5 Best Dog Toys for Morkies (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Morkies are small, bubbly, and little furballs that are a cross between Maltese and Yorkshire Terriers. Morkies are attention seekers and do well as pets in homes and apartment settings. Dog toys are vital for your Morkie’s development. Deciding what toy to buy for a Morkies is not an easy decision.

Deciding what toy to buy for a restless pup isn’t an easy decision. These toys are touted for their benefits—durability, dental protection, and mental stimulation. We are happy to share some of the best dog toys for Morkies.

Best Dog Toys for Morkies

Here are our dog toys for Morkies reviews.

1. ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy

Zippypaws Woodland Friends Burrow, Interactive Squeaky Hide And Seek Plush Dog Toy

The ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy, Hedgehog Den, Puzzle Set is sure to keep your Morkies busy for hours together. This three-piece puzzle set includes squeaky hedgehogs that will challenge your Morkie as he works to solve them. This toy is machine washable and super easy to clean.

  • Presents a wonderful challenge for your Morkie
  • Acts as a stimulating and interactive play
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized breeds

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2. KONG Cozie Elmer the Elephant Dog Toy

Kong Cozie Elmer The Elephant Dog Toy

The KONG Cozie Elmer the Elephant Dog Toy is a cute and cuddly plush toy for Morkies made with an extra layer of tough and durable material. This plush is perfect for a game of fetch or as a cuddle companion. Grab your favorite Cozie characters for your Morkies, depending on your personality.

  • Made of super-tough fabric
  • Less mess due to the less stuffing in the toy
  • Features a set of squeaks

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3. Frisco Fetch Squeaking Colorful Tennis Ball Dog Toy

Frisco Fetch Squeaking Colorful Tennis Ball Dog Toy

Whether your Morkies are playing alone or with a bunch of friends the Frisco Fetch Squeaking Colorful Tennis Ball Dog Toy, 3-Pack is a great option. These squeaking tennis balls are sure to amp up the fun and keep your dogs busy. They provide an excellent source of entertainment as it bounces with a loud squeaker that Morkies love.

  • Gentle on dog teeth and gums
  • Offers sufficient entertainment for Morkies
  • Ideal for daily use
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4. Otterly Pets Assorted Medium to Large Rope Dog Toys

Otterly Pets Assorted Medium To Large Rope Dog Toys

Otterly Pets Assorted Medium to Large Rope Dog Toys, five-count is a pack of five dog rope toys for a friendly game of tug-o-war, fetching or chewing for Morkies and other dogs. This rope set is carefully made for medium-sized to larger and works swimmingly to remove plaque and tartar as your Morkies continue chewing and chomping.

  • Created to be durable and sturdy for the toughest chewers
  • Made of 100% non-toxic cotton fiber
  • Can be easily washed and cleaned

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5. Hartz Frisky Frolic Squeaky Latex Dog Toy

Hartz Frisky Frolic Squeaky Latex Dog Toy

The Hartz Frisky Frolic Squeaky Latex Dog Toy, Color Varies makes chewing and fetching absolute fun for your Morkies. These charming latex dog toys are vibrant and colorful and come in various designs, each on one theme. This toy is made from rugged latex material, making them longlasting.

  • Offers a pleasant chewing experience
  • Ideal for all sizes and breed
  • Works well in and outdoor settings

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Dog Toys For Morkies Buyer’s Guide

Each Morkie has a unique personality and level of energy. Therefore, every dog has an individual preference for the type of toy they want to play with. Dog toys will keep active and well entertained. Avoid dog toys that can be chewed or nipped more likely than the other. While shopping for dog toys for Morkies, deciding what toy to buy the right type of dog toy. 

Let us discuss what needs to be considered while shopping for dog toys for Morkies.


The age of the Morkie is also an important factor that aids toy selection. Dogs, like humans, also prefer different types of toys at various stages of their life. While younger pups like hard and more chewy toys, adults will like more grown-up types that allow interactive play and engage their bodies and minds while they are at it. For instance, treats and puzzle types of toys are needed for smart and active dogs.


The toy’s size is again the essential thing to consider while stepping out to buy dog toys for Morkies. For instance, a toy too small can be hard to find, can cause choking hazards, and may be difficult for them to carry around as it’s way too little that it slips their notice. However, a toy too big again will be the reason for disappointment as they will have difficulty in managing space and carrying it around.


Today, there are so many different types of dog toys present in the market, that makes selecting a single toy a task for all dog parents. Morkie’s parents need to purchase various kinds of dog toys to keep their Morkies safe, engaged, and well-stimulated. 

Choose from these common types of toys to make playtime a time of fun and frolic for all dogs:

Balls: These toys are a top favorite for all dogs as they can indulge in a game of fetch and keep themselves active and well-stimulated.

Rope Toys: These rope toys will ensure that their natural, instinctual way of pulling and nibbling is taken care of in the healthiest way possible.

Stuffed Toys/Plushes: Found in many sizes, shapes, and types, this is another most popular toy that one needs to get for their Morkie. These toys are cuddly and soft, allowing them to feel warm and comfortable while you are there to keep them company or play.

Chew Toys: These toys cater to the dog’s constant need to bite and chew and maintain dental health and hygiene. 

Puzzle Toys: Another popular category of toys that aid in stimulating the dog’s mind while playing.


A dog tends to do a lot of chewing, biting, and nibbling when it comes to anything; even toys are no exception. Morkies, like other dogs, also tend to chew and nibble, so here comes the need for the toys to be 100% toxin-free, organic, and durable. 

It must be so strong that it doesn’t break or tear easily. The stuffing inside also needs to be kept in mind. Never buy toys that are stuffed with particles that can, later on, cause choking and gagging, and other health hazards.


While many factors together have contributed to the success of a dog toy. Dog toys should be safe, durable, and, most importantly, fun.

 The safety of the toy is dependent on your dog’s size, activity level, and personal preference. Another factor one needs to consider is the environment in which your Morkie spends time, as this is quite vital for its safety. 

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