18 Best Electronic Dog Door Reviews (Updated 2019)

The best electronic dog door gives your pet the freedom to go in and out whenever they like.

This absolves you of the responsibility of getting up in the middle of the night or having to stop what you’re doing during the day.

But how do you choose the right electronic dog door?

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

These are terrific, top-of-the-line dog doors that all work with the latest electronic technology to allow your dog access to the outside and the ability to come in as well; without any of the problems that come from a simple dog door that can be accessed with pressure.

Here are our top 5 picks:

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them.

#1 – High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door

High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door Product ImageThe first is this high-tech dog door that works with ultrasonic technology. There are two different sizes that you can get with this particular door, medium and large, but they work with dogs that are one size down.

In other words, for the medium-sized door, you want to install it for smaller breeds like Yorkshire Terriers and Poodles. The large-size door might be appropriate for German Shepherds or Boxers. However, some of the larger breeds might struggle with this door so you may want to consider going with a different pet door.


It works with ultrasonic technology that activates when your dog approaches it. It is much like the sliding glass doors that open up at the grocery store for you.

However, instead of opening horizontally, this pet door opens vertically. It starts opening when your pet is a few inches away and is completely open by the time they reach it and will close just seconds after they exit.

They can come in and out as they please, and the door has a really smooth motion that does not get stuck and will only open for your dog’s ultrasonic devices attached to their collar.

Some of the other features of this electronic dog door include a motor driven vertically sliding door that is activated by the MS-4 ultrasonic collar.

It works on direct approach principle, which means that unless your dog is actually moving towards the door and intending to go out, it will not open.

If they just pass by the door, and are not pointed in that direction, the door will almost never open.

In addition, this electronic pet door has four different settings that you can choose from.

Why you should buy

You can have it totally open for your pets to go in and out, you can allow them to go out only, you can allow them to come back in only or you can lock the door down completely so that they cannot leave the house or come back in.

This makes it very versatile and useful for all kinds of situations.

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#2 – PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door with Telescoping Tunnel

Petsafe Wall Entry Pet Door With Telescoping Tunnel Product ImageSecond on the list is this PetSafe electronic pet door which is one of the budget models that we’re going to feature here.

Not everyone can afford the electronic pet doors that are listed here, but this one comes in at a price that fits almost any budget.

It also has many of the advantages that you’ll find with electronic pet doors.

For example, you are able to maintain insulation even though there are no electronic components, thanks to the dual flap and telescoping tunnel system that make up this design.


There are three sizes available with this pet door, small, medium and large.

This pet door does have a panel that you can slide in to prevent your pet from accessing the door and to protect your home from losing heat or cool air through the dog door. This is not the most convenient thing in the world, but it is effective.

Some of the other advantages of this particular pet door include the fact that it is really easy to install, and it takes a lot less work than a standard electronic door to place it in a wall or in one of your doors.

In addition, it has a dual flap system which helps to retain the heat or cool inside your house even if you do not put in the sliding panel.

Why you should buy

The bottom line is that this is a budget option that doesn’t have the advantages that the other electronic pet doors do, but it is affordable and functions very well.

This door is not nearly as efficient at maintaining the environment, and it could allow animals other than your own pets in if you leave it open without the sliding panel, but it works really well for a budget option.

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#3 – SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

Sureflap Microchip Pet Door Product ImageAnother terrific model is this SureFlap microchip electronic pet door.

This door has a marked advantage over all of the other doors on this list. It works with your pets existing microchip.

If your dog was a rescue, or if you went to the vet and had a microchip installed yourself, then you do not have to worry about attaching anything to their collar or purchasing any additional technology for this door.

With the ease and availability of micro-chipping these days, every pet should have a microchip, and all you have to do is program your electronic pet door to accept your pet’s unique microchip signature and they will be able to access the door whenever they want to go in and out.


This is a major advantage because electronic pet doors that are not keyed to your pets individual signature can allow other animals in, including other dogs.

This can be a problem if you have a female and she is in heat. Many a dog owner has come home when their female dogs in heat and found a male dog sniffing around the yard.

Sometimes, they can get in through unsecured dog doors, but since this will not open for just any dog; that will not happen.

Something else that you will love about this door is that even if your dog does not have microchip, it does come with an RFID tag that you can attach to your dog’s collar. That means if your dog is not microchipped, you don’t have to spend any extra money to get the door to work.

