5 Best Great Dane Dog Crates (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Do you have a Great Dane and need a dog crate for him, but have problems finding one that is both big enough and comfortable for your pooch? One of the most important things to do before you purchase a crate is to measure your dog. The average size of the tallest Great Dane is thirty four inches high, so be sure the crate is at least three inches taller than they stand.

Another thing to look for when purchasing a dog crate is the material, if your Great Dane is an escape artist then the material the crate is made from needs to be sturdy enough to hold them. Below are the top five products I believe are the best for your dog.

Best Great Dane Dog Crates

Here are our reviews of dog crates for Great Danes.

1. Midwest Homes Great Dane Dog Crate

Midwest Homes For Pets Xxl Giant Dog Crate

The Midwest Homes extra, extra large dog crate is made for even the biggest breeds without cramping them, making it great for Great Danes. This dog crate is designed with a double door, one of the side and one in front for multiple exits for your pooch. With a protective coating, this dog crate is resistant to rust.

  • Made big for any breed of dog, even Great Danes
  • Double door design allows for easy exit and entrance
  • Protective coating is rust resistant for longer and safer usage
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2. Go Pet Club Great Dane Dog Crate

Go Pet Club Soft Crate

The Go Pet Club Great Dane Crate is made from the softest and sturdiest materials for your dog’s comfort and your peace of mind. The sheepskin mat inside is both warm and comfortable to the touch for your dog to lie on for hours. While this crate is wonderful for a comfortable few hours, it is not made for chewers as the material is not wood or metal.

  • Best materials used for comfort and durability through years of usage
  • Mat is soft, warm and tough for an all around great mat
  • Not good for chewers or teething puppies
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3. Sliverylake Great Dane Dog Crate

Sliverylake Dog Cage Crate Kennel

The Sliverylake Great Dane Dog Crate is made from the highest quality of metal for a durable and long lasting crate. The bottom has wheels to make moving easier, especially for Great Danes who weigh a decent amount. The easy plastic tray that is included makes for an easy clean up.

  • Best steel is used for a strong crate, great for bigger breeds
  • Wheels on each corner makes moving easier with pooch inside
  • Removable plastic tray helps make clean up quick and easy
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4. SMONTER Great Dane Dog Crate

Smonter Heavy Duty Dog Crate Strong Metal Pet Kennel Playpen With Two Prevent Escape Lock

The Smonter Great Dane Dog Crate is made with your every convenience in mind, with sturdy materials used and enough room for almost any breed to be comfy in. Not only does this crate have wheels for easy moving, the wheels have safety lock brakes. With three doors your pup has options on where it can leave when you open them.

  • Made from strong and durable steel for long lasting usage
  • Wheels for easy movability, safety lock for your peace of mind
  • Three door design is great for any situation
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5. Confote Great Dane Dog Crate

Confote Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Dog Cage Kennel Crate

The Confote Great Dane Dog Crate is made with a lifting lid as well as a front door for an easier time getting in and out for your pooch. The crate is made to be easy to assemble, taking three to five minutes on average. A removable waste tray is included to make your cleaning needs easier.

  • Lid lifts for an easy exit, smaller door can be used as exit or simply for feeding.
  • Easily assembled, all hardware is sturdy and included
  • Waste tray is included, removable and easy to clean for your convenience
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Great Dane Dog Crate Buying Guide

Above are only five of the many Great Dane Dog Crates out there for you to choose from. As you can see there is a wide variety of options and different features in each one. All the features have something that makes them nice, while some are better than others. Below is an explanation for each feature type and why you may want to buy them.

Rust Resistant

Let’s be honest, when you’re buying a metal Great Dane crate your first worry is if it is going to rust. Great Danes like to chew on things and if it is going to rust then your dog is at risk of eating the unhealthy rust particles. To remove this worry, you should go with a rust-resistant crate, or choose one that is made without metal at all.


If you need to move the Great Dane  dog crate at all then wheels are a necessity. These are especially nice for vet offices or groomer’s clinics. Have you ever tried to shift a Great Dane once they are planted somewhere? It is impossible unless they choose to help you. Wheels allow you to smoothly slide across the floor, no more muscle strain.

Multiple Doors

This is a nice feature for Great Danes as sometimes the original door is just small enough that they have difficulties getting into it. If there is more than one door your pet can choose which one they want to exit from.

Metal Versus Wood

This is a common question when buying a Great Dane dog crate, should I pick metal or wood? Well they both have their own pros and cons. Metal is generally sturdier and you don’t have to worry about splinters if your dog is a chewer. Meanwhile, wood looks nicer and is more comfortable for your dog to lean against.

Removable Waste Tray

This is, in my opinion, the single most important thing on this list. If you have ever had to clean out a Great Dane  dog crate you know how difficult it is to be sure you got everything. The removable tray makes it quick and easy for your busy schedule.

Opening Lid

This is nice for large dogs as you don’t have to worry about them squeezing through the smaller openings. With an opening lid, you simply unlock it from the crate and let your Great Dane jump out.

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