5 Best Dog Toys for Parson Russell Terriers (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Feisty and energetic Parson Russell Terriers used to be known as fox Terrier way back in the 1800s. One of the smallest of the white Terrier breed, Parson Russell Terriers were recognized in the United Kingdom only three decades ago. This historic Terrier dog features a short and smooth broken coat with rough fur.

Looks apart, these Parson Russell Terriers need to go through a vigorous exercise to check their typical Terrier temperament. When indoors, these dogs can be a little too exuberant, and that is why as a dog parent, you should engage your tiny Parson Russell Terrier with some colorful toys. Here we have already shortlisted some popular and interactive toys that can save you hours of precious time.

Best Dog Toys for Parson Russell Terriers

Here are our dog toys for Parson Russell Terriers reviews.

1. KONG Tug Dog Toy

Kong Tug Dog Toy

This KONG Tug Dog Toy acts as an instrument for agile and hyperactive Parson Russell Terrier to outlet their extra energy and enthusiasm. It is evident from the name of the item that it is not at all a chew toy, and that is why it is recommended not to leave the toy to your Terrier unless it is dog’s playtime. 

  • This legendary toy is designed for extreme pulling.
  • The rubber attached to the toy provides a firm grip for both you and your Parson Russell Terrier during tug sessions.
  • The control flex feature of the dog toy promotes safety by preventing slipping.

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2. ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide & Seek Plush Dog Toy

Zippypaws Burrow Squeaky Hide & Seek Plush Dog Toy, Hedgehog Den

This ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide & Seek Plush Dog Toy keeps your Parson Russell Terrier happy and occupied for hours together with its fun challenges. With this toy set, you can hide the squeaky hedgehogs inside the plush trunk’s holes and make your inquisitive Terrier find them one by one. This interactive puzzle toy is designed for especially small sized dogs like Parson Russell Terriers.

  • It is a machine washable dog toy.
  • You should keep it at bay from heavy chewers.
  • There are only two size options for this particular dog toy.

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3. USA Bones & Chews Cotton Rope with Bones Dog Toy

Usa Bones & Chews Cotton Rope With Hooves Dog Toy

This USA Bones & Chews Cotton Rope with Bones Dog Toy satisfies your little Parson Russell Terrier’s chewing instinct. Dogs can use this innovative rope item as a tug toy too. This all in one cotton blend rope toy takes care of its gum and provides healthy teeth.

  • This unforeseen rope toy doesn’t contain any artificial color or flavor.
  • This toy includes two pieces of beef bones on either side of the rope toy.
  • The polyester blend of the toy ensures its long-lasting ability.
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4. Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Chewy Box Puzzle Dog Toy

Frisco Hide And Seek Plush Chewy Box Puzzle Dog Toy

This Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Chewy Box Puzzle Dog Toy stimulates its mental maturity and keeps it entertained for multiple hours. The chew box lets your Parson Russell Terrier burrow its ball, wishbone, and favorite chewing rope in it. Except for the rope, the other two toys have hidden squeakers installed in them, making the playtime extra fun and dogs’ activities.

  • Dogs can sleep cuddling these plush toys.
  • You can only spot clean this toy.
  • This high-quality dog toy is made of Chinese polyester.
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5. Trixie Activity Flip Board Activity Strategy Game Dog Toy

Trixie Activity Flipboard Strategy Game Dog Toy

This Trixie Activity Flip Board Activity Strategy Game Dog Toy triggers the curiosity and intellect of your Parson Russell Terrier. Designed for intermediate canine players, the toy allows you to hide its favorite dog food in the toy’s puzzle slots. Once your Terrier finishes the levels and retrieves its treat, you can upgrade the level for a more difficult challenge.

  • The rewarding formula of the toy keeps the dog satisfied and occupied simultaneously.
  • It features some external rubber feet to keep it steady.
  • You can use the dishwasher to clean its slots.

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Dog Toys For Parson Russell Terriers Buyer’s Guide

Playful and alert parson Russell Terrier dogs are known for their protective and affectionate qualities. Though they are not well known for their tolerance, they are excellent as a playing companion for your kids. The level of playfulness is high among these fox hunting Terriers. These dogs are attention seekers to some extent. If they are left without any toys, they will disturb you while working on playing with them and showing off their skills to distract you. So, it is high time you went through these following articles and bring home suitable dog toys for your Parson Russell Terrier.


As Parson Russell Terrier dogs fall in the category of small white Terriers, it would be recommended to buy toys, which are less than its height. You can go for balls and rope toys in such cases. If you want your Terrier to excel intellectually from other dogs, you can buy it some interactive puzzle games too.


Most dog owners use dog toys to keep their Parson Russell Terriers engaged for a long time. Some also use these toys for the purpose of exercises. Balls are mostly designed for fetch and chase games, which is a vital part of playful exercises to keep them fit and active. Other than this, if you want to make it habituated with its crate life, dog toys play a big role in that scenario as well. Chew toys and dental treats are nowadays also being considered as toys for dogs. These products’ flavors and unique ingredients keep the teeth sharp and healthy for your Parson Russell Terrier.


As dogs are more like human babies, it would be best if you buy colorful toys for your Parson Russell Terriers. There are plenty of toys in the market that provide vibrant and bright colors for both your Terrier and your kids. 


As most dogs have a chewing tendency, make sure the filling material is minimum inside the toys. Also, supervise your Parson Russell Terrier while it plays with any toys. 

We sincerely hope these pieces of information will be helpful for your next toy shopping. Let us know in the comment section if you have any queries regarding these dog toys.

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