10 Best Great Dane Puppy Foods (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Do you have a Great Dane puppy and worry about if your big baby is getting enough nutrients in their diet, or if they are getting the correct types of nutrients to further their growth? It is an understandable worry, and in some cases you are right to be concerned. If the great dane puppy dog food you buy has no nutritional value or has harmful ingredients you could make your dog sick or even stunt their growth.

However, to set your mind at ease, there are a line of dog foods made for bigger breeds of dogs to offer the massive amount of vitamins and nutrients they need. I have done thorough research into various dog food products and have set ten apart from the rest for you to peruse. Here are the best great dane puppy foods.

Best Great Dane Puppy Foods

Here are our great dane puppy food reviews.

1. Purina Plan Pro Large Breed Puppy Food


Purina Plan Pro Large Breed Puppy Food

The Purina Plan Pro Puppy Food is perfect for your growing Great Dane, made for the largest breeds of puppies to help them grow strong. The real chicken and rice recipe in the food provides vital nutrients that your growing pup needs. Glucosamine supports joints and cartilage as they grow older.

  • Food is made for largest breeds of puppy
  • Real chicken is main ingredient alongside rice for healthy food
  • Glucosamine supports bones for additional healthy when they age

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2. Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy Food

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Puppy Dog Food

The Blue Buffalo Dog Food is made from natural ingredients to guarantee a good and healthy food for your dog. The recipe is designed for larger dog breeds, making it great for Great Dane puppies or other similar breeds. With no poultry, soy, wheat, corn or artificial flavors this food is as healthy as it can possibly be for your pooch.

  • All natural ingredients, with chicken and brown rice as main
  • Designed for large dog breeds, perfect for Great Dane
  • No harmful additives or ingredients to lower risk of allergic reactions

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3. Purina ONE Large Breed Puppy Food

Purina One Smartblend Natural Puppy Dog Food

The Purina ONE Dog Food is made with only the best and most healthy ingredients for your puppy’s health while growing, using all natural ingredients. With easily digestible rice, this food is great for puppies with sensitive stomachs. Natural sources of Glucosamine  to support joints for your growing Great Dane or other large breed of dog.

  • Made with the highest quality of natural ingredients to ensure quality dog food
  • Easily digestible rice making it great for sensitive stomachs
  • Glucosamine, ingredient that works great for joint and bone support, is found in the food

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4. Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed Puppy Food

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Puppy, Large Breeds, Chicken Meal & Oats Recipe

The Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food is made chicken meal and oats, the recipe ingredients are chosen for your dog’s nutrients and proteins. The food has an increased amount of calcium for good bone growth, making it a great food for Great Danes and other similar breeds. On top of the above, it contains DHA from fish oil to support healthy brain and eye development while your puppy is growing.

  • Made with chicken meal and oats for healthy food
  • Increase in calcium levels for added bone strength
  • Contains DHA to help healthy brain and eye developments while growing

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5. Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Food

Eukanuba Puppy Dry Dog Food Chicken

The Eukanuba Puppy Food is made with your puppy’s growing vitamin and nutrient needs in mind, with real chicken as the main ingredient. The food is made to support muscle growth and bone health in larger breeds, making it great for Great Danes and similar breeds. As well as giving boosts to your dogs energy through fat and carbohydrates.

  • Food made with growing puppy needs in mind
  • Supports bone and muscle growth for puppies
  • Gives energy boosts through fat and carbohydrates in food

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6. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Large Breed Puppy Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Puppy Large Breed Dry Dog Food

The Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Food is made with real chicken and Lifesource, a patented combination of added vitamins and nutrients, to make the best quality of dog food for your growing pup. Using natural ingredients with no added preservatives or harmful ingredients, this food is great for sensitive stomachs. Being grain free allows you to buy without fear of a possible allergic reaction.

