27 Best Electronic Dog Fences (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Pet Safe Electronic Dog FenceOne of the best ways to allow your dog to safely run around your yard is with the best electronic dog fence.

How do you know which of the best electronic dog fence to choose? Should you get a wired or wireless dog fence? We will give you everything you need to know on how to choose the best electronic fence for your dog.

No matter what breed your dog is, I will help you choose an electronic dog fence that fits your needs perfectly. Here are our top five picks:

Best Electronic Dog Fences


1. PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

Petsafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence Product ImageThis PetSafe Stay + Play is a really simple, yet effective wireless electric fence.


Often, electronic dog fences can take a great deal of time to install, including placing the wires and burying them underground or installing them above ground.

With the PetSafe Stay + Play, you simply place the transmitter wherever you want. The transmitter can even be housed indoors.

It covers up to three quarters of an acre, with an adjustable range allowing up to 105 feet in every direction.

There are also multiple levels of correction available with this wireless fence. That means that if you have a dog that is resistant to the first couple of levels, you still have three to go after that to get them to stop going out of the boundary of your yard.

This also fits multiple dogs, and it is an ergonomic collar with the charge that lasts up to three weeks depending on how frequently your dog wanders out of the yard. This is an extremely long time for battery life.

Why you should buy

It’s easy to install, reliable, made from one of the best dog product manufacturers, and very affordable. It’s a no brainer.

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2. Extreme Dog Fence

Extreme Dog Fence Product ImageExtreme Dog Fence has a major advantage over all of the others listed here that you will really like.

This fence does not follow the one-size-fits-all model, so you only get as much fence as you need.

That means that you do not have to pay for more fence than you are going to need.

The smallest fence starts at 500 feet and then goes all the way up to 2500 feet. There are 10 fence sizes within that, half of them being the pro and half of them being the standard.


In addition, you choose between how many dogs you need this system for. You can choose anywhere between one and five dogs.

If you just need one dog system for a very small yard, you’re going to pay a lot less for that then you would for a five dog system with the 2500 foot yard.

Extreme Dog Fence covers up to 25 acres with updated electronics that are compatible with the new collars. There are three antennas and a 12 X battery check.

These are also waterproof and nearly invisible. You can even submerge the receiver in water up to 10 feet deep and this electric fence will still work perfectly.

It comes with 20 gauge high tensile boundary wire with amazing performance and from a company that has been manufacturing high-quality pet products for a long time.

Why you should buy

If you need an electronic dog fence for a large area, this is the one for you.

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3. SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System or Contain + Train System

Sportdog Brand In Ground Fence System Or Contain + Train System Product Image This is an all-in-one system that will allow you to make a fence extremely large that is going to fit any front or backyard. You can actually expand this fence all the way up to 100 acres, making it the best choice when it comes to rural areas or extremely large yards.

This is also one of the easiest to install fences currently on the market with more than 1000 feet of 20-gauge wire and 100 flags that will allow you to contain almost two acres with just the basic installation, and then more than 100 acres with the expansion materials that you buy separately.


The SportDOG In-Ground Fence System comes with a completely waterproof collar receiver that works with multiple alert systems. The collar will vibrate as your dog crosses the fence line as well as emit a loud tone that dogs are able to hear easily.

There are four other correction levels that you can select based upon how effective the correction is for your particular dog.

This system offers include a built-in lightening protector and surge protector, an alarm to let you know if the underground wire is damaged or becomes disconnected, and the aforementioned expansion.

You can also use this for all of your dogs with an unlimited number of additions as long as you purchase the additional collars. They are available in many different sizes, from very small to very large.

The system will quit using power if your dog is standing in the warning zone for too long to avoid using up the battery and the charge will last for up to a year without having to change the battery

Why you should buy

If you live in a rural area and need an extremely large area covered, go with the SportDOG Ground Fence System.

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4. PetSafe Free to Roam Wireless Dog and Cat Containment Fence

Petsafe Free To Roam Wireless Dog And Cat Containment Fence Product ImageHere we have another system from PetSafe, the Free to Roam Wireless Containment Fence.


