5 Best Dog Training Books for Affenpinschers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Despite their small size, the diminutive Affenpinscher is a comedian at heart, with bountiful energy and charisma to spare. At just under a foot in height at their tallest point, these sturdy terriers are tenacious and personable, with a mind of their own, and so need a lot of careful direction through patient training. When looking for a good training book for Affenpinschers, it’s important to keep their tendencies as a breed in mind.

Here are the top 5 best dog training books for Affenpinschers we found:

Best Dog Training Books for Affenpinschers

Here are our Affenpinscher dog training book reviews.

1. Affenpinscher Training | Think Like a Dog – But Don’t Eat Your Poop! By Paul Allen Pearce

Affenpinscher, Affenpinscher Training Think Like A Dog But Don't Eat Your Poop! Breed Expert A

Think Like a Dog is a series of short, comprehensive guides to training and caring for various dog breeds by Paul Allen Pearce, and this particular edition specialized in the care and maintenance of Affenpinschers. Available as both a paperback and an eBook, this book is perfect for starting training off on Affenpinschers of any age, puppy to elder, and will show you how to begin training in less than an hour. Using Pearce’s rapid command adoption methodology, this book will take you from untrained pup to happy student in no time at all.

  • Highly-rated, available as both paperback and eBook
  • It specifically instructs how to best train Affenpinschers of any age
  • Written by dog trainer Paul Allen Pearce, and employs his rapid command adoption method to get training off as soon as possible
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2. The Affenpinscher: A Complete Beginners Guide by Michael Stonewood

The Affenpinscher A Complete And Comprehensive Beginners Guide To Buying, Owning, Health, Grooming

This dog training guide for Affenpinschers does more than outline the best methods for training a pup – it goes deep into the history of the Affenpinscher, detailing its origins, its habits, and its needs. Written by Michael Stonewood, a comprehensive writer about the tendencies of breeds of all kinds, The Affenpinscher: A Complete and Comprehensive Beginners Guide is best used as an introduction to the Affenpinscher breed, before adopting a pup yourself, or while in the preliminary steps of training a young one. With so many details included, and how affordable this book is as both physical copy and eBook, it’s a must-read if you are even considering getting an Affenpinscher of your own.

  • This book is a comprehensive guide on the breed, including history and grooming requirements, in addition to a training manual
  • The writer, Michael Stonewood, is an exemplary authority on dog breeds
  • Very affordable, short, and easy to get
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3. Affenpinscher Dog, Affenpinscher Dog Complete Owners Manual by George Hoppendale and Asia Moore

Affenpinscher Dog. Affenpinscher Dog Book For Care, Costs, Feeding, Grooming, Health And Training. A

Written by experienced author George Hoppendale and dog-whisperer Cynologist Asia Moore, this book is written with the authority and clarity that only such a duo could provide. The Affenpinscher Dog Complete Owners Manual delves into details other Affenpinscher guidebooks don’t have the experience to comment on, such as breed health and unsafe foods. Available primarily as an eBook, this book is an accessible and comprehensive entry point to learning about this breed.

  • Co-written by Cynologist Asia Moore and details breed health in addition to training
  • It is available mostly as an eBook and is very affordable
  • It includes both general dog advice, and advice specific to the Affenpinscher breed
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4. Affenpinscher Training Secrets by Mark Mendoza

Affenpinscher Training Secrets Obedient Dog.net

When it comes to training guides, sometimes simple is best, and when it comes from a good place of intellect, basic guides can be a lot more approachable. Affenpinscher Training Secrets, written by Mark Mendoza as part of his collection of dog training secrets, this book is available as book and eBook at a slightly higher cost than the average training book but is rated very well, and is praised for its cuteness. For a simple, easy to follow the guide, look no further.

  • Goes through the basics of dog training, and appeals to Affenpinscher owners and beyond
  • It is written by an experienced source and is part of a larger franchise
  • It’s slightly more expensive than the average eBook, but it’s available both as a Kindle version and a physical copy
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5. Affenpinscher: Caring For Your Affenpinscher by Caroline Murphy

Affenpinscher Owning & Caring For Your Affenpinscher Kindle Edition

Affenpinscher: Owning & Caring For Your Affenpinscher is a book by successful author and novelist Caroline Murphy, and elaborates mostly on the dog’s history, nature, and needs, but distinguishes itself from all the rest by being an excellent read. With Murphy’s talented writing and exhaustive research into the breed, the fact that this eBook is as affordable as it is is nothing short of remarkable. Though it is less a focused training manual, it is a complete and compelling overview of the breed, which enlightens you to its needs, habits, and maintenance.

  • This book is written by a compelling novelist and researcher, and as much is evident by how fun it is to read
  • It goes into great detail about the breed’s history and health
  • Available only as an eBook, it is astonishingly affordable
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Affenpinscher Dog Training Book Buyer’s Guide

Due to their big, playful personalities, Affenpinschers need just as much training and attention as dogs much larger than their tiny frame would suggest. When browsing for a dog training book, not any toy breed manual will do, because each Affenpinscher is an individual with bountiful energy and demands. For this reason, one has to look out for very specific training books, with several identifiable traits, such as the personal knowledge and reliability of the author and the veracity of their research, or the availability of said book to you as a reader, and the specificity of the details to the Affenpinscher breed.

Author Experience with Affenpinscher Training

When browsing between a few Affenpinscher training books, looking up the author or authors responsible for writing the training manual at hand, to make sure that they have the authority required. Some books are written by formulaic writers with very little actual dog training experience, repeating the same information for different breeds, while others are written (or often co-written) by experienced authors who did the required research into Affenpinschers or are dog specialists themselves. A brief look into the other works of an author should be enough to clarify if they are a reliable source or not and whether they are recycling information from other books instead of doing their own research to be most applicable.

Book Format

While all of the books included on this list are available for purchase, some specific eBooks are only available as hardcover books, or, on the contrary, as Kindle eBooks. Before you purchase a specific training manual, consider if it is available in the format you prefer, and check the reviews thoroughly to make sure that physical copies shipped and arrived properly. The format of a training manual greatly enhances your personal experience with it, and better implements the helpfulness it could provide while training your Affenpinscher.

Specificity to Affenpinscher Personality

Specificity is an important trait whenever looking for breed-specific tools and materials, as well as double-checking to make sure that it isn’t a generic tool relabeled to be specific. Since Affenpinschers have such unique personalities, not every generic dog manual will be as useful for training your Affenpinscher pup as a book written with it in mind will be. When browsing for books, see if you can read a sample of it – books written with a specific dog breed in mind will be more than an edited version of any other dog training book but will include specific details about the Affenpinscher, such as history or health information.

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