10 Best Dog Trailers for Bikes

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Dog Trailers For BikesIf you’re a dog owner, you should know that large dogs will need regular exercise. But if you prefer riding a bike to walking, then you may need to look into dog bicycle trailers to give them a place to rest during long rides. Whether you have smaller dogs or larger dogs, it’s a good idea to check this guide of the 10 best dog trailers for bikes. 

Why Use a Dog Trailer? 

A dog stroller is more suitable for people who wish to walk and run while pushing their dog around inside. Dog bicycle trailers are perfect for small dogs to large dogs who wish to come along when you want to go on long rides. Below is a comprehensive list of the best dog bike trailers along with a buyer’s guide to help you decide on the right choice for you and your best friend. 

The Best Dog Trailers for Bikes 

Your furry friend will certainly appreciate the best models of dog trailers that will give them a place to rest when they’ve had enough running for the day. 

1. Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer

Schwinn Rascal Bike Dog Trailer


  • Comes with a rear door 
  • 16” quick-release wheels
  • Adjustable safety leash
  • Folding steel frame
  • Adjustable bug screen

This lightweight dog bike trailer offers high quality on a budget — something that this industry-leading brand is known for. This Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer is among the most popular choices in the market today, and the company’s 120+ years of experience is a testament to their knowledge of their customers’ needs. With its unique, folding steel frame, you can neatly put it away for easy storage. 

It also features air-filled tires that ensure a smooth and safe ride that works alongside 16” aluminum rims. A universal coupler allows it to quickly attach to most bicycle models and the zipper at the back can help you load and unload your dog without a problem. Plus, it comes with two mesh side panels to provide your pup with proper ventilation and a bug screen so it can enjoy the view. 


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2. Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Dog Bike Trailer

Best Choice Products 2 In 1 Dog Bike Trailer


  • Is a stroller and bike trailer in one 
  • Strong steel frame
  • 20” rear wheels + 12” removable front wheel
  • Water-resistant polyester
  • Large mesh windows

If you’re in the market for a convertible bike trailer that offers good stability, then this 2-in-1 dog bike trailer by Best Choice Products is the right choice. Made using a combination of water-resistant polyester and its sturdy steel frame, it’s fully equipped to protect your pup from the elements. It comes with suspension on the 20” rear tires to ensure a more comfortable ride while the universal hitch allows it to attach to any bike. 

You’ll also love all the other features this trailer offers such as the included safety flag, its built-in hand-lock brake system, as well as reflectors for visibility in low-light environments. Finally, it has a bug screen that keeps insects out and lets your pooch enjoy the cool breeze. 


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3. PetSafe Solvit HoundAbout Dog Bicycle Trailer

Petsafe Happy Ride Steel Dog Bicycle Trailer


  • Extra-wide wheelbase
  • Waterproof floorboard
  • Adjustable internal leash
  • Three large pockets
  • The design has a lower center-of-gravity

When you have a large breed dog, the PetSafe Solvit HoundAbout Dog Bicycle Trailer has you covered. One of the pet bike trailers for big pups, it has a weight limit of an astounding 110 pounds. Made with a sturdy steel frame, a waterproof floorboard, and 600D polyester, it guarantees strength and durability, which comes together with a lower center of gravity to deliver a smooth ride. 

Your dog is sure to find this ride a treat; with a front door that’s waterproof, your furry friend will be safe from the elements and its mesh screens can keep bugs away. Plus, its oversized sunroof will provide ample airflow and let your pooch soak in the great views. This option also comes with three side pockets, where you can keep water bottles to stay hydrated. 


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4. Burley Tail Wagon Pet Bike Trailer

Burley Tail Wagon Pet Bike Trailer


  • Comes in a lightweight design
  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Low clearance tailgate
  • Removable floor and washable fabric cover
  • Spacious interior for your pet’s comfort

The Burley Tail Wagon Pet Bike Trailer is among the highest-rated dog trailers in the market and for good reason. Its mesh windows allow for breezy bike rides through maximum ventilation, so your pet will surely have a grand time during the ride. Moreover, this trailer has a large tailgate in the rear along with a low clearance for a seamless loading and unloading experience, even for senior dogs and young dogs. 

