5 Best Dog Training Books for Jack Russell Terriers (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Adopting a Jack Russell Terrier is equivalent to signing up for some adventure. Jack Russell Terriers are one of the most active dogs who like having an engaging exercise or playing session. Since these dogs are too demanding, it is necessary that you plan a well-organized training session for them. We know that it becomes tough for novice owners to organize a satisfying training session for their Jack Russell Terriers, and these dogs usually become aggressive if they do not have sessions that satisfy their Adrenalin rush.

A dog training book is the best option in this regard, as it helps all owners to plan exciting activities and teach some new and exciting tricks to their dogs. If you are curious to know more about some of the best dog training books that will help you raise your Jack Russell Terrier, we suggest you read further.

Best Dog Training Books for Jack Russell Terriers

Here are our dog training books for Jack Russell Terriers reviews.

1. 51 Puppy Tricks

51 Puppy Tricks By Kyra Sundance

If you were looking for a book that would help you teach some unique and exciting tricks to your Jack Russell Terrier, then 51 Puppy Tricks by Kyra Sundance is the best option for you. This book has summarized some of the most exciting tricks that you can teach your pet pal in the most convenient way i.e., with the help of pictorial representation of steps.

  • The writer is a famous dog trainer who is known for her expertise in this field
  • Helps in building a healthy relationship with your dog
  • Helps in regulating your Jack Russell Terrier’s behavior

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2. Team Dog: How to Train Your Dog

Team Dog: How to Train Your Dog

Team Dog: How to Train Your Dog—The Navy SEAL Way has been written by a retired Navy SEAL Mike Ritland. This book provides an excellent opportunity to pet owners to make their Jack Russell Terriers obey them by training them in the right ways.

  • It helps you won your Jack Russell Terrier’s trust
  • The writer has 15 years of experience in this field
  • This book is New York Times Best Seller

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3. Cesar Millan’s Short Guide to a Happy Dog

Cesar Millan's Short Guide To A Happy Dog

Cesar Millan’s Short Guide to A Happy Dog has been written to teach you the best possible ways in which you can keep your Jack Russell Terrier content and satisfied. This book helps you understand your doggie better; thus, it improves your relationship with your Jack Russell Terrier

  • Helps you understand your pet pal’s psychology
  • Teaches you 98 innovative tips and tricks in raising a better Jack Russell Terrier
  • The author has written several bestselling books in dogs

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4. Animal Wise: How We Know Animals Think and Feel

Animal Wise: How We Know Animals Think and Feel

The book, Animal Wise: How well Know Animals Think and Feel, has been written by Virginia Morell, a researcher in the fields of Science and Natural History and has written several books in these disciplines. This book is an excellent guide to understand how your Jack Russell Terrier thinks; thus, it helps maintain a proper training routine that satisfies your pet buddy.

  • Improves your bind with your Jack Russell Terrier
  • Helps in making you understand why your Jack Russell Terrier has a change in his behavior due to specific actions
  • Helps in revealing what your dog thinks

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5. The Genius of Dogs

The Genius Of Dogs By Brian Hare

The Genius of Dogs has been written by Brian Hare, an associate professor at Duke University, who has the right amount of knowledge in this field. If you have been facing the problem of not understanding what your Jack Russell Terrier has to say with his particular actions, you should read this book, as it helps in understanding the messages that are hidden in the actions of your doggie.

  • The co-author of this book is Vanessa Woods, who is an award-winning journalist
  • This book helps in improving your relationship with your doggie
  • Helps in behavioral training sessions

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Dog Training Book for Jack Russell Terrier Buyer’s Guide

Jack Russell Terriers are one of the most hyperactive dogs who require a great amount of activity daily. You have to arrange plenty of exercises, take these dogs for a walk, and ensure that you plan every activity that suits their demands and temperaments. This is not possible without a good dog training book even if you are an experienced dog owner. You need some background knowledge to kickstart interactive sessions, and for that, you will need a good dog training book.

We discussed some of the best dog training books above so that you get a better idea regarding them. However, if you still have queries, we suggest you read our buyer’s guide.


A Jack Russell Terrier requires a unique type of activity and training sessions from other dogs. These dogs require well, tried, and tested training tips and techniques. So, for that purpose, you should go for dog books which have been rewritten by experienced owners, who have spent an abundant amount of time in this field and have a better knowledge regarding these dogs.


The easier, the better! Even if you are an experienced owner, you would undoubtedly prefer a book that has shown self-explanatory steps for understanding tricks and tips, so that you save your time. When buying a book for your Jack Russell Terrier, it is always better to go for books with a pictorial representation of instructions as they are quicker and easier to understand.


The selection of the right training book for your Jack Russell Terrier should be least affected by its price. If you are getting a good training book that offers a better explanation, and convenient pictorial representation of steps at a price that is slightly above average prices, you should take that offer. We recommend this to you because a dog training book goes a long way, and if it is compelling enough, it will help you raise the perfect Jack Russell Terrier.

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