Why you should buy

Finally, you can program the door so that only opens during specific times of the day. This is called a curfew mode, and it is a good idea for pet owners that do not want to allow their pets out during certain hours regularly.

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#4 – Solo Pet Door Automatic Electronic Dog and Cat Door

Solo Pet Door Automatic Electronic Dog And Cat DoorThis Solo automatic pet door is one of the best pet doors on the market and it is unique even among the best of the best that are reviewed here. One of the things that make this the most versatile pet door on this list is the fact that it comes in 10 different sizes.

That means that no matter what size your dog is, you are going to be able to find one that fits them perfectly.


For one thing, the stores completely automatic and utilizes a magnetic entry system with one free magnetic transmitter already included. You can get additional ones that are sold separately if you have multiple dogs.

The benefit of the magnetic entry system is that there are no electronics so there are no batteries that you have to replace. This not only makes installation easier, it also makes replacing batteries that drain quickly a nonissue.

Another thing that makes this particular door unique is that it was made to install easily no matter where you are going to install it.

There are two different builds depending upon whether you are going to install it into a wall or into a door.

A lot of the other dog doors on the market say that they are able to be installed in both locations, but they are usually fitted for one of the other end it is a pain to install them anywhere else.

This dog door makes installation a lot easier.

With all of the advantages offered, the only thing that could make this better is if there was a second dog collar attachment offered. However, they aren’t that expensive unless you have half a dozen dogs or so.

Why you should buy

It’s very easy to install and it works.

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#5 – PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor

Petsafe Electronic Smartdoor Product ImageThe PetSafe electronic SmartDoor is the second PetSafe product on the list and while this is a decent pet door, there are a couple of things that you want to keep in mind about it.

The first thing you should understand is that this is the budget door on our list. This door is well within anyone’s budget, depending upon which model you get, and it works with a smart key that you attach to your dog, opening up when they approach it.

You should also know that it comes in several different forms including a large size and a small size, as well as a model with the battery included and a model with an extra smart key.


The good thing about this model is that it comes in at well under budget for an electronic smart door, and it is extremely easy to install.

You can also choose the wall install kit if you plan to install it anywhere other than in one of your existing doors.

However, you do want to keep in mind that you might want to choose a different model if you live in an extremely cold environment.

Many users have reported that extreme cold makes the door slow down or freeze up, but for anything other than extreme cold, the door should work perfectly.

However, there are advantages as well; for example this door is programmable for up to five different smart keys. That means that if you have dogs and cats, up to five of them can use the same door to get in and out without allowing other animals in.

In addition, it takes 4 D batteries which last for a very long time; even if you have multiple pets.

Why you should buy

The bottom line is that even though this is a budget option, there are still some really great things about it that you will like the make it unique among other doors on this list.

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Other Electronic Dog Doors We Reviewed

Here are the other electronic dog doors we looked at:

Power Pet Electronic Pet Door

Power Pet Electronic Pet Door Medium Px 1

Power Pet’s motor-driven doors open under their own power when activated by an ultrasonic collar provided for your pet. The translucent door panel, made of super-strength, bulletproof resin powers upward into its stylish housing. Completely weather-proof with an airtight seal, this extremely reliable product will keep the wind and uninvited animals out of your home.

  • Easy to install
  • Keeps unwanted visitors out.
  • Durable and weatherproof.

PERFECT PET The All-Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door

Perfect Pet The All Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door

The structural foam molded plastic of the Perfect Pet All-Weather Dog Door makes it energy efficient no matter what your climate. The double vinyl flap creates an air pocket for even more energy efficiency. This product comes with a lockout panel to keep your pet inside when you chose to put it in place.

  • Energy efficient in any climate, even extreme cold or heat.
  • Lock out Panel can be put in the front or the back of the unit.
  • It can be installed in doors or walls.

Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Plastic Pet Door with Telescoping Frame

Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Plastic Pet Door With Telescoping Frame

The patented edges of this product’s flexible vinyl edges won’t warp from use or extreme weather. The floating bottom threshold seals each time correctly, and the product has an impact-resistant frame. You won’t have to worry about your pet getting out with the lock-out slide

  • Works with most doors, even if they are hollow.
  • The frames will adjust to frames from 1 1/4 in to 2 in thick.
  • Flaps replaceable through company.

