7 Best Door Scratch Protector for Dogs (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Dogs love to scratch things when they’re bored or anxious. Unfortunately, one of those things is your door. What you need is the best door scratch protector for dogs.

A good door scratch protector will prevent your dog from damaging your door – saving you time, money, and frustration. Of course the best way to curtail this behavior is to treat the cause of the issue – your dog’s anxiety or boredom. But if you’re already doing that and want to further protect your door, a door scratch protector is a good start.

We reviewed dozens of the best door scratch protectors to find the ones that are best suited for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Our rankings are based on a combination of durability, material, quality, brand name, price, and Amazon ratings.

Best Door Scratch Protector for Dogs

Here are our 7 picks:

1. CLAWGUARD Heavy Duty Door Shield for Dogs

Clawguard Heavy Duty Door Shield

The CLAWGUARD provides two times strong protection to the door and frame. Easily cut by scissors, the CLAWGUARD can be customized to your door. And with no hanging hardware, installing CLAWGUARD takes only moments.

  • CLAWGUARD provides two times stronger door, frame, and wall protection
  • CLAWGUARD offers more coverage area and can easily be trimmed with household scissors.
  • CLAWGUARD keeps your home intact with no ugly hardware or anchors required to install.

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2. PETFECT Door Scratch Protector Premium Dog Door Cover

Petfect Door Scratch Protector Premium Dog Door Cover

PETFECT Door Scratch Protector features a transparent design to fit in with your aesthetic. The convenient loop and hook fasteners make installation simple. The PETFECT door is also flexible, and holds longer than brittle plastic.

  • PETFECT fits in any decor with it’s tough yet invisible protective layer.
  • PETFECT exceeds than brittle plastic, this door shield is offers protection flexible enough to cover your trim.
  • Installation and removal are simple with convenient hook and loop fasteners.
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3. Claw Shield Toughest Dog Scratch Protector

Claw Shield Toughest Scratch Protector

The Claw Shield is designed to protect your doors against even the most aggressive scratcher. Made of clear, industrial plastic, the Claw Shield will protect your doors from deep grooves. eAsy to cut and size, the Claw Shield is versatile and can even be applied to furniture, screen doors and moldings.

  • Claw Shield is made of industrial clear grade PVC vinyl.
  • Claw Shield is easy to cut and apply.
  • Claw Shield provides versitile protection and can also protect screen doors, wood furniture, moldings, car door panels and more…
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4. LAMINET The Original Deluxe Pet Scratch Shields

Laminet The Original Deluxe Pet Scratch Shields

The LAMINET provides strong and invisible protection from scratching dogs. SImply roll out the mat and size, the ALMINEY can be easily hung with a faster and loop system. And while it is easy to trim, the LAMINET is shatterproof and stands up to the most aggressive scratchers.

  • LAMINET rolls out flat and stays flat while to provide invisible protection from scratching dogs
  • LAMINET contains eight pairs of Velcro hook and loop coins to secure placement.
  • The LAMINET is flexible and shatterproof but easy to trim.
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5. The Door Shield – Pet Scratch Protector

The Door Shield Pet Scratch Protector

The Door Shield is made with your home environment in mind. This flexible, shatterproof door shield is also made entirely of non-toxic materials. The Doorshield can be trimmed to your door size and is simple to install.

  • The Door Shield is shatterproof, flexible crystal-clear, latex-free, non-toxic plastic.
  • The Door Shield is easy to install and includes adhesive.
  • The Door Shelf measures 33 by 35 inches.
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6. CLAWGUARD Protection Tape for Dog Scratching

Clawguard Protection Tape

The CLAWGUARD Protection Tape is a versatile anti-scratch protector that can be used on doors, windows and even furniture. Easy to resize with scissors, the CLAWGARUD can fit to any shape. And the CLAWGUARD leaves behind no sticky residue.

  • CLAWHARD leaves behind no sticky residue.
  • The CLAWGUARD measures 4 x 10 feet
  • The CLAWGUARD can be cut to size with household scissors.
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7. Pet Love-J Heavy Duty Door Dog Scratch Protector

Pet Love J Heavy Duty Door Dog Scratch Protector

The Pet Love-J Heavy Duty Door Scratch Protector is thick and strong and can resist aggressive scratching. This door protector requires no tools to hang and the adhesive strips are included. Pet Love-J comes rolled up but takes only seconds to install.

  • The Pet Love-J is strong enough to prevent a dog to tearing up a door.
  • Pet Love-J requires no tools for assembly.
  • Adhesive strips is included and prevent rolls upon installation.
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