5 Best Dog Toys for Samoyeds (Reviews Updated 2022)

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If there’s one thing a Samoyed loves more than its family, it’s definitely a collection of its favorite toys! These large breeds are extremely energetic and can’t sit around idle. If you ignore its needs to be creative, a Samoyed will get grumpy and aggressive. Toys can help you train your dog much more easily and also stimulate mental and physical growth.

Best Dog Toys for Samoyeds

Here are our Samoyed dog toy reviews.

1. KONG Classic Dog Toy

Kong Classic Dog Toy Durable Natural Rubber Fun To Chew, Chase And Fetch

For fulfilling your Samoyed’s need to exercise daily, you can’t ever go wrong with a KONG chew toy! It’s made with premium quality rubber and is fit for large breeds like the Samoyed. You can also stuff this toy with snacks so that your Samoyed finds it more attractive.

  • Helps with mental and physical exercise.
  • Bite resistant rubber.
  • BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free quality.
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2. ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz Soft Toy

Zippypaws Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toy, Fox, Raccoon, And Squirrel Large

If you are looking for something that you can keep inside your Samoyed’s crate, you’ll love this product. This set of plush toys contains a raccoon, a fox, and a squirrel. They’re perfect for relaxing on a lazy day or for helping Samoyeds overcome their shyness.

  • High pitched squeaky sounds.
  • No-mess soft toys.
  • Best for relaxation.
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3. Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone Chew Toy

Pet Qwerks Dinosaur Barkbone Chew Toy Tough Durable Nearly Indestructible Bone For Extreme Aggress

Tired of your pet nibbling on all your stuff? It’s better to go for a tough chew toy to keep your Samoyed from becoming too dangerous. This chewy bone from Pet Qwerks is perfect for aggressive Samoyeds and helps them overcome their biting obsession.

  • Wholesome bacon flavor.
  • Large enough for Samoyeds.
  • Realistic design.
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4. Slopehill 5 Interactive Dog Toy Balls

Slopehill 5 Interactive Dog Toys Balls For Small Medium Large Dogs, Dog Puzzle Toys For Boredom, Dur

From basic dog training to the most fun exercises, this one’s a complete set for Samoyed training. It includes a squeaky ball, a squeaky bouncing ball, and a floating ball for playing. The IQ ball and chew training ball are helpful in developing basic manners and intellect in your Samoyed.

  • Vibrant, playful colors.
  • Helps Samoyeds overcome their shyness.
  • Safe quality and design.
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5. Nina Ottosson Dog Beginner Dog Puzzle

Nina Ottosson Dog Smart Beginner Dog Puzzle Toy – Engaging And Interactive Treat Dispensing Game For

This one’s perfect for brain training. This Dog Puzzle is basically a food bowl that has tiny compartments in the form of a puzzle. You can store your Samoyed’s snack inside them. By solving the puzzle, your Samoyed finds its food and also improves its overall IQ.

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Samoyed Dog Toy Buyer’s Guide

You can’t always have your Samoyed on your lap, right? For one, it’s too large to sit around without damaging its health. Second, Samoyeds are also very energetic and require around 20-40 minutes of daily exercise. Dog toys are also useful when it comes to helping your Samoyed in socializing! That said, you must not let your Samoyed sit around idle. Read the guide below to find the right dog toys for your paw pal.


First of all, be very careful about the type of material you’re choosing. It’s painful to see some manufacturers terribly compromising on material safety and quality. While making a purchase, check the contents of the toy. Materials such as rubber, nylon, plastic, etc. are often containing toxic chemicals that can be fatal for your Samoyed’s health.

The Toy’s Size

Another important factor is the size of the toy. Despite its apparent size and build, your Samoyed can’t really play with anything you throw its way. If you buy a large pool ball, sure, your mate will enjoy it. On the flip side, a Samoyed can’t make much sense of tiny chew toys and just tosses them aside. In fact, the Samoyeds end up crushing, breaking, or tearing apart plenty of toys due to their strength.


Most of the time, you find toys that seem really colorful, appealing, and exciting. However, they may not prove to be useful for a Samoyed in any sense at all. Hence, purposefulness is also a very important point you should factor in before making your purchase. Will it help with mental growth? Will it help your dog boost its confidence? Is it ideal for daily running and fitness exercises? Or is it made for lazy dogs who love to relax? Make up your mind before you binge-shop these toys!

Red Flags

Last, though not least, keep an eye out for potentially hazardous objects. There are many toys with strings, or sharp corners, or loose buttons that could nearly kill your Samoyed. Your dog may strangle or choke itself without you even realizing it. So, it’s really crucial you avoid toys like those and choose only the safest ones available.

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