Like the Stay + Play, this electronic dog fence system does not require any digging and it is super easy to install.

You don’t have to bury any wires, and your yard can be any shape with adjustable boundaries that will cover up to a ½ acre that is 180 feet in diameter.

The collar is also one of the most advanced collars out there with sizes that fit any dog that is more than 5 pounds and with neck sizes ranging all the way from 6 inches to 28 inches.

There are 5 levels of static correction, as well as a tone-only mode. If your dog does not need the shock feature you can simply correct them at the fence line with a sound.

You will have this fence set up in about two hours. You can even take it with you on vacation.

The range will depend upon several factors, but it is pretty consistent despite land features, metal objects and more.

It comes with a great manufacturer’s warranty and the batteries will last for about two months before they ever have to be replaced.

Why you should buy

If you want an easy to use, portable electronic dog fence at an affordable price, you need to buy the PetSafe Free to Roam Containment System.

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5. PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence for Dogs and Cats

Petsafe Basic In Ground Fence For Dogs And Cats Product ImagePetSafe has yet another entry on the list. This in-ground fence for dogs and cats is a really comprehensive system with plenty of customer service behind it.


It comes with enough to fence off up to a third of an acre. You can expand up to five acres total with the central base unit that is included, but you will have to get additional wires and flags to go with that unit.

It works with 14-gauge all the way up to 20-gauge copper insulated wire, so you are able to expand the fencing system yourself if you need to.

In addition, this electronic dog fence offers a lightweight and easy to use dog collar that is designed for dogs over 8 pounds. The neck sizes that are available range from 6 inches to 26 inches.

These collars are not only adjustable and made to fit on almost any dog. They are also waterproof with four different levels of correction.

There is even a low battery indicator that lets you know when the battery needs to be changed before it actually runs out.

The collar battery will last up to 60 days and the entire system is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Why you should buy

This is a terrific budget electronic dog fence system.

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6. PetSafe YardMax

Petsafe Yardmax

The PetSafe YardMax features an endless boundary, which teaches the dog not to run through the boundary. Correction is issued at the wire, not before, so your dog has more room to roam in bounds. YardMax mode ensures that your pet can return home without being corrected for crossing the wire.

  • Includes training mode with sound only, and 5 levels of correction strength.
  • Can work with Pawz Away to deter from getting into trash cans, or specific rooms they aren’t allowed in.
  • Perfectfit feature will let you know when the collar is properly fit.

7. Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence Advanced

Sit Boo Boo Electric Fence Advanced

The Sit Boo-Boo Electronic Dog Fence Advanced is an industrial grade dog containment fence. It comes with 500ft of wire and can be expanded to fence in 20 acres. IPV7 collars function even in freezing temperatures, rain, and mud.

  • It supports adding additional collars without limit.
  • Supports 7 levels of correction with tone, vibration, and shock.
  • Wiring is industrial grade solid copper core wire.

8. WIEZ Dog Fence

Wiez Dog Fence

With advanced 2.4 GHz technology, the WIEZ Electronic Dog Fence provides a more stable signal to your dog’s receiver collar. It features an adjustable control diameter of between 196 and 1968 feet.

  • Two in one system provides containment and training abilities.
  • Uses eco-friendly TPU material that will degrade in 5 years after disposal.
  • Corrections have a 6 level customizable duration.

9. Pet Control HQ

Pet Control Hq

Offering safe and effective control, Pet Control HQ provides containment and training in one package. It has a progressive correction to stop dogs from roaming outside of their boundaries. It has the capability to fence up to ten acres.

  • Includes 492 feet of wiring, and additional wiring can be purchased to fence in up to 10 acres.
  • Can independently control up to 3 dogs with a single remote.
  • Choose from 10 levels of intensity in either vibrate or shock.

10. Earlyhights Underground Electronic Outdoor Dog Containment Fence System

Earlyhights Underground Electric Outdoor Dog Containment Fence System

The Earlyhights Underground Electronic Outdoor Dog Containment Fence System has a powerful transmitter than can power a 5 acre fence. The waterproof collar can fully charge in only two hours. It has a collar that is meant to grow wth your dog.

