5 Best Dog Toys for Hunting Dogs (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Are you a sport or sustenance hunter and you are training your pup to be your companion on those hunts? Well the dog industry has cooked up a special set of dog toys just for your little hunter. These toys are designed to get your pooch used to all the things he will run into on a regular hunt. The toys are made to ignite their instincts and make training them easier on you, the owner. Below are the top five recommended toys for hunting dogs on the market. Each item has a description below it and three reasons you should buy it.

Best Dog Toys for Hunting Dogs

Here are our hunting dog toy reviews.

1. SportDog Brand Hunting Dog Toy

Sportdog Brand Plastic Dummies

The SportDog Brand Hunting Dog Toy has as adjustable weight and firmness for you to adjust to your needs at the moment. The vinyl used is soft to the touch, but sturdy enough for years of use. The Toy floats in water, great for training your pup to duck hunt or any other bird hunting.

  • Adjustable weight and firmness is great for various hunting training
  • Vinyl material is sturdy but comfortable on your dog’s mouth
  • Floats for easier water training, or bird hunting

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2. Avery Hunting Dog Toy

Avery Atb Ez Bird Training Dummy

The Avery Hunting Dog Toy is made from the best quality of material to last through years of use while training your pup. The outer skin of the bird toy is puncture proof, great for overly excitable dogs who can’t control their strength yet. The long throw knob allows for easier throwing and longer distance.

  • High quality of materials for durability during training
  • Outer coat of bird is made for strong jaws, puncture proof
  • Throw knob is long for greater distance throws and better accuracy
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3. Browning Hunting Dog Toy

Browning Vinyl Training Dummy

The Browning Hunting Dog Toy is the perfect retrieval tool to teach your pup how to hunt while being a game for your pup. With a textured, vinyl surface this toy is made for your dog to easily grip and run with without dropping it. The long handle is made for easier long distance throwing and better accuracy.

  • Retrieval tool makes training your pup to hunt easy and fun
  • Vinyl material is soft and durable, with textured designs for easy grip
  • Long rope handle is great for throwing and accuracy
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4. Dog Bone Training Antler Hunting Dog Toy

Dogbone Shed Dog Training Antler Retrieving System

The Dog Bone Training Antler is designed to help your hunting dog familiarise themselves with the texture and sight of antlers to retrieve. The antler comes with the scent of deer antlers, to help your dog recognize them when it comes time to hunt. A booklet of training techniques is also included.

  • The antler toy is made for easy throwing and your dog will come to recognize the sight of antlers
  • Scent of deer antlers is included in a bottle to help your pup track it
  • Booklet for those who would like training tips and techniques
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5. PetSafe Hunting Dog Toy

Petsafe Sportsmen Latex Meeze

The PetSafe Hunting Dog Toy is shaped in the likeness of a duck for your bird hunting, training needs. The latex material is sturdy and lightweight for an easy to carry a toy, it is only meant for light chewers, however. The tail moves and it squeaks, enticing your pup to play with it.

  • Shaped like a duck for all your bird hunting needs
  • Light for an easy to carry a load, only made for light chewers
  • Tail moves and audible squeaking get your dog interacting with it

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Hunting Dog Toy Buying Guide

As you can see there are many different types of toys for hunting dogs to use to train, but each one is different than the last. There are many features that you may want, or others that you don’t want. Below I will list out many features found in hunting toys for you to peruse through, but first, we shall go over the types of toys and their purposes.

Chew Toys

There is more than just a common toy for hunting dogs. If your pup is trained for hunting sometimes they have pent up energy or aggression if they don’t get out to exercise often enough and chew toys help keep them from chewing on things they shouldn’t.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys can work on your dog’s critical thinking skills which are vital for any hunting dog. You can get easy ones or more advanced toys, depending on your dog’s need.

Balls or Frisbees

These are great as they get your dog up and moving, work on their eye to mouth control while catching something and they learn how to guess where the object will fall which is great for bird hunting. Frisbees are better for teaching them to track something in the air, running to keep stride with it and jumping to catch it.

Now, on to the features and descriptions


No matter what type of toy you buy, keep in mind that hunting dog toys generally are used outside, which means they need to be made of tough materials as to survive the weather. Nylon and vinyl are very common materials in dog toys as they are difficult to crack or break and your pup can play with them for ages.

Safe Materials

You should always check to make sure the ingredients or materials used are nontoxic and safe for your dog to have in their mouth for extended periods of time. Many brands slip in those ingredients in fine print, so be sure to check thoroughly.

Treat Dispenser

These toys are great for teaching your pup to think through their problems. They go through the puzzle, depending on the difficulty level it could take awhile, and at the end they are rewarded with a treat. This encourages them to use their critical thinking skills while teaching them new ways of doing things.

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