This great bike trailer is also made from recycled polyester and other sustainable materials while keeping the quality and strength needed to carry a maximum weight capacity of 75 pounds. It also comes with a sturdy and removable floor with a washable fabric cover for easy cleaning. The interior is also dog safe and is free from any snags, sharp edges, and hooks, while the rear storage pocket lets you carry leashes, treats, and other accessories. 


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5. Aosom Elite Pet Bike Trailer

Aosom Dog Bike Trailer


  • Comes with three points of entry
  • Has an interior leash hook
  • Clear plastic cover that rolls up
  • With a back mesh screen and zippered front
  • Made with water-resistant polyester 

This option is a great choice for medium dogs and can comfortably and safely take them anywhere you go. Using Oxford fabric and a steel frame construction, it also boasts 20” quick-release tires in the rear to ensure smooth sailing both on pavement and in the dirt. The Aosom Dog Bike Trailer also features a plastic cover that protects your pup from the environment. 

A particularly great addition to this trailer is the front and back mesh screens that can be opened for easy access or you may also unzip the sunroof so your dog can pop its head out to gorgeous views. Lastly, it has a bright orange flag and reflectors to add a layer of safety during nighttime. 


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6. Retrospec Rover Waggin Dog & Cat Bike Trailer

Retrospec Rover Waggin' Pet Bike Trailer


  • With weather-resistant fabric 
  • Inflatable tires and folding frame
  • Compatible with most adult bicycles
  • Comes with a pouch for item storage
  • 2-in-1 mesh and canopy shield

This doggy bike trailer lets you bring your furry friend along for your adventures and can fit both cats and dogs that weigh as much as 50 pounds. You’ll find that it has a dog’s leash to keep your pup safe and secure while he rides along, while the secure zipper and rear door further add to its safety features. Its 2-in-1 canopy and mesh shield provides your partner will a near-360 view of the surroundings.     

The Retrospec Rover Waggin Dog & Cat Bike Trailer also offers plenty of room through the wide bed, while its no-slip floor will keep your canine pal in place as you cruise up and down the road. Made from element-resistant fabric, it promises a smoother ride for your pet, even on rough terrain and tough weather conditions. 


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7. Sepnine 2-in-1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer

Sepnine Leonpets 2 In 1 Dog Stroller Pet Dog Bike Trailer


  • Pet stroller and trailer combo
  • Strong steel construction
  • With a dual-entry design
  • 16” rear wheels and 12” front wheel
  • Anti-slip PE floorboard

This high-quality trailer is the best option for small to medium-sized pets when you’re looking to get value for money. Using the Sepnine 2 in1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer allows you to zip past bike paths without worrying about your pup through its safety tether and anti-slip floorboards. Much like the second entry in this list, this trailer offers a 2-in-1 solution that serves as a dog stroller for walks and a trailer for bike rides. 

If you plan to go for a ride at night, its safety flag and reflectors provide added visibility in low-light situations. It’s also foldable, providing a great way to keep it small and compact for quick storage. With front and rear wheels, it provides good stability and the large front and back mesh panels allow for proper airflow. 


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8. Doggyhut Premium Pet Bike Trailer

Doggyhut Premium Pet Bike Trailer


  • Easily assembled and can fold flat 
  • Large dog bike trailer for medium to large dogs
  • Can be used as a crate, stroller, or trailer 
  • Comes with various accessories
  • With a powder-coated steel frame

The Doggyhut Premium Pet Bike Trailer Older dogs that need to maintain a healthy lifestyle are sure to love this great trailer, where they can rest after a day of running. Moreover, it can be easily converted between a stroller and a trailer, and can also be used as a pet seat or training crate when you’re home. 

With a low center of gravity and a wide wheelbase, it can provide outstanding stability and easy access for your pet to come and go as they please. The front of the trailer features a zippered mesh screen while the top houses the sunroof that allows dogs to sneak a peek around their surroundings.  