  • Two hour charge on the collar provides approximately 500 hours of standby time.
  • IPX8 rated collars have no size restrictions.
  • Allows you to select from 10 levels of correction.

11. OCACA Wireless Dog Fence System

Ocaca Wireless Dog Fence System

The OCACA 2019 Updated Wireless Electronic Dog Fence System has versions both with a training mode, and without. The control center can set a containment area with a radius of between 33 and 330 yards. It has 3 warning modes, beep, vibration, and shock.

  • Extra long life battery, and auto-sleep mode provide extended time between chargings.
  • System can control two dogs at once.
  • Upgraded model includes easier sync process for the user.

12. OKPET Wireless Dog Fence

Okpet Wireless Dog Fence

The OKPET Wireless Electronic Dog Fence does not depend on buried boundary wires. It uses a radio frequency signal to ensure your dog stays within a set radius of the transmitter. It also features the capacity to add unlimited dogs to the system, provided they have the collar.

  • Receiver is rated IPX7, so your dog can play in the rain, sprinkler, or even wet grass.
  • Indefinite addition of dogs as long as long as they have a collar.
  • Anti-overshocking feature, so your pet is protected if the power.

13. FOCUSER Electronic Wireless Dog Fence System

Focuser Electric Wireless Dog Fence System

The FOCUSER Electronic Wireless Dog Fence System is straightforward and easy to use.. It can be used to contain an area with a radius of 25 to 500 meters. It uses a radio base station and does not rely on buried cables.

  • IP67 reciever is able to be worn in the sprinkler or the rain.
  • Collar can support neck sizes of 8 inches, up to 21 inches.
  • Simple to use, plug in and pair the recievers, and it’s ready.

14. JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence

Justpet Wireless Dog Fence

The JUSTPET Wireless Electronic Dog Fence can be adjusted to fence in a 20 to 1800 foot diameter circle. It offers stable signal and fast synchronization. It is available with either one or two collars, and extra collars are sold separately.

  • IPX7 collar receiver can be used safely in rain and wet environments.
  • No limit to the number of collars that can be synced to the system.
  • No wire needs to be trenched and buried.

15. Blingbling Petsfun Electronic Wireless Dog Fence System

Blingbling Petsfun Electric Wireless Dog Fence System

The Blingbling Petsfun Electronic Wireless Dog Fence System is a radio transmitter-type containment system. It has a containment radius of up to 984 feet. The collar has a rechargable battery and a one-size-fits-all band.

  • Boundary has five adjustable levels, 30m, 60m, 90m, 150m, and 300m.
  • Includes two collars, transmitter, test lights, and charging equipment.
  • IP67-rated collar receiver lets your dog enjoy getting wet without damage.

16. MASBRILL Electronic Dog Fence

Masbrill Electric Dog Fence

The MASBRILL Electric Dog Fence has an amazing 100 levels of correction adjustment. The collar is waterproof and has a rechargable battery. The initial kit contains wire to fence 4/5 of an acre.

  • Includes 656 feet of copper fencing wire.
  • Adjustable through 100 levels of correction with beeps and shocks.
  • Simple set up with no special programming required.

17. Karotezh Electronic Dog Fence

Karotezh Electric Dog Fence

The Karotezh Electronic Dog Fence works by sending a constant signal to your dog’s collar, and correcting when they leave the transmission radius. Can be adjusted to cover an area of between 98 and 984 foot radius. Collar unit is waterproof and rechargeable.

  • Collar size ranges from 8″ to 27″ neck.
  • IP65 water resistant collar.
  • Includes two sizes of contact points for different neck fur types.

18. Garmin Delta Inbounds

Garmin Delta Inbounds

With the Garmin Delta Inbounds you get containment and activity tracking in one package. Comes with small, portable base unit, and rechargeable tracker. It also allows for a dog to return from outside the area, to back in bounds, without correction.

  • Covers an area of roughly 150 foot radius, for an area of up to 2 acres.
  • Works in tandem with Garmin CANINE app on your smartphone.
  • Comfortable plastic tracker with built-in bark limiter, allow for long periods of wear.

