10 Best GPS Dog Fences [Updated March 2022]

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As technology improves across all sectors, more advancements are being made in how we care for, heal and train our pets. In many ways, this advanced technology has allowed us more freedom, and nowhere is that more true than with a GPS dog fence. With the best GPS dog fence, you can create a border for your pet virtually anywhere.

Whether it’s your backyard, a campsite or even in the wilds of the woods, a GPS dog fence uses a receiver that tracks with a satellite to keep your dog comfortably and safely in your preferred zone. GPS dog fences vary by function. We’ve selected the top 10 GPS dog fences in the market for you.

Best GPS Dog Fences

Here are our GPS dog fence reviews.

1. OCEVEN Wireless Dog Fence System with GPS

Oceven Wireless Dog Fence System With Gps, Outdoor Pet Containment System

The OCEVEN uses no wires or transmitters and can be used wherever there is a GPS signal, such as a farm, plantation, beach, riverside, campground, and park. The OCEVEN fence works in a circle with satellite to continuously detect a dog’s position.  When the distance of the collar from the center point is greater than the radius, it will automatically beep and shock to prevent your dog from leaving.

  • OCEVEN uses GPS technique for position and measuring distance which is more accurate than wireless fences that use radio-frequency technique.
  • This system features a safe training mode that beeps and shock for 20 seconds, and stops for 1 minute before the next 20 seconds, totaling three training cycles.
  • All functions are integrated in the collar which is IP67 waterproof and rechargeable.
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2. AngelaKerry Wireless Dog Fence System with GPS

Angelakerry Wireless Dog Fence System With Gps

AngelaKerry is a new generation GPS dog fence system that uses GPS positioning technology to keep your dog within boundaries. This system  it is more accurate and stable than traditional wire fences and can keep the dogs safe in an adjustable area. With an adjustable readies between 20 to 800 meters, the AngelaKerry has five settings of sensitivity.

  • AngelaKerry allows the user to set the radius of play area for dogs up to 800 meters with an error of less than five meters.
  • If the dog leaves the boundary zone, the stimulation is limited to 20 seconds and automatically shuts off for one minute before repeating stimulation for another two 20 seconds.
  • This GPS dog fence system features no transmitter or remote control and all functions are integrated in the collar which is IP66 waterproof rating.
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3. Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle

Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle, Includes Handheld And Tt 15 Dog Device

The Garmin allows you to setup virtual boundaries on your map and receive an alert if he strays out of your GPS dog fence so you can recall him right away.The Garmin allows you to set boundaries for multiple dogs; the compass screen allows the user to receive speed, direction traveling and distance away information for any dogs you’ve selected. And correct any dog on this screen without falsely correcting others.

  • The Garmin features high-sensitivity GPS with GLONASS.
  • The Garmin allows you to set up virtual boundaries on your map and receive an alert, automatically sends signal to recall.
  • The Garmin features LED beacon lights as well as a rescue mode and stimulation levels of tone and vibration.

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4. Dog Expedition TC1 Border PatrolDog Expedition Tc1 Border Patrol Gps System And Remote Trainer

The Dog Expedition is a totally portable GPS dog fence and training device. This means that Dog Expedition will work just as well in your backyard, as it will on travels or camping trips. With multiple levels or sensitivity, the Dog Expedition can be customized for your pet.

  • Dog Expedition is one of the first portable, wireless, GPS based containment system of its kind.
  • This GPS system features a range of up to 800-yards.
  • Dog Expedition has 50 intensity levels of continuous simulations.
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5. SportDOG Brand 425 Remote TrainersSportdog Brand 425 Remote Trainers

SportDOG is one of the most recognized brands in the electronic tracking and training categories. With only a slight movement of the dial and the push of a button, the user can  deliver a tone, vibration, or one of the 21 levels of static stimulation. The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries last 50  to 70 hours per charge.

  • The SportDog is a 500 yard range e collar that can support training of three dogs with the same remote.
  • The collar is waterproof and submersible to 25 feet using DryTek technology.
  • This GPS device alerts dogs with a vibration (buzz), tone (beep), or 21 levels of static simulation in either momentary (nick) or continuous.

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6. Dogtra Pathfinder FenceDOGTRA PATHFINDER FENCE

This GPS dog fence is manufactured by Dogtra, and a reliable, effective and efficient fence system. This affordable dog fence works well without data, which makes it a suitable options for hunting and hiking expeditions. The Dogta pathfinder fence comes with an IPX9K rating, which means the system is waterproof. In addition to using GPS tracking, this system also has Bluetooth capabilities.

  • The Dogtra pathfinder fence uses Google Maps to track the movement of your dog, and will send you timely location updates.
  • You can download the maps before you take your dog out, in case your phone loses signal. You can also download the maps with the help of the pathfinder application.
  • The battery of this device is rechargeable, and it fully charge in less than three hours.