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9. GLANZEND Pet Dog Trailer

Glanzend Pet Dog Trailer


  • Comes with a collapsible frame for storage
  • Easily connects to the back of your bike
  • Quick entry and exit through the front and back doors
  • Water-resistant fabric with mesh shield
  • Offers plenty of ventilation for pups 

GLANZEND’s Pet Dog Trailer is among the top picks for big dogs since it’s a larger trailer compared to the other options, although not as big as the third trailer in this list. Its lightweight and compact design means that you can take it anywhere with you and can be stored easily when it’s time to put it away. It also comes with low-maintenance 16” wheels that can be easily inflated with a bike pump.

Those who have already gotten their hands on this reported that the size of the trailer is just right for their beloved dogs. The no-slip floor and internal leash work together to keep your pup secure and safe, and the trailer can hold canines with extra weight — up to 88 pounds. 


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10. TRIXIE Dog Bike Trailer

Trixie Convertible Dog Bike Trailer


  • Has a collapsible design for quick storage
  • Comes with a removable quilted mat  
  • With front and rear door panels for easy access
  • Made from a steel and polyester combination
  • Mesh inserts provide great views and proper ventilation

Make way for the best bike trailer that TRIXIE has to offer, ensuring that each bike ride is more fun than the last when you’re out with your dog. With a sturdy steel construction and a polyester material that’s easy to clean, it features a plastic flap that can be used to protect your pooch from the weather. It also offers an attachment point to secure your pup while the rear and top panels allow you to easily load your fur baby. 

As a result, your favorite pal will be treated to the best comforts that money can afford. Lastly, this ultra-safe trailer includes a parking brake, flag, reflectors, and a hitch safety strap for your peace of mind as you travel together.   


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Buyer’s Guide: Dog Trailers for Bikes

Before deciding on the right dog bike trailer for your pooch, be sure to consider your needs and preferences. Have a think about how you will be using it, and see how comfortable your dog will be. Below are just a few things to look into when choosing a suitable trailer for your beloved dog before committing to a purchase. 


Going for a spin around the block with a bike dog trailer can severely impact the way your bike rides. When you take your pup out with you for the first time, it may take some time to get used to, since you’re not just carrying your weight, but also your dog’s weight. The best dog trailer will be able to provide you with a seamless experience and shouldn’t lag behind your bike too much, but there are still a few things you need to remember: 

  • It will take effort to accelerate
  • You will need to take wide corners
  • Pedaling uphill will be a challenge
  • Cruising downhill will also be hard


Consider the type of material you want to work with — mesh is made for superior ventilation but is more prone to tearing, while other materials will be stronger but limit the amount of airflow inside. Aluminum frames are lightweight, but they’re not as durable as steel frames. While steel is stronger and can handle more weight, it’s also much heavier; aim to get a sturdy aluminum frame to get the best of both worlds. 


Just like with everything else we wish to purchase, you will get what you pay for. An inexpensive dog trailer may save you a few bucks today but could easily fall apart after a few uses. In contrast, something that’s expensive today may last for thousands of miles or even more. When judging the durability of a particular trailer, be sure to consider the following: 

  • Durable materials 
  • Durable wheels
  • Durable tires
  • Durable coupler


Some dog bike trailers will come with this — suspension is useful for cycling over gravel and for off-road locations. But if you mainly cycle around paved bike paths then you won’t need this since plenty of bike trailers can handle bumpy terrain without it. Unfortunately, having suspension on your trailer will make it heavier, but will provide a more comfortable ride for your pup. 

Size / Weight

The size of your trailer will depend entirely on your dog’s size, so if you have a bigger pooch, look for a big bike trailer. Make sure to take measurements of their width, length, and height for comparison with the interior dimension of your chosen trailer. For smaller dogs, you may want to maximize the space available while aiming for the minimum trailer weight.  


Pet bike trailers will often come with attachments and accessories that allow you to use them for other purposes aside from cycling. Some will include a handle or wheel that allows them to turn into a jogger or stroller, which are useful for senior dogs. Others may come with a rain cover for cloudy days or with covers for sunny days, so be sure to look into the different items that come with your trailer. 


Investing in a dog trailer is a good way to encourage your pup to get out more and go for runs with you outside. Just make sure that when you do make a purchase, it’s a choice that your dog loves since they will be the ones using it, even if you’re paying for it. Considering the different factors outlined above will help point you in the right direction when it comes to the best dog trailers for bikes.