19. CEVENE Electronic Dog Fence

Cevene Electric Dog Fence

The CEVENE Electronic Dog Fence can initially cover up to 3/4 of an acre. Additional boundary wire is available to include or exclude any area you wish. This fence will adjust the initial correction based on the approaching dog’s speed.

  • Rechargeable IP66 receiver will fit any dog between 10 and 150 pounds.
  • Speed Detection function can accurately determine the approaching speed of the collar and adjust the initial correction.
  • Includes 650 feet of wire.

20. AngelaKerry Wireless Electronic Dog Fence System with GPS

Angelakerry Wireless Dog Fence System With Gps

The AngelaKerry Wireless Electronic Dog Fence System with GPS is great for any dog between 15 and 120 pounds. It doesn’t need any buried wires or radio transmitter bases, it uses only GPS tracking to contain your dog. It will deactivate after 3 corrections cycles if your dog does not return to the fenced area.

  • Dog can be tracked and contained as long as there is a view of the sky for satellite signal.
  • If satellite contact is lost, the collar will deactivate to avoid excess corrections.
  • Includes collar and GPS unit, charging equipment, manual, and tester.

21. NACRL Wireless Electronic Dog Fence

Nacrl Wireless Dog Fence

The NACRL Wireless Electronic Dog Fence is a great choice for anyone who needs to contain and train a dog. It includes sound, vibration, and static shock. It will also cover an area of between 65 and 1640 foot radius.

  • IPX7 collar receiver can be used safely in rain and wet environments.
  • Uses advanced 2.4 GHz technology for accuracy and signal stability.
  • Each transmitter can link with three collars and control them independently.

22. OCEVEN Wireless Electronic Dog Fence System with GPS

Oceven Wireless Dog Fence System With Gps

The OCEVEN Wireless Electronic Dog Fence System with GPS utilizes global positioning satellites to keep your dog within a set distance from a center point. It automatically starts a training routine once the dog leaves the area. To prevent excess punishment, if the dog does not return, it will stop shocking.

  • No transmitters to power or wires to bury.
  • Integrated, one-piece, IP67 rechargeable collar.
  • Includes free rope toy.

23. Dr.Tiger 2 Receiver Electronic Dog Fence

Dr.tiger 2 Receiver Electric Dog Fence

The Dr.Tiger 2 Receiver Electronic Dog Fence can be customized to both keep pets contained, and exclude them from areas. Setup is easy and only takes a few hours. It is able to fit dogs 10 pounds and over with neck sizes up to 25″.

  • Collar is rainproof and rechargeable.
  • Includes two collars, with additional collars available for purchase.
  • If a buried wire breaks, a loud alarm will sound and a light will flash to alert you.

24. My Pet Command Wireless Electronic Dog Fence

My Pet Command Wireless Electric Fence

The My Pet Command Wireless Electronic Dog Fence does not rely on wires or radius-style transmitters. It uses strictly GPS-based fencing. Includes clear instructions with support contact, if needed.

  • Suitable for all dogs, except for very small breeds.
  • Covers areas up to 2652 foot radius, with a max of 496 acres.
  • Tone warnings and 5 levels of shock stimulus.

25. KoolKani Remote Dog Training Shock Collar & Underground/in-Ground Electronic Dog Fence

Koolkani Remote Dog Training Electronic Containment Fence Boundary System Combo

The KoolKani Remote Dog Training Shock Collar & Underground/in-Ground Electronic Dog Fence can train up to three dogs, and contain as many as you have collars for. The included wire can fence 1/3 of an acre. System can be expanded with additional wire packs and collars.

  • Remote has a 1200m range, and can control up to 3 collars.
  • Trains safely with progressively intense beep and vibration stimulus
  • Rugged waterproof collar can withstand tough conditions like camping, hunting and field excursions.

