5 Best Dog Training Books for Anatolian Shepherd Dogs (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are protectors or guardian dogs, which originated from Turkey in the early 2000 BC. These dogs were primarily used for guarding livestock; however, people started using them as companion dogs later. The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is aggressive and reclusive, so those of you who have planned to pet them, should understand that it is mandatory to train them well since puppyhood, and we cannot emphasize on this much.

To avoid any mishaps, a comprehensive dog training book must be there in your bucket list. Since the Anatolian Shepherd Dog require a high level of training, you will have to buy a top-notch book. If you are unable to decide one good book that will be perfect for your Anatolian Shepherd Dog, you should read the reviews which we have shared at your service.

Best Dog Training Books for Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

Here are our dog training books for Anatolian Shepherd Dogs reviews.

1. 51 Puppy Tricks by Kyra Sundance

51 Puppy Tricks By Kyra Sundance

51 Puppy Tricks is a comprehensive dog training book written by Kyra Sundance for puppies who are less than a year old. This book features a step-by-step guide for planning engaging and challenging activities for your Anatolian Shepherd Dog, which helps in building a better bond between you and your pup. It is also vital in curbing behavioral issues of your puppy.

  • An excellent choice for behavioral training sessions
  • Its writer is an expert dog trainer
  • Contains pictorial instructions

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2. Cesar Millan’s Short Guide to a Happy Dog

Cesar Millan's Short Guide To A Happy Dog

If you are too curious to develop a healthy relationship with your Anatolian Shepherd Dog, Cesar Millan’s Short Guide to a Happy Dog can be a good shot. This book helps develop a deep bond with your doggie by teaching you 98 essential tips and tricks essential in this regard.

  • The writer is a globally renowned dog trainer
  • It helps you in understanding the psychology of your Anatolian Shepherd Dog
  • It explains the ways of dealing the common behavioral issues

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3. How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days

How To Housebreak Your Dog In 7 Days

Are you unable to find a right way to potty train your Anatolian Shepherd Dog, the book, “How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days” is the ultimate solution. This book is a guaranteed guide to housebreak your dog and has been used as a reliable source for the last 20 years.

  • Helps you in understanding your dog better
  • A quick guide for owners who are usually told occupied with their office work
  • Written by Shirlee Kalstone, who is an internationally recognized dog expert

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4. Dog Training 101

Dog Training 101 Step By Step Instructions For Raising A Happy, Well Behaved Dog

From potty training to teaching your Anatolian Shepherd Dog the etiquettes that make him a calm well behaved companion, Dog Training 101 is a complete package. This book has been designed to help you teach your doggie the manners that will eventually be beneficial for the pet owners.

  • Written by Kyra Sundance, a renowned dog trainer
  • Tells you which household items can be dangerous for your doggie
  • Helps in correcting the behavioral problems such as biting or nipping which are quite common in Anatolian Shepherd Dog

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5. The Big Book of Tricks for the Best Dog Ever

The Big Book Of Tricks For The Best Dog Ever By Larry Kay

The Big Book of Tricks for the Best Dog Ever has been written to teach your Anatolian Shepherd Dog 118 exciting tricks no matter how old he is. The complaints of your doggie often getting bored are also addressed by this book, as it ensures that he stays active round the clock.

  • Strengthens your bond with your Anatolian Shepherd
  • Written by Larry Kay, who is an award-winning writer
  • Lets you teach your dog tricks like flying disc acrobatics

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Dog Training Book for Anatolian Shepherd Dog Buyer’s Guide

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are one of those dogs who are too tough to train. These dogs require a professional trainer often. However, if you cannot afford one, a comprehensive dog training book will do the job. The selection of a good dog training book requires you to bring several aspects into consideration. There are several phony writers’ editions available in the market, which make you end yours in an even worse situation. We shared some of the best dog book reviews with you to give you a better idea.

Nevertheless, if you still have confusion, we suggest you read the details regarding the specific aspects you will be looking for in a dog training book for an Anatolian Shepherd Dog in our buyer’s guide.  This will surely help you in making the right decision.

Means of Instruction

Since the training of an Anatolian Shepherd Dog is too detailed and needs to be practiced since puppyhood, we suggest you go for those books with a pictorial representation of steps. Even the most naïve pet owners will find it easier to understand the idea which a book is representing if it does that using pictures.


You must buy those books, which are written by some credible writers, for your Anatolian Shepherd Dog. Preferably, you should go for the ones which are written by recognized dog trainers because those books have more authentic information.

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