the best dog toys for Harriers.  

Best Dog Toys for Harriers

Here are our dog toys for Harriers reviews. 

1. ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toys

Zippypaws Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toys

ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toys, 3-pack, Large is a great pick for your harrier. It will keep them busy and stimulated while you are busy doing your chores. These cute plush dog toys come with no stuffing, so they are long-lasting.

  • Creates no mess at all.
  • Incredibly cute set of three toys. 
  • Two squeakers present in each of the three toys.

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2. Chuckit! Indoor Ball Dog Toy

Chuckit! Indoor Ball Dog Toy

Chuckit! Indoor Ball Dog Toy is the answer to your playtime woes! This indoor ball is perfect for indoor playing while you and your harrier cannot go out to play. It is made of durable and textured fabrics perfect for your Harrier.

  • Bounceflex technology gives it a nice bounce, ideal for indoor games.
  • Great toy for exercise.
  • Free from any stuffing.

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3. KONG Classic Dog Toy

Kong Classic Dog Toy, Red, X Large

The Kong Classic Dog Toy is the perfect toy for harriers. It helps to satisfy your Harrier’s needs to play and instinctual need to chew. You can stuff this toy with delightful treats if you want to take playing a step further. 

  • Made from all-natural rubber.
  • Great tool to relieve anxiety and boredom.
  • Recommended by vets and canine experts. 

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4. Multipet Musical Birthday Cake Plush Dog Toy

Multipet Musical Birthday Cake Plush Dog Toy

Multipet Musical Birthday Cake Plush Dog Toy not only allows your harriers to chew on it but also play with it! The plush toy plays the ‘Happy Birthday’ song every time your pet squeezes the ball. It will entertain your Harrier and keep him free from boredom and  vicious behavior.

  • Made of velvety and material.
  • Perfect toy for a round of fetch.
  • Serves as a nice birthday gift. 

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5. Nylabone DuraChew Wishbone Original Flavored Dog Toy

Nylabone Durachew Wishbone Original Flavored Dog Toy

Nylabone DuraChew Wishbone Original Flavored Dog Toy is an excellent choice of toy that fulfills your harrier’s instincts to chew. It is extremely durable. This fun toy comes in original flavor and helps stimulate your puppy’s gums and keeps its teeth clean as well. 

  • Reduces tartar and plaque.
  • Prevents destructive chewing.
  • Keeps them busy and entertained.

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Dog Toys for Harriers Buyer’s Guide 

Harriers are energetic and playful and need a lot of playtime to bond with their humans. Dog toys play a vital role in their healthy development. These toys also help prevent problematic behavior, such as excessive barking and chewing. Dog toys must be safe, durable and fun! So, a lot of homework goes into purchasing the best dog toys for harriers. 

Let us go ahead and discuss what all you need to keep in mind while toy shopping for your harrier:


Dog toys must be of appropriate size. For instance, a medium breed like a harrier needs a toy large enough for them to carry. It must not be too small, or it could cause them to choke, nor should it be too large for them to hold on to. 

All toys that are not dog proof, i.e., things that could be ingested or taken apart, must be avoided to prevent any hazard.


The age of your harrier plays a role in selecting the right toy. If your harrier is a pup, then a soft plush or rubber toy may be good enough as it still has its baby teeth. The scenario may change once teething begins as they will be chewing on anything and everything they can get their paws on. Chew toys may be an excellent toy to invest in during this phase. Once your harrier is done with the teething phase, you can buy harder rubber toys, balls, or rope pulls.

You will find that there is a wide variety of toys available based on the age of your harrier. All you need to do is ask your seller or check the product descriptions to choose the perfect one for your harrier.

Types of Toys

Toys are of various types; let us discuss some easily available dog toys for harriers:

Balls: Choose from rubber balls, plush balls, foam balls and much more. These balls are the perfect old-school ways to keep your harrier busy. Remember, the material must be durable enough that they do not end up taking the ball apart by continuous chewing.

Chewable toys: For a dog, anything from your shoes to your couch can be a chew toy. But an ideal chew toy is made from the best quality durable nylon that is soft enough to cause any damage to your harrier’s teeth, giving them a long-lasting and enjoyable toy. 

Treats: Healthy treats come in the form of chewable toys that not only keep your harrier active, but it is healthy too.

Plush toys: Most harriers favor plush toys over most other toys. However, they could be a bit unsafe if not used in a supervised environment. These plushies can be chewed and ripped apart, creating messing play areas. There are high chances that some bits could be ingested as well, causing stomach issues or choking. 

Safety should always be your priority while picking the right type of toys for your harrier.


The perfect dog toys for your harrier must be durable and sturdy enough to withstand all the chewing, tearing, rolling, and all other abuses it undergoes while playing. 


Your harrier is a lively and active dog, so having a variety of toys will help keep boredom at bay. Your dog may prefer a particular toy over the other; however, an assortment of toys will keep them stimulated and active.

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