26. JUSTSTART Wireless Electronic Dog Fence

Juststart Wireless Dog Fence

The JUSTSTART Wireless Electronic Dog Fence comes with a base station, and either one or two collars. It broadcasts a boundary signal that covers from a 10 to s 1000 foot radius. durable rechargable battery with adapter, and low battery alert. Dogs can be added by simply buying an additional collar.

  • Low power consumption, low battery alert on high-capacity battery. IPX7 collar is safe to get wet, in the rain or in the sprinkler.
  • Stable signal and over-shock prevention, ensure that your dog is not punished needlessly for things like a power outage.
  • Beep and shock correction will occur when dog leaved the area.


Electronic Dog Fence Buying Guide

5 Best Electronic Dog Fence Reviews

Now that you’ve seen our recommendations, we’ll go into everything you need to know about purchasing your electronic dog fence. Below is the important information you’ll need to make your decision.

Different Types

There are three basic types of electronic dog fences. There is the wired above ground, the wired below ground, and the wireless fence.

Aboveground:  As the name suggests, the wire is installed above ground, usually by just a few inches. The advantage of this type of fence is that it is a lot easier to install. With this type of fence, all you have to do is string the wire along the ground on the borders of your fence and connect it. After that, you are essentially done. You don’t need to remove anything, dig or do any work other than laying out the wire.

Underground:. With an underground fence, there are no wires to trip over or two turn your backyard into an eyesore. You won’t have to worry about running over the wires when mowing your lawn because they simply will not be accessible.

But the disadvantage of the underground option is that you are going to have to do a lot more work to install the fence. You’re going to have to dig trenches to put your wiring all the way around your yard – something that can take a significant amount of work if you have a large yard – and this could result in accidents like digging up a sewage line or affecting your grass.

Wireless: Wireless electronic dog fences are kind of the best of both worlds between the two wired fences that we were just discussing. With the wireless fence, the way that it works is by transmitting a signal that provides a circular containment field.

If your dog goes outside of the circular area, then the dog collar receiver will activate and administer whatever corrections you have it set up to do. Your dog will eventually learn to stay inside of that field.

Of course, there is a glaring disadvantage to this method. Since the transmitter sends out the boundary in the circular formation, it does not actually conform to the size and shape of your yard.

You can adjust the signal strength, but you cannot adjust the shape of the field. That means that either parts of your yard will be unavailable to your dog or they will still be able to wander onto neighboring properties.

Important Features

There are a number of features that you want to be aware. Let’s take a look at these features one at a time and help you decide which are the most important.

Collar: The collar is going to be a staple of your system. All electronic dog fences have collars. The collar is how your dog is able to receive the alert that your dog has wandered beyond the boundaries of the fence.

There are typically three types of correction that are offered with these collars. The first is a tonal correction. This means that the collar emits a sound telling your dog that they are beyond the barrier. The collar may also vibrate for the same purpose. Often, these two types are used for training.

Then, there are the levels of correction, which are low-level electric shocks. You should also consider whether or not multiple collars can be used with your system in case you have more than one dog.

Levels of Correction: There are different levels of correction for each of the fences that you look at. The levels of correction that you have access to will typically determine how much control you have over your dog’s behavior. You want as much control as possible over your levels of correction, because they will determine how much of an electric shock you will be able to deliver to your dog – and the corollary – how little of an electrical shock you are able to provide.

When it comes to correcting your dog’s behavior, you want to administer the absolute minimum necessary in order to prevent them from crossing the barrier; in fact, if you can get them to avoid the barrier based solely on training modes like sound or vibration; that is even better.

Wiring or Field:  Wiring is another feature of electric dog fences that you should be looking at. You need to make sure that you have enough so that it is going to cover your entire yard. Check the acreage or number of feet covered when you look at wired systems. For wireless systems, make sure that you can adjust them enough to fit your needs.

Battery: The less often that you have to charge your collar, the easier it is going to be on you. If you have multiple dogs and their collars are going out at various times, this is quickly going to become a huge pain unless you only have to charge your collar every few months or so. There are dog collars out there that you only have to charge every six months or even once a year.

Electronic Dog Fence Review Conclusion

Go with our top choice for normal sized yards. If you have a larger yard, either the second or third option is great for you.

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