  • Made with real chicken and other natural and healthy ingredients for your Great Dane
  • All natural ingredients, no preservative or harmful add ons
  • Grain free for pups with sensitive stomachs or allergies
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7. Nutro Max Large Breed Puppy Food

Nutro Max Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food With Farm Raised Chicken

The Nutro Max Puppy Food is made to give even the largest of breeds, including the Great Dane, the nutrients and vitamins they need to grow strong. With no by products, corn, wheat, soy, or artificial flavors this food is healthy and safe for your dogs consumption. The food is completely all natural and made for even the most sensitive of stomachs.

  • Made to give the best nutrients to even the largest of dog breeds
  • No harmful or bad ingredients for your dog to eat daily
  • All ingredients are natural and healthy for your puppy
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8. Royal Canin Large Breed Puppy Food

Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Giant Junior Dry Dog Food

The Royal Canin Puppy Food is specifically formulated to contain all the nutrients your growing puppy needs, especially for bigger breeds of dog such as the Great Dane. Promotes healthy growth of bones and joints with its healthy ingredients and lack of harmful by products. The proteins and prebiotics are highly digestible for your dogs with sensitive stomachs.

  • Specially formulated to give your puppy all the nutrients it needs
  • Healthy bone and joint growth for up to eight months old
  • Proteins and prebiotics are digestible for pups with stomach problems
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9. Orijen Large Breed Puppy Food

Orijen Puppy Large High Protein, Grain Free, Premium Quality Meat

The Orijen Puppy Food is made to give even the largest of dog breeds, including ones such as the Great Dane, the nutrients they need while they are growing. All ingredients are natural and fresh when they are made into the dog food for guaranteed quality. The food combines many meats, chicken, turkey, fish and eggs to cover all the nutrients your dog needs.

  • Made for large dog breeds growing nutrient needs
  • Ingredients are all natural and fresh when made into food
  • Combines chicken, turkey, multiple types of fish and eggs
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10. Eagle Pack Large Breed Puppy Food

Eagle Pack Natural Dog Food Large & Giant Breed Puppy

The Eagle Pack Puppy Food is formulated with only the best and highest quality of ingredients for your growing puppy, the nutrients amounts are chosen for dogs such as Great Danes. Made with lamb, chicken and fish for a well rounded nutrients and vitamin intake this food is made to give your dog a well rounded daily diet. All ingredients are natural for your peace of mind and your puppies stomach.

  • Only the highest quality of ingredients are used
  • Lamb, chicken and fish are the main three ingredients for good variety of nutrients
  • All natural dog food for dogs with sensitive stomachs and your peace of mind
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Great Dane Puppy Food Buyer’s Guide

Best Great Dane Puppy Food Review

Now that you’ve read through some of your options, there are a few things you most likely noticed I repeatedly mentioned in the reviews. One such thing was how the food is made to support bones and joints when your dog begins to age. Most don’t know, but larger breeds generally have hip, joint and bone problems as they get older. There are many ways you can prevent things such as Arthritis or at least dull down how much it affects your dog, but two of the biggest things you can do to help are getting a dog bed specifically made for Arthritis or elderly dogs and choosing a food that will boost their bones and joints for them to eat. If you start them at a young age on such foods and keep them on it, after doing thorough research to be sure it is the correct fit on your dog, then there is a considerably less risk of your dog having such problems. Below I will list some of the terms you read above.


Glucosamine is one of the single most common ingredients when you are looking at foods to help joint and bone support. This ingredient is great if ingested commonly, giving it the time it needs to boost Great Dane’s health.


While most people have heard the word Carbohydrate growing up, very few people know what it actually refers to. Carbohydrates are the sugars, starches and fibers found in fruits, grains, vegetables and milk products. Carbohydrates are where you pull a good portion of your vitamins from, such as Vitamin B from drinking milk or vitamin C from orange juice.


By product is another term few actually know what it means. By product is something that you get as a bonus after making something else. So if a dog food says it is made from a chicken by product, it is in fact not made from the meat of the chicken itself. This is why it is important for you to always check your ingredients labels!

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