5 Best Dog Toys for Lakeland Terriers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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As the pet parent of a lively, active Lakeland Terrier, you already know that they love to play and be active. Your pup needs lots of daily exercise in the form of regular walks and interactive toys. These former fox hunters love toys that allow them to chase and run, but will also appreciate some more low-key toys to challenge them mentally. There are plenty of great toys that will work for your Lakie, just make sure you keep him interested with a wide variety of styles and designs.

Best Dog Toys for Lakeland Terriers

Here are our dog toys for Lakeland Terriers reviews.

1. Chuckit! Ultra Tug

Chuckit! Ultra Tug

The Chuckit! Ultra Tug is a fun tug-of-war game for you and your pup to play together.  This versatile toy can also be used as a fetch toy to tucker out your Lakeland Terrier. The Ultra Tug can be used with the ChuckIt! Dog Ball Launcher for extended play sessions outside.

  • High bouncing ball made from durable rubber
  • Smooth surface is easy-to-clean
  • Enrich the human-dog bond by playing together

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2. Pet Zone IQ Treat Dispenser Ball Dog Toy

Pet Zone Iq Treat Ball – Adjustable Dog Treat Ball (slow Feeder, Dog Puzzle Toy, Treat Dispensing To

The Pet Zone IQ Treat Dispenser toy is an interactive dog toy, perfect for your highly-intellectual Lakeland Terrier. Your pup needs to work to figure out to dispense the treat to get the reward. This is fun and will keep your Lakie mentally and physically active at the same time.

  • Limits treats to encourage play
  • Hard, easy-to-clean plastic
  • Customizable difficulty level

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3. Nylabone Power Chew Dog Toy

Nylabone Power Chew Toy Bundle Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers Bacon Giant, White

The Nylabone Power Chew Dog Toy is a durable, flavored chew toy your Lakeland Terrier will enjoy trying to destroy. Designed for chewers, tough nylon bone-shaped toy has bison flavor throughout. The three chewing points ensure this toy will last a long time.

  • Discourages destructive chewing
  • Available in bacon & chicken or turkey flavor
  • Helps clean teeth and freshen breath

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4. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball, Interactive Dog Toy, Fun Giggle Sounds When Rolled Or Shaken, Pets Know Best (1)

The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is a fun, interactive dog toy that emits a giggle sound when your pup rolls or shakes it. Your feisty Lakeland Terrier will love to chase this ball as it bounces and rolls erratically. The ball is made from a flexible, but durable pet-safe vinyl.

  • Phthalate-free
  • No batteries required
  • Available in glow-in-the-dark

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5. KONG Wubba Classic Dog Toy

Kong Wubba Classic Dog Toy

The KONH Wubba Classic Dog Toy is perfect for your hunter-bred Lakeland Terrier. This flying fetch toy mimics a small animal, and even emits a squeak once caught. This toy is also great for indoor games of tug with you, while the inner ball makes the toy bounce for added interest.

  • Reinforced fabric and stitching for durability
  • Two inner balls for different play options
  • Available in red, blue or purple

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Dog Toys for Lakeland Terriers Buyer’s Guide

Lakeland Terriers are highly active, playful dogs and your pup will need lots of physical and mental stimulation to keep him happy. A variety of toys are helpful to keep him interested over time. Lakies can chew if they become bored or have become aggressive, so high-quality toys are essential to keep your Lakie engaged. No matter the toys you choose, ensure they are made with quality materials and check them regularly for wear and tear. Your Lakie may be possessive of his toys, so consider having different toys for any other dogs in the house.  Lakeland Terriers do not like to be alone for extended periods of time, so make sure you take time to play together, to promote bonding and prevent boredom.

Our buying guide reviews the best dog toys for Lakeland Terriers on the market so you can choose the right ones for your dog.  The following features should be considered when choosing toys for your pup and will help you to choose which features you need for your Lakeland Terrier’s toys.

Intellectual Toys

Lakies are known to be very smart, so choose a few toys that will challenge and reward him for his problem solving. These include interactive toys that challenge him to figure out how to release a treat and are often customizable so you can adjust the difficulty. There are many treat-dispensing balls on the market or choose something more challenging such as a maze or hide-and-seek toy.

Chew Toys

Lakeland Terriers can develop pent-up aggression, especially if they are not properly socialized as puppies. A variety of chew toys will help release tension, especially if your Lakeland Terrier is left alone for periods of time. Lakies need tough, durable toys that can withstand their small, but mighty teeth. Durable rubber or nylon is safe for dogs, but also make sure the material is BPA-free. Be sure to choose a variety in different shapes and textures for interest.  Lakies will also love the chew toys with flavor infused throughout or that can have treats stuffed inside.

Active Toys

Since Lakies are very high energy, they will love toys that give them plenty of exercise. Tug toys, fetch toys and chase toys are favorites, especially if they mimic a small animal. Choose toys with erratic bounces and inner squeakers for increased engagement. Lakeland Terriers are very sociable, so they will especially love any games that the two of you can play together.

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