5 Best Dog Toys for Swedish Vallhunds (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Swedish Vallhunds may seem very shy and composed, but they’re really quite the opposite. You’ll hardly ever see a Swedish Vallhund sitting on a couch with its well-groomed coat. Instead, these small furry friends try to make the most of their time and prefer a lot of exercises and games. Exercising can help you, and your Swedish Vallhund connect with each other. Toys are a great way to improve the mental and physical health of your Vallhund. They also give your furry mate something to do while you’re busy.

Best Dog Toys for Swedish Vallhunds

Here are our Swedish Vallhund dog toy reviews.

1. Whisker Doodle Tri Flyer Dog Toy

Whisker Doodle Flyer Dog Toy

This one’s a simple fetch toy with a twist. The Tri-Flyer is fun to toss around whenever your Swedish Vallhund needs a bit of exercise. It’s also quite compact, so you can carry it in your dog’s travel bag wherever you go. It is a hassle-free flyer that’s suitable for Swedish Vallhunds of all ages and sizes.

  • It flies, floats, and is flexible.
  • Withstands rough handling.
  • Gentle on gums and teeth.
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2. Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Puzzle Brick Dog Toy

Outward Hound Ottosson Puzzle Brick Dog Toy

The Puzzle Brick Dog Toy is arguably Nina Ottosson’s most remarkable brainchild. It is a calming, challenging dog treat puzzle for your Swedish Vallhund and is appropriate for practicing focus and control. The high-grade plastic also resists aggressiveness. It comes with 20 compartments, four removable bones, and eight sliding pieces.

  • Multiple playing modes.
  • Best option for indoor games.
  • Mental stimulation and a cure for boredom.
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3. Nylabone Stuffable Chew Toy

Nylabone Stuffable Chew Toy Strong Rubber Dog Toy

You can also consider this Nylabone Chew Toy for your Swedish Vallhund. The bacon-flavored chew toy has dental nubs that are mindful of your Swedish Vallhund’s dental health. You can stuff this toy with anything from kibbles to peanut butter to fruits to bones.

  • Helps Vallhunds to cope with stress, anxiety, and mental discomfort.
  • Great for teething and dental care.
  • Supports weight management
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4. Multipet Latex Chicken Globken Dog Toy

Multipet Latex Chicken Globken Dog Toy Assorted

These plushy stuffed chickens are a perfect set to keep inside your Swedish Vallhund’s crate. An assorted collection of soft toys is great for a number of purposes. They keep your dog in a company while it is sleeping. They’re also good for playing fetch when your Swedish Vallhund is feeling bored.

  • Squawk when squeezed.
  • Comes in a pack of 2.
  • Suited for small breeds.
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5. ChuckIt! Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy

Chuckit Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy Large

Similar to a Frisbee, this ChuckIt! The flyer is one of the most entertaining toys for Swedish Vallhunds. It’s lightweight and can fly long distances when you’re playing with your super active fur ball. This one’s also suitable water games.

  • Durable nylon construction.
  • Aerodynamic and super fast.
  • Soft edges are gentle on the gums.
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Swedish Vallhund Dog Toy Buying Guide

Dog toys are a top priority for Swedish Vallhund owners. These products have multiple impacts on your mate’s life. They can help in curing boredom and loneliness. They can boost mental creativity and help in physical workouts, too. You can choose dog toys for Swedish Vallhunds while keeping in mind these factors:

Their Size

You may get seriously confused while choosing a toy for a dog like the Swedish Vallhund. It’s small, but it’s sturdy. It isn’t large, but it is packed with energy! Whether you shop online or prefer going to a store, try getting some recommendations from other people. Store owners and online sellers can guide you about the different toy sizes that are safe and playable for your Swedish Vallhund. You can consult a size-chart and check which toy weighs just enough for your Vallhund to carry without getting hurt.

Benefits and Purpose

You’d be amazed at the variety of dog toys that you can get for a Swedish Vallhund. It all comes down to what you expect the toy to do for your friend. Dog toys such as Frisbees and balls are perfect for running and similar physical workouts. Hurdle sets, tunnels are also best suited for burning energy and help your Swedish Vallhund stay active and fit. If you want mental development, you might prefer puzzles, interactive balls, and musical instruments. For helping your Swedish Vallhund sleep well at night, a soft toy is undoubtedly your go-to choice. Chew toys can help with stress relief and also treat aggressiveness in Swedish Vallhunds.

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