5 Best Dog Toys for Komondors (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Komondor is a Hungarian sheepdog, which is famous for its loyalty and intelligence in Hungary. These dogs are great at guarding herds and are highly dedicated to their job. Komondors are great companions as well and would be great pets too. Once you adopt them, you have to decide something regarding their playing sessions.

We know that you are searching for some dog toys that would help you make your Komondor happier and satisfied with his playtime. That’s why we decided that it would be best if we share our reviews with you.

Best Dog Toys for Komondors

Here are our dog toys for Komondors reviews.

1. ZippyPaws Burrow Hide and Seek Plush Toy

Zippypaws Woodland Friends Burrow, Interactive Squeaky Hide And Seek Plush Dog Toy

ZippyPaws Burrow Hide and Seek Plush Toy is designed to provide exciting playtime with your Komondor. This dog toy is pretty interactive and keeps your Komondor engaged for hours. The hidden squeakers in this toy make you Komondor jump and get more energetic.

  • Can be washed in a machine
  • Great toy for improving your relationship with your Komondor
  • Great toy for fetching games

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2. KONG Classic Dog Toy

Kong Classic Dog Toy, Red, X Large

KONG Classic Dog Toy helps you have an interactive playing session with your Komondor. This dog toy makes your Komondor more excited and active during the playing sessions by surprising him with treats. The best part is, this toy promotes a positive reinforcement method to learn things and develop new skills.

  • Features an erratic bounce
  • Comes with plenty of space to hide treats
  • Made using a high-quality natural rubber

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3. Gnawsome Squeak and Light Ball Toy

Gnawsome 2.5” Squeak & Light Soccer Ball Dog Toy Small, Promotes Dental And Gum Health For Your Pe

Gnawsome Squeak and Light Ball Toy is designed for those Komondors who are more interested in fetching games. In fact, this toy is an ideal choice for fetching games. This ball’s spiky texture makes it a better choice as a teething toy because this spiky texture helps massage your Komondor’s gums and help clean teeth.

  • Features built-in LED that gets activated once the ball bounces.
  • Made using a food-grade thermoplastic rubber
  • A great option for training sessions

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4. All Kind Squeaky Football Dog Toy

All Kind Squeaky Football Dog Toy

All Kind Squeaky Football Dog Toy is designed to feed your Komondor’s crave for an active and interactive routine. This rubber ball is great for fetching games and is a potential toy that can work efficiently for a fruitful training session as well.

  • Features built-in squeakers for a better fun
  • Textured surface for a better grip
  • Features an erratic bounce
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5. JW Pet Crackle Heads Ball Toy

Jw Pet Crackle Heads Ball Toy

JW Pet Crackle Heads Ball Toy is crafted to provide a fun-filled fetching session with your Komondor. This toy has a unique outlook where you find a ball within a ball; this means a plastic bottle material ball resides within the rubber ball. The crunchy sound, which is produced when your Komondor chews this ball, is quite exciting and grabs your Komondor’s attention.

  • Safe for use, and is made using recycled materials.
  • A great choice for fetching games as well.
  • Designed using non-toxic materials

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Dog Toys for Komondors Buyer’s Guide

Komondors are active dogs that have been bred to exhibit a remarkable role in herding sheep and cattle. Their activity levels are generally high, and these hungry souls demand a highly engaging routine. This means that a lack of toys can make them destructive and annoyed. You need to understand that adding irrelevant toys to your bucket would be equally useless to adding nothing at all.

So, it is crucial to have detailed information regarding the likes and dislikes of your Komondor. The right selection of toys is possible if you start evaluating your choices in light of certain aspects. We have discussed their details below, so you should read further to enlighten yourself.


You might think that size of a toy has got nothing to do with its likelihood; however, this is one major aspect that helps you judge whether a toy would be suitable for your Komondor or not. Komondors are large dogs, so typically, you should buy a large-sized toy for them. Often certain medium-sized toys are better as well, but the selection of small toys should be avoided, as small toys mainly have a greater choking hazard.


The selection of toys for Komondors can be further refined if you restrict yourself to certain types of toys. These are mainly those toys that suit well with the temperament of a Komondor. As you are aware that Komondors are quite active, the addition of fetching or retrieving toys would be apt for them. To get the most out of any training session, we advise that you bring in some interactive toys as well. These mainly puzzle toys and treat-dispensing toys. Such toys not only help in building a better relationship with your Komondor but are better for their exercises as well. Once you narrow down your selection to certain specific types, making the right toys’ selection would become easier.

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