5 Best High Velocity Dog Dryers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Do you own a dog groomers and need a new High Velocity Dog Dryer? I did the research for you and have picked out the top five best velocity dog dryers I would recommend for your everyday usage. Below each item will be a description and three points of why you should buy it. At the very bottom of the page will be a buying guide for you to peruse through, for additional information regarding High Velocity Dog Dryers.

Best High Velocity Dog Dryers

Here are our high velocity dog dryer reviews.

1. Shelandy High Velocity Dog Dryer

Shelandy 3.2hp Stepless Adjustable Speed Pet Hair Force Dryer Dog Grooming Blower With Heater

The Shelandy High Velocity Dog Dryer is an adjustable dog dryer, allowing you to use up to two thousand four hundred watts. The airflow has a range of sixty five to one hundred and thirty five miles per hour, for your convenience. With two heating ranges, noise reduction technology and a flexible hose this dryer is made for your every need.

  • Dryer uses up to two thousand four hundred watts of power
  • Airflow has a wide range, allowing you to use what that particular pet needs
  • Two heating options, low noise, and long and flexible hose for all your needs
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2. Flying Pig Grooming High Velocity Dog Dryer 

Flying One High Velocity 4.0 Hp Motor Dog Pet Grooming Force Dryer W Heater

The Flying Pig Grooming High Velocity Dog Dryer is made with a strong steel outer shell and motor for long years of hard use. The hose stretches out to ten feet, is flexible, and comes with two interchangeable heads. The dryer has three heating options: no heat, low heat and high heat with temperatures from eighty one to one hundred and sixty fahrenheit.

  • Durable outer shell and motor are made for heavy usage
  •  Hose is flexible, long and has two heads to use when needed
  • Three heating options with temperatures ranging from eighty to one hundred and sixty fahrenheit
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3. Amzdeal High Velocity Dog Dryer

Amzdeal Dog Dryer 3.8hp 2800w Stepless Adjustable Speed Dog Hair Dryer,

The Amzdeal High Velocity Dog Dryer is an adjustable speed, professional grade dog dryer that is made to last for years of use. The dryer also contains a heater that has temperatures from eighty five to one hundred and thirty fahrenheit. The dryer is designed to be low noise for nervous dogs.

  • Adjustable speed forty five to sixty eight miles per hour
  • Heater is adjustable, allowing for you to decide how much heat you need
  • Designed for nervous dogs, with noise reduction technology
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4. Shernbao High Velocity Dog Dryer

Shernbao High Velocity Professional Dog Pet Grooming Hair Force Dryer Blower

The Shernbao High Velocity Dog Dryer is advertised to reduce time taken to blow dry dogs by sixty percent, even for large dogs and thicker coats. The dryer has two heating settings for you to decide what level of warmth is needed individually for each pet. It includes a flexible hose, three interchangeable nozzles, and a filter.

  • Reduces time to dry dogs by up to sixty percent
  • Dual heat settings allow for you to choose what temperature is needed
  • Flexible hose, three different heads and a filter are included with dryer
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5. Kpmall High Velocity Dog Dryer

Upgraded Dog Dryer,quick Dry Dog Grooming Dryer Blower Professional,noise Reduction Dog Hair Dryer With Heater,high Velocity Air Forced Dryer For Dogs

The Kpmall High Velocity Dog Dryer is made with insulated metal casing to keep the risk of over heating low after long hours of usage. The easy handle on top allows for easy carrying and travel, while still being comfortable on your hand. The flexible hose extends to seventy three inches.

  • Insulated design is made for overheating risks, lowering the rate it happens
  • Handle makes travel easy with comfortable grip
  • Hose is flexible and stretches to seventy three inches
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High Velocity Dog Dryer Buying Guