5 Best Dog Toys for Havanese (Reviews Updated 2024)

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The Havanese is a vivacious and energetic dog that likes playing with children and enjoys family life with their owners. The absence of a caring interaction between a Havanese and the owners can lead to separation anxiety disorder and boredom in the pet.  As a breed of dogs with excessive jaw muscles, they are prone to chewing, biting, and scratching with their strong paws.

You can prevent them from biting people and chewing household objects by providing alternatives such as dog toys for Havanese. These include rope toys, squeaky toys, and bones.

Best Dog Toys for Havanese

These are our dog toys for Havanese reviews.

1. Outward Hound Interactive Dog Toy

Outward Hound (1)

Outward Hound Interactive Dog Toy provides excitement, fun, and mental exercise for your Havanese. As the Havanese hunts for the squeaky squirrels inside the trunk, it prevents boredom and inspires energy. It engages your pet for fifteen to thirty minutes of active playtime.

  • It comes with two hedgehogs containing irresistible squeakers.
  • Refillable with squeaking animal characters.
  • Available in four sizes like small, medium, large, and extra-large.
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2. goDog Durable Dog Toys

Godog Checkers With Chew Guard Technology Durable Plush Dog Toys With Squeakers

Excite the Havanese with a goDog Durable Dog Toy.  If your dog is a stubborn chewer or undergoing teething problems, it needs a strong chew toy that can make the jawbones stronger. The dog toy helps to kick out boredom and separation anxiety disorder from your Havanese instantly.

  • Made with Chew Guard Technology and double stitching for durability.
  • The wings have wrinkle Mylar and three squeakers for maximum fun.
  • Suitable and available for all dog breeds and sizes.
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3. ZippyPaws Plush Dog Toy

Zippypaws Woodland Friends Burrow, Interactive Squeaky Hide And Seek Plush Dog Toy

ZippyPaws Plush Dog Toy is made to curtail the excesses of Havanese dogs that like scratching and digging. It is an interactive squeaky toy providing hide and seek entertainment for your lovely pet. This dog toy is used to replace worn-out toys from ZippyPaws Company.

  • It contains a pack of three toys.
  • Each toy has one squeaker inside.
  • Not suitable for large Havanese dogs.
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4. Nylabone Power Chew Dog Toys

Nylabone Power Chew Xl Dog Chew Toys For Aggressive Chewers

Nylabone Power Chew Dog Toys is made for aggressive and stubborn chewers to avoid biting human beings and destroying household items. This dog toy keeps Havanese busy all through the day, especially if you are away for work. It relieves boredom and handles teething problems in puppies and adult Havanese generally.

  • Available in various shapes, colors, and contains a luscious bison flavor.
  • Durable and made in a curved shape for easy chewing.
  • It helps to clean the teeth of Havanese and prevents tartar.
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5. Beaver Dog Toy

Beaver Dog Toy

Beaver Dog Toy is made by KONG and provides a solution for barking, digging, and chewing dogs with teething issues. Pet owners use this dog toy to alleviate separation anxiety disorder and boredom in their Havanese. It is useful for crate training and weight management to prevent bone and joint issues in Havanese.

  • Made of high-quality plush material.
  • Replaceable squeaker toys.
  • Available in various sizes and no stuffing is required.
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Dog Toys for Havanese Buying Guide

Without proper attention and care, Havanese dogs could become bored and aggressive tending to bite humans and destroy household objects by chewing and scratching them. Teething problems in puppies and adult Havanese dogs motivate them to bite and chew on materials and items. This will ease the discomfort of growing teeth and strengthen their jawbones.

This attitude makes it necessary for a pet parent to find different objects like dog toys to keep a Havanese busy. This is needed if you will be away for a long time during the day.

However, finding a useful dog toy for Havanese that will be entertaining, engaging, and full of fun is difficult. You need expert guidance to know the features and types of dog toys available for Havanese on the market.

Types of Dog Toys for Havanese

Various dog toys are available for Havanese to keep them busy. Such dog toys include

Interactive Dog Toys

If you desire to maintain a strong bond and interaction with your Havanese, buy an interactive dog toy. Havanese are lively and playful dogs that can handle tug and fetch toys known as interactive toys. It enhances the interaction and socialization skills between a pet owner and the Havanese. In this way, it builds a strong bond between you and your pet.

Mental Stimulation Dog Toys

Havanese dogs are clever and intelligent animals. Mental stimulation dog toys help in building their mental capacities, increase concentration, and stimulate their senses. This is a great game for Havanese.

It comes with puzzles and treats featuring kibbles and other nourishing food substances to keep your pet busy all day long. This type of dog toy enriches your Havanese with food ingredients that maintain its health.

These stimulation toys are made in unusual shapes and designs to promote mental coordination and instigate the capacity to handle challenges in the animal. If they don’t play these games, boredom and separation anxiety disorder will trigger destructive tendencies in your Havanese.

Chew Dog Toys

Chewing and biting are the core traits of a Havanese dog. It gnaws and nibbles on hard objects, bones, thick nylon objects, and strong rubber items. It is better to provide a chew dog toy for a Havanese than leaving it to feed its biting and chewing desires on your shoes and bags. If you are going to be away, give them a durable chew dog toy of your choice and that will suffice.

Purchasing these toys will help in training your Havanese. The dog will know the toys to bite and chew at home and other items and materials that belong to the master or mistress.

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