BarksBar Original Plastic Dog Door with Aluminum Lining

Barksbar Original Plastic Dog Door With Aluminum Lining White, Soft Flap, 2 Way Locking Sliding Panel And Telescoping Frame

This door will work for dogs up to 100 lbs. It is durable, has been bite and chew tested, and will keep out unwanted guests. It comes with a removable self-locking slide panel to restrict access when not in use.

  • Installation takes less than 25 minutes.
  • The soft and flexible heavy duty vinyl flap is easy to use and comfortable for pet.
  • This product is well made and a great value.

Plexidor Weatherproof Dog Doors

Plexidor Weatherproof Dog Doors


This product has large dimensions for bigger dogs with overall dimensions of 16 1/2 inches wide by 20 1/2 inches tall. This versatile door can be installed in stud, brick, block, or concrete walls up to 12 inches thick. The saloon-style doors are durable, shatter resistant, and are an energy-efficient product.

  • This product is proudly American made.
  • The PlexiDor comes in a variety of sizes.
  • It comes in white, bronze, and stainless aluminum.

Dog Mate Large Dog Doors

Dog Mate Large Dog Doors

This product is a sturdy product made for large pets. It’s well insulated and works well with pets who like to go in and out a lot. The thick plastic flap seals well to keep the weather out.

  • Comes with a three year warranty.
  • Works best with doors that are thick.
  • Robust and long lasting product.

Best Dog Door eXtreme Performance Dog Doors

Best Dog Door Extreme Performance Dog Doors

A perfect door for your dog to get fresh air when it wants to go outside. The aluminum alloy frame lasts longer than plastic doors. The weatherproof magnet flaps close securely for energy efficiency, and a security panel can be locked in place to keep unwanted visitors out.

  • The flaps are thick and rigid.
  • The door is very sturdy and works great with big dogs.
  • Easy to install.

Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Pet Door

Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Pet Door

The wall mount door is designed to withstand heavy winds with its three-sided adjustable power magnets holding the flap shut. This award-winning single flap door keeps out winter cold and summer heat for energy efficiency. The secure clip lock keeps your pet in when you don’t want it outside, and prevents unwanted visitors from coming in.

  • The aluminum frame doesn’t rust.
  • Comes with everything needed to set up the door: aluminum tunnel, frame, and flap, single or double depending on what is wanted.
  • Company has excellent customer service.

Freedom Pet Pass Insulated Dog Door for Doors

Freedom Pet Pass Insulated Dog Door For Doors

This airtight and weatherproofing provided by DoubleMag technology that makes this a draft-free dog door. Proven to keep out extreme weather with insulated flap that keeps your home comfortable. The locking clear acrylic security panel is easy to use.

  • This door product continues to work for years after purchase.
  • This door is good for cats or dogs.
  • The magnet-to-magnet seals around the flap making this door airtight.

Gun Dog House Door

Gun Dog House Door

This heavy-duty product is made with a die-cast aluminum frame and a 1/4 inch acrylic door. This product is built to last and backed by a ten-year warranty. This energy-efficient product can withstand whatever the elements throw at it.

  • Comes in many sizes for small or large pets.
  • Chew and scratch proof.
  • Double hinged springs on door to make sure it shuts properly after pet has passed through.

Revival Animal Health Dog Door

Revival Animal Health Dog Door

The Magnador Two-Way Pet Door has a heavy-duty magnet that keeps the door secured with 30 to 40 times more strength than standard magnet door. The close fit frame keeps out bugs, critters, and debris. The door is made of chew resistant high-impact polystyrene that is durable enough to withstand heavy use.

  • Comes in bronze or white.
  • The product is sturdy and long lasting.
  • The door is tough enough to take a lot of use from big dogs.

Trixie Pet Products 2-Way Locking Dog Door

Trixie Pet Products 2 Way Locking Dog Door

The two-way locking door is suitable for medium to large dogs. The silent action transparent door flap is attached to a durable plastic frame with a metal bar base. A removable metal panel keeps out unwanted visitors and pests.

  • Will work with metal or wood doors, even in mobile homes.
  • The door will work with a screen door, depending on the door type.
  • The door is well made and reasonably priced.

OWNPETS Pet Screen Door

Ownpets Pet Screen Door

This self-closing and lockable door with a built-in magnet will close automatically when your dog comes and goes. The doors are made of high-quality ABS material for a long-lasting product. The door can be locked to keep your pet inside when you don’t want it to go out.

  • Easy to install.
  • Works well with screen doors.
  • Fits pets large and small.

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