5 Best Dog Toys for Yorkies (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Do you have a Yorkie that absolutely loves to rip apart their toys, no matter how durable the brand claims to be? Well don’t worry, this is a common problem amongst Yorkie owners, and the dog product industry has a solution. There are many toys out there made and tested with Yorkies and similar breeds, to ensure their durability. After extensive research I have picked the top five toys I believe will fit your Yorkies needs. Keep in mind that there are thousands of types and brands of toys available and these, while recommended, are not the only ones for you to choose from. Below each product is a short description and three reasons you should buy it.

Best Dog Toys for Yorkies

Here are our Yorkie dog toy reviews.

1. The Kong Classic Dog Toy

Kong Classic Dog Toy Durable Natural Rubber

The Kong Classic Dog Toy is made sturdy enough for any breed of dog, from power chewers like German Shepherds to energetic chewers such as Yorkies. The Kong is great for stuffing with dog treats, your pup will sit with it for hours getting them out. With a bounce, this toy is also good for fetch.

  • Sturdy enough for any breed of dog, power chewer or energetic one
  • Great for putting treats or peanut butter into, keeps them occupied for hours
  • Great for fetch, not too heavy and bounces well
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2. Outward Hound Squirrel Interactive Puzzle

Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Toy

The Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle comes in five different designs, squirrel, bee, bird, hedgehog, and rainbow for a variety of choices. There are two parts to the trunk, you can attach the top for an added level of challenge. The sturdy material makes it great for Yorkies or other small breeds.

  • Variety of designs to choose from for you pleasure
  • Two parts for different difficulty levels, easy to assemble
  • Great for Yorkies, tough and durable
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3. Chiwava Squeaky Toys

Chiwava 4pcs 2.4'' Squeak Latex Puppy Toy Funny Animal Sets Pet Interactive Play For Small Dog Assorted Color

The Chiwava Squeaky Toys come in a pack of four with a nice variety of animal designs that are all guaranteed to delight your pup. Made with non toxic, latex rubber, these toys let your pooch play safely for hours. The toys are only suitable for smaller breeds of dog, such as Yorkies, Chihuahuas, and Terriers.

  • Four pack of animal designed squeaky toys
  • Non toxic, latex material is great for their enjoyment and safety
  • Only good for smaller breeds, bigger ones will shred them
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4. Jalousie Squeaky Dog Toys

Jalousie 12 Pack Dog Squeaky Toys

The Jalousie Squeaky Dog Toys are made with a soft, plush outer layer and a durable squeaker inside. Coming in a pack of twelve, these toys are the favorite of many breeds such as Yorkies and Chihuahuas for their comfortable feel. Every toy is made entirely with sewing, no harmful glue is used for your dog’s safety.

  • Plush outer layer is great for any dog from small to medium size
  • Twelve pack is sure to delight your pooch
  • Completely glue free, no harmful ingredients, only sewing used
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5. Chongai Squeaky Toys

Dog Toys 9 Pack Gift Set,ball Rope Chew Squeaky

The Chongai Squeaky Toys are made with both playtime and durability in mind, making them great for your Yorkie. Comes with rope toys, chew toys, teething toys and a treat dispensing ball for your pup to play with. Every toy is made from the highest quality of materials for a safe and strong dog toy.

  • Made for durability during long hours of playtime
  • Comes with a good variety of toy types to let your pup choose what they enjoy
  • High quality materials make great toys for your pup
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Yorkie Dog Toy Buying Guide

As I said before, these are only five of the many options available to you. There are thousands of others for you to choose from, but for now I will go over dog toy types and some of the terms I used above.

Of the types of dog toys the following are the most common: Chew Toy, Rope Toy, Teething Toy, Squeaky Toy, Balls, Interactive Toys, Puzzle Toys, Treat Dispensing Toys and Plush Toys.

Chew toys and teething toys are especially nice for puppies as they are designed to lower the pain from their teeth breaking through the gums. Ropes are nice to strengthen the muscles in your pup’s back and legs. Squeaky balls are a universal must for dogs, as they adore the sound they emit and they usually come in cute designs. Interactive and puzzle toys are great for puppies as they are said to increase their intelligence and problem solving skills for later life. Plush toys are nice, however they are also easy to shred, so if you want to buy one be sure it is for a non chewer pup, definitely not a teething one. It won’t last the day. Finally, the treat dispensing toys are similar to the puzzle ones in the way that they teach your pup to think in new ways to get their reward.

Now that I have gone over the basics of the toy types, here are some of the terms and things to look for in Yorkie Dog Toys.


This is a must when you’re shopping for your Yorkie, as most pups of the breed love to chew on anything and everything. If you want the toy to survive the week, you have to be sure to pick one durable enough for the test.

Non harmful materials:

When you are buying a plastic or rubber toy you should always check the description thoroughly as some of the toys are made with unhealthy ingredients, thus causing your dog to breath them in while playing.

Made for Smaller breeds:

Yorkie’s mouths don’t open too wide so when you are buying them a toy you have to be sure that the toy will comfortably fit in their mouths. Getting a toy that is too big can cause muscles tearing and painful injuries for your dog.

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