7. Petfon Pet GPS Tracker

Petfon Pet Gps Tracker

This GPS pet tracker is manufactured by Petfon. This tracker is waterproof, and will enable you to track your dog’s location in real-time. This PETFON tracker comes with Bluetooth, WIFI and long distance capabilities. The tracker is easy to install and use, all you need to do is download the Petfon application in your phone.

  • This lightweight pet tracker, will also allow you to track your dog’s activity. With the help of this tracker, you can define a safe area for your dog. You will also receive a notification every time your dog leaves the safe area.
  • The battery of this tracker is rechargeable, and is can last eight to sixteen hours. The Petfon pet GPS tracker also comes with a compact charging station.


8. Petsafe Stay And Play Wireless FencePetsafe Stay And Play Wireless Fence

This budget-friendly wireless GPS dog fence by PetSafe, is waterproof and can cover an area of three to four acres. This dog fence comes with a manual that will help you train your dog, and teach him all types of tricks. You can also turn on the vibration or sound only option.

  • The static mode has up to seven levels, which is set according to the dog’s size. For a small dog, the fifth static level might be too much to handle.
  • This product is lightweight as it only weighs 0.22 pounds and comes with a twelve-month warranty.
  • This dog fence is fitted with an RFA-67 six-volt battery, and comes with a contact point wrench, test light tool, adjustable strap, fifty boundary training flags and much more.


9. Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker

Tractive Lte Gps Dog Tracker

The Tractive GPS dog tracker will enable you to keep a close on your canine friend. Losing a dog is every dog owner’s worst nightmare, and this GPS-enabled tracker, will giving you timely location updates. The main features of this Tractive dog tracker a virtual fence, previous location history and easy subscription.

  • This dog tracker is rechargeable, and comes with a USB cable, and a manual. You can access this dog tracker by paying a small monthly subscription fee of under five dollars.
  • The Tractive dog tracker will provide you live location of your dog, and the virtual fence will notify you whenever your dog is outside the boundary.


10. Strommi GPS Wireless Dog FenceStrommi Gps Wireless Dog Fence, Electric Dog Fence System

This Strommi dog fence is wireless, and it comes with a range of 928 to 3250 feet. This dog fence has an updated GPS technology, which makes it reliable and safer. There are three types of stimulus for choice: Beep (0 to 1), Vibration (0 to 3) and Shock (0 to 3). When your dog goes out, the tracker will automatically begin stimulus.

  • You can also adjust the radio of this device by pressing the M button. The Strommi GPS wireless dog fence comes with additional transmitters and cables, and takes only a few minutes to set up.
  • This GPS tracker is waterproof, and works well with dogs that are weigh more than ten pounds.


GPS Dog Fence Buying Guide

Best Gps Dog Fence Review

A GPS dog fence allows you and your pet to have freedom wherever you go. That’s because a GPS dog fence does not rely on a fence or buried underground wires for containment. Gone are the days when you need to dig up your backyard, or keep your dog chained to a leash when out and about. With a GPS fence, you simply attach the collar and set the coordinates. Depending on the type of collar, a beep or a vibration will let your pet know when they are approaching the boundaries. But, not all GPS collars have the same functions. There are a number of factors you want to consider when looking for your GPS fence.


First, you will need to consider how large of a space you would like your pet to roam. Some GPS devices extend to 800 yards, while others have a maximum of 100 yards. The type of radius you seek is tied to the use that you intended for your GPS device. If you intend to use the GPS fence as an electric fence in your backyard, you may want to go for the larger range, however, if you would like it just for camping or exploring, a smaller range would be fine. With a GPS, you set the boundaries and coordinates and you can fully customize that to your yard or space.

Vibration and Shock Mode

Most GPS devices allow you to select between beep, vibration and shock modes, and also the level of sensitivity. The size and temperament of your dog is something you should consider when deciding on what type of device or mode will work for you. A larger dog may require more vibration, while a smaller dog will require more sensitivity. Look for a device that has multiple warnings and ranges of sensitivity to help you customize that device for your pet.

Additional Features

(Tracking, Multiple Dogs)

You may be interested in using the GPS as a replacement to a fence or a wire fence, but many GPS devices also offer additional features. For example, some devices include special training tools that work well to train puppies or hunting dogs. In fact, some devices are created especially for hunting and tracking dogs and help you train the dogs to return with a whistle when the GPS coordinates note that they’ve gone too far.

If you have multiple pets, look for a device that can track multiple dogs. This will allow you to purchase one system and the amount of receivers you need. This is both cost saving and time saving.

The future is bright and free for your pets; with a GPS device you can save time, money, and your yard. And, explore the world just a little bit safer with your pet!

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