5 Best Dog Toys for Shiba Inus (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Shiba Inus are highly energetic, active dogs. The high energy and need for exercise of a Shiba Inu makes playing an important part of their wellbeing. A variety of toys to keep them busy is a great way to concentrate their energy into having fun.

Best Dog Toys for Shiba Inus

Here are our Shiba Inu dog toys reviews.

1. VANFINE Dog Squeaky Toys

Vanfine Dog Squeaky Toys Almost Indestructible Tough Durable Dog Toys Dog Chew Toys For Large Dogs A

The VANFINE Dog Squeaky Toys Dog Chew combines durability with fun. It is a great source of exercise for a Shiba Inu and will burn off plenty of energy. This toy is made of non-toxic, durable rubber material which is soft and elastic.

  • 100% real beef flavored scent
  • Two built-in squeakers to encourage natural hunt and play behavior
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
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2. Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2

Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2 With Braided Fleece Lure Durable Dog Toy For Fun Obedience Train

The Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2 is a durable toy perfect for energetic dogs like Shiba Inus.  This toy comes with a durable pre-attached braided fleece lure, and works as a great training tool to provide the mental exercise a Pinscher needs.

  • Lightweight flirt pole weighs less than 1 lb
  • Bungee cord prevents whiplash when lure is caught
  • Comes with or without squeaker
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3. Jolly Pets Push-n-Play Ball Dog Toy

Jolly Pets Push N Play Ball Dog Toy

The Jolly Pets Push-n-Play Ball Dog Toy is a simple, effective toy perfect for working dogs like Shiba Inus.  This toy is designed for constant motion. It is ideal for dogs that have high stamina and love chasing and pushing.

  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Can be filled with water, sand or gravel for additional challenges
  • For use on water and land
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4. Jolly Pets Teaser Dog Toy

Jolly Pets Teaser Ball Dog Toy

The Jolly Pets Teaser Ball Dog Toy is an all in one ball-within-a ball toy for Shiba Inus to enjoy.  This ball toy is available in four sizes.  It floats in water for retrieving and fetching.

  • Movable interior ball inside a rounded outer cube
  • Easy grip ball design
  • Retains its shape even when punctured
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5. COLLAR Puller

Collar Puller

The COLLAR Puller is a great toy and fitness tool perfectly suited for the high energy output of a Shiba Inu. This toy combines intensity of workout, and lightness – allowing the dog owner to train a Shiba Inu for a long period without getting tired.

  • Unique material doesn’t damage dogs teeth or gums
  • Odorless
  • Puller consists of two rings
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Dog Toys for Shiba Inus Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a dog toy for a Shiba Inu is an important purchase for a dog owner.  Toys are usually inexpensive, so it may be an option to buy multiple and see which your dog responds to the best.  Toys are a great way for energetic dogs like Shiba Inus to use for focusing their energy and are also great tools to use in the training period of their formative months.

Our buying guide reviews the best toys on the market so you can make an informed decision for your Shiba Inu. Below are some features to consider when looking for toys which will suit the needs of your dog.


Toys for Shiba Inus need to be durable as these dogs love to play constantly. Being high energy, hunting which instinctively search for prey, it’s in a Shiba Inus nature to be constantly stalking pray and so they will certainly get your money’s worth out of any toy that you give them to play with. This is why it is a good idea to stock up on multiple toys and choose ones which are as strong as possible because Shiba Inus will likely go through them quickly.


Some dog toys will come with the option of squeaky sounds, which although can be annoying for humans to listen to, mimics the sound of prey escaping from a Shiba Inu so their natural instincts are being expressed. Scents are sometimes added to toys to satisfy the dogs chewing instincts.


The materials used in dog toys need to be manufactured to be tough, but not so tough that they damage the teeth and gums or a Shiba Inu. Rubber is a good material for this as it provides durability and is cushioned to take pressure off the bite.


Something to consider for you as a dog owner is how heavy a toy is. Shiba Inus will likely want to play for long periods of time, and if the toy requires human cooperation, it is important to choose one which will not exhaust you in the process.

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