5 Best Dog Toys for Vizslas (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Vizslas are energetic breeds and need lots of play-time to stay healthy. Sadly, you cannot spend the whole day playing around with your pet. You have to improvise, or your pet would go on a rampage and rip things apart. One effective way to keep a Vizsla busy and happy is to get the perfect play toy. With the right toy, your pet would burn off all that energy while having fun.

Best Dog Toys for Vizslas

Here is our dog toy for Vizslas review.

1. Nylabone Chew Toys

Nylabone Power Chew Flavored Durable Chew Toy For Dogs

Vizslas love bright colors, and one effective way to keep them distracted for a long time is by getting the Nylabone Chew Toys. The toy is soft enough to protect your pet’s dentitions and strong enough to withstand long chewing hours.

  • Comes in three bright colors
  • Exciting bacon flavors
  • Promotes good chewing habit
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2. Chuckit Launcher Sport Dog Ball

Chuckit! Sport Launcher Dog Ball Thrower

If you are looking to spend quality time running around with your Vizsla, you might want to get the launcher sport dog ball. The ball has three bright color options, so it doesn’t get lost in the hedges.  You can easily throw the ball to long distances as it travels fast with lesser effort.

  • Comes in different sizes for your pet
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Though for your pet’s dentition
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3. Kong Toughest Natural Rubber Extreme Dog Toy

Kong Extreme Dog Toy Toughest Natural Rubber, Black Fun To Chew, Chase And Fetch

Kong Extreme Dog Toy is not just a fantastic play toy but helps in the development of your pet’s mental and physical health. The toy will keep your pet amused and alert for a long time. It offers healthy play options as your pet will never get tired of playing with the toy.

  • Keeps your pet occupied for a long time
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Gentle on your pet’s dentition
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4. BIONIC Durable and Tough Urban Stick Fetch and Chew Toy

Bionic Urban Stick Durable Tough Fetch And Chew Toy For Dogs

If you are looking for a durable toy with treat pockets to keep your pet searching for tasty treats, then you should check out this toy. Thus, you can stuff the toy with plenty of treats and leave your pet to explore all day for the treats.

  • Comes in plenty color option
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Help develop your pet’s mental healthy
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5. Pawz Road No Stuffing Dog Toy

Pawz Road Dog Chew Toy No Stuffing Squeaky Dog Toy 3 Pcs Durable Dog Plush Toy

Another toy that aids your pet’s mental stimulation is the Pawz Road No stuffing Dog toy. The toy comes in plenty of color options. It is soft and fluffy to help your pet cuddle up at night and drag the toy around during the day.  It is lightweight and promotes healthy chewing habits. The toy is easy to clean as you can wash with your washing machine.

  • Comes with double squeakers to excite your pet
  • Great for throws and catch
  • Guarantees a fun-filled play-time
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Dog Toys for Vizslas Buyer’s Guide

Buying a toy for a Vizsla is difficult because they are good at ripping stuff apart. Hence, you need to consider a lot of factors, so you don’t invest blindly and not get the desired results. Here are some factors you should thoughtfully consider.

Your Pet’s Safety

Your pet would naturally chew into his toy in the bid to rip them apart playfully. Thus, if you get a toy made from harmful products, you may endanger your pooch. The first factor you should check out is the components of the toy.

Avoid toys made with sensitive materials. Check for your dog’s allergies and avoid toys that would irritate or harm your pet.


A Vizsla would naturally play with a toy that’s easy to overpower. Most times, they drag, kick, and chew their toys. Thus, when the toy can’t fit into their mouth or is too heavy to drag around, they would avoid it.

Thus, it is advised you get a toy that’s not too big or bulky for your pet. Also, do not buy small toys as your pet may attempt to swallow and choke from the effect.


They are different types of toys for Vizslas. Some toys are great for chewing, training, or general amusement. However, some toys serve all these purposes for your pet. Thus, it is wiser you invest in such toys and enjoy great benefits.

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