5 Best Dog Training Books for American Hairless Terriers (Reviews Updated 2024)

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There is no doubt that your American Hairless Terrier requires a lot of training from the day you adopt him. These dogs are fun to be around and love to be your playmates, so it is not too tough to train them. However, there are several grounds on which you have to work while training them, so it is always better if you buy a comprehensive training book for your American Hairless Terrier.

Pet parents usually have several queries when they are in search of the right dog training book because these books are not easily available. If you are one of those parents who are too concerned about buying the right dog training book for your American Hairless Terrier, you have come to the right place, as we are here to make your task easier.

Best Dog Training Books for American Hairless Terriers

Here are our dog training books for American Hairless Terriers reviews.

1. The Big Book of Tricks for The Best Dog Ever

The Big Book Of Tricks For The Best Dog Ever By Larry Kay

If you were looking for a dog training book with myriads of tricks’ guide in it, then The Big Book of Tricks for the Best Dog Ever is the one for you. From standard fetching game to dance routines and from rollovers to flying disc acrobatics, thus the book has a lot of exciting tricks in store for your American Hairless Terrier.

  • Around 118 exciting dog tricks
  • Written by an award-winning writer, Larry Kay
  • Have a step-to-step guide for all dog tricks

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2. 101 Dog Tricks

101 Dog Tricks By Kyra Sundance

101 Dog Tricks has been written by the globally renowned dog trainer Kyra Sundance. This book has all that you need to train your American Hairless Terrier since the day you bring him home. It gradually teaches you some pro tricks to make your doggie have fun and look classy.

  • Features beautiful pictorial representation of steps
  • Plays an integral role in improving your bond with your American Hairless Terrier
  • Great for novice owners as well, as it has rated the difficulty levels of each exercise

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3. The Genius of Dogs

The Genius Of Dogs By Brian Hare

Have you been too confused lately with the changing behavior of your American Hairless Terrier with time? Is it really difficult for you to judge what your doggie is trying to communicate? Well, The Genius of Dogs has been specially written for such pet parent, as it gives you an insight into the ways in which your doggie thinks and works.

  • Helps you understand your American Hairless Terrier better
  • Improves the bond between you and your doggie
  • Written by an experienced writer, Brian Hare

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4. The Dog Tricks and Training Workbook

The Dog Tricks And Training Workbook A Step By Step Interactive Curriculum To Engage, Challenge, And Bond With Your Dog

The Dog Tricks and Training Workbook is another masterpiece by Kyra Sundance, which helps you in teaching your American Hairless Terrier some of those exciting tricks which occupy her for the entire day; thus, it becomes really convenient for you to manage your pup. With the help of several successful ideas, this book helps you go through the behavioral training sessions well.

  • The book even helps you in evaluating your pup’s progress
  • Helps in improving your relationship with your doggie
  • Kyra Sundance is a highly experienced dog trainer

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5. The Complete Dog Book

The Complete Dog Book

The Complete Dig Book has been written by the American Kennel Club, which is a renowned organization for keeping the records of almost all dog breeds. This book covers myriads of details regarding the 153 dog breeds which are registered under AKC’s directory.

  • It has sections in which it educates the reader regarding several training methods for each breed
  • It even tells the readers about the proper nutritional guidelines for each breed.
  • It has a rich collection of history and photographs of all these breeds to give a better understanding of the breed to the pet owners.

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Dog Training Book for American Hairless Terrier buyer’s Guide

The American Hairless Terrier requires the right amount of behavioral, physical, and mental training from a very young age to grow into a well mannered and intelligent dog. You are also required to socialize them with children from a young age to avoid any behavioral ills. To make this all happen, a dog training book is the most viable option. We tried selecting some of the most comprehensive books for our reviews. However, if you still have any queries, you can go through the further details in our buyer’s guide.

In this buyer’s guide, we tried to facilitate our customers by bringing their attention to those particular aspects that make a dog training book a preferred choice. After reading this guide, we believe you will have a better understanding and will be able to make a wise choice for your American Hairless Terrier.

Life Stage

We have noticed this quite often that the training books available in the market are specified for a particular age group or a particular life stage, for instance, puppyhood. For your American Hairless Terrier, you should choose the book which covers almost all life stages so that it is a one-stop solution for the challenges faced.


The best book for your American Hairless Terrier is the one which is written by some renowned author, who has better knowledge in this field. Typically, a book by some experienced dog trainer is always a better idea, as they can explain the ways of dealing with such challenges well.

Means of Instruction

You should always go for the book, which has a vivid representation of instructions when you are buying a book for your American Hairless Terrier. The best choice would be to go for the book, which has a pictorial representation of instructions, as that will help even those owners who are too naive when it comes to training their American Hairless Terrier.

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