5 Best Dog Toys for Maltese (Reviews Updated 2024)

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If you were looking for a dog that does not require much outdoor exercise, you have found the perfect pet pal in your little Maltese.  This toy breed does not need long walks or vigorous exercise to keep him happy.  That being said, he is very sociable, and will love at least 10 minutes a of daily playtime or a walk with you.  Your pup is smart, spunky and loves to have fun, so choose a variety of toys that will meet his social, physical and intellectual needs.

Best Dog Toys for Maltese

Here are our dog toys for Maltese reviews.

1. BarkBox Dog Squeak Toy

Barkbox Dog Squeak Toys Long Lasting For Chewers Durable Tug And Fetch Toys Interactive Stuffe

The BarkBox Dog Squeak Toy is a fun toy your Maltese is meant to destroy.  Once he tears through the outer layer, another toy is revealed inside.  These durable toys can also be used for tug and fetch games.

  • Crinkle leaves for added engagement
  • Non-toxic plush is safe for chewing
  • Also available in Penny the Pineapple or Monsieur Acorn
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2. Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball

Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball

The Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball is a fun, interactive ball toy that will engage your pup by releasing treats during play.  Your Maltese will love trying to figure out how to nudge the ball correctly to get his reward.

  • Soft, pliable texture for easy gripping
  • Can also be used for slow feeding
  • Dimples provide erratic rolls for extra fun

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3. Chuckit Indoor Ball Dog Toy

Chuckit Indoor Ball Dog Toy

The Chuckit Indoor Ball Dog Toy is perfect for an indoor game of fetch with your energetic Maltese.  This soft plush ball is made from textured chenille that is easy to grab and soft on your pup’s mouth.

  • Multi-layered construction for durability
  • Lightweight and soft to protect surfaces in your home
  • Bright orange and blue colors for interest

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4. Multipet Loofa Dog Plush

Multipet Loofa Dog Plush Dog Toy (colors May Vary)

The Multipet Loofa Dog Plush is a soft, cuddly toy that your pup will either snuggle up to or try to chew apart.  The tiny size is also perfect for your little Maltese to chase and fetch indoors.

  • Squeaker added for extra interest
  • Plush filled to prevent injury to teeth
  • Also available in a convenient two-pack

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5. Hartz Chew ‘n Clean Chew Toy

Hartz Chew 'n Clean Bacon Flavored Dog Chew Toy

The Hartz Chew’n Clean Chew Toy is a bacon-flavored chew bone perfect for your Maltese’ tiny jaws.  The textured nubs entice your dog’s natural inclination to chew, while cleaning his teeth at the same time.

  • Helps control tartar buildup
  • Soft, flexible center for small mouths
  • Extra small size for pups up to 10 lbs.

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Dog Toys for Maltese Buyer’s Guide

Choosing toys for your Maltese is fun, because there are so many cute and affordable options that your pup will love.  Because most of your play time will be indoors, choose toys that are soft and will not bang or scratch floors or furniture.  That being said, your Maltese will appreciate a few toys for outdoor play as well.  Toys that allow the two of you to play together will be favorites, such as tug toys or fetch balls, but having some solo play toys on hand will be good – especially if you plan to leave your Maltese alone.  Maltese also love to cuddle, so make sure to have a couple fluffy plush toys on hand for when he wants to relax.  Always remove any small parts and avoid toys that can splinter are crack, to prevent choking hazards.

Our buying guide reviews the best dog toys for Maltese on the market so you can choose the right ones for your dog.  The following kinds of toys are best for Maltese and will help you to choose which dog toys you need for your pup.

Toys for Play and Exercise

Your playful Maltese packs a lot of energy in his tiny frame, so choose toys that will challenge him physically and are fun at the same time.  A simple game of fetch from the comfort of your couch will do, just ensure the ball is soft and small enough for his little mouth to pick up.  Fetch toys with plush, long bodies are also good choices for their easy-to-grip shape.  Intellectual toys such as treat mazes and dispensing balls are great for extended play.  Finally, whether you like it or not, toys that squeak and make noise will always be favorites, so have a few on hand to put out for him as well.

Toys for Chewing and Teething

If your Maltese gets bored, you may find he is starting to chew or tear at items in your home.  Choose a couple high-quality chew toys for him to enjoy, especially if you will be keeping him in a crate for any length of time.  Chew toys have the added bonus of helping with your pup’s oral health, especially those with textured nubs or surfaces.  Chew toys should always be made of touch, durable nylon, natural rubber or TPR for safety and durability.  Some chew toys come flavored or can be filled with treats, which also is fun for your Maltese.

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