5 Best Dog Toys for Salukis (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Salukis are a type of Persian hound and are naturally quite energetic. When you provide your Saluki with enough sleep, food, and comfort, you also need ways to keep it active fit. These large breeds usually are pumped up enough to run for miles at a stretch. And to make their exercising fruitful, dog toys are their best companions!

Best Dog Toys for Salukis

Here are our Saluki dog toy reviews.

1. ChuckIt! Ultra Dog Ball

Chuckit! Ultra Ball, Medium (2.5 Inch) 2 Pack

Dogs of every size and age are always ready for a game of fetch. With this set of two small – XXL sized balls, you have one of the easiest ways to keep your Saluki busy whenever it’s boring. These balls are lightweight, buoyant and are fit for water games as well.

  • High impact bounce.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Attractive colors.
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2. Outward Hound Tail Teaser Dog Pole Flirt Toy

Outward Hound Tail Teaser Dog Flirt Pole Toy, Play Wand (1)

If you want something that your Saluki can play indoors and outdoors, a Tail Teaser Toy is a great idea. It’s designed like a fishing rod and is useful when your Saluki wants entertainment alongside exercise. This toy comes with two rattling tails and a rod with a nylon cord.

  • Perfect for chase and tug games.
  • Distracts your Saluki when you take it for a walk.
  • Flexible and durable.
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3. Cheering Pet Dog Agility Equipment

Cheering Pet Dog Agility Equipment, 28 Piece Dog Obstacle Course For Training And Interactive Play I

This is a 28-piece set of dog training and entertainment equipment. It comes with an obstacle course, a tunnel, and some interactive toys as well. This set of toys is one of your best choices for outdoor training and exercising.

  • Sturdy and durable build.
  • Contains whistle, rope, pause box.
  • Offers optimum physical and mental stimulation.
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4. Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Plush

Outward Hound

Just like its physical exercises, mental workouts are also beneficial for Salukis. The Hide-A-Squirrel puzzle is a soft trunk with three removable squirrels inside. Aside from mental creativity, these removable squirrels can also be used for a game of fetch.

  • Boosts mental thinking.
  • Available in four sizes.
  • Helps with relaxation.
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5. Volacopets 5 Different Functions Interactive Dog Toys

Volacopets 5 Different Functions Interactive Dog Toys,dog Puzzle Toys,iq Treat Ball For Small Medium

Amongst other toys, these balls are also Saluki’s favorites. For their large size, these medium-large sized balls are enough to keep Salukis entertained and busy all the time. The set consists of a squeaky ball, a rubber ball, and a wool ball for playing. There’s also a treat-dispensing and mental cleaning ball to help with Saluki training.

  • Vibrant, playful colors.
  • Nontoxic, BPA free.
  • No plastic used.
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Saluki Dog Toy Buying Guide

Dog toys have an essential role in training a Saluki. Buying these toys isn’t too expensive, but not knowing exactly what to buy can cost you a lot. Depending on your Saluki’s nature and habits, you might want to go for something that serves as a distraction.

If your pal’s too lonely or bored, it’ll majorly disrupt its mental and physical growth. Here is how you can curate just the perfect collection of dog toys for your Saluki!

Note What Your Saluki Enjoys

Not all Salukis are the same. Some prefer playing alone; others like to involve their families, too. Some won’t get tired of running; others prefer physical exercises to burn their energy. You just need to figure out what makes your Saluki happy in order to find the right toys for it. For Salukis, who love running marathons, balls, frisbees, and other fetch toys, are their number one priority.

If your Saluki prefers jumping, stretching, and different physical workouts, you’d like to consider more complex and large toys. If the Saluki’s a loner, a squeaky toy could be its best friend. If it likes mentally challenging tasks, you might want to go for puzzles and IQ games.

Beware of Toxic Material

You should also be diligent when you’re choosing these toys. Always do your best to avoid plastic, low-quality nylon, wool, etc. Some toys leak color when your Saluki licks or chews, so just steer clear from such shady manufacturers.

Size and Strength of Salukis

Even though they’re bursting with energy, Salukis also get tired quite often. For them, the toys that are most suitable are the ones that are just the right size and toughness to keep them fresh and entertaining. If you get toys that are too hectic, your pet will become fed up with the effort it needs to put in. It’s better to prefer soft, casual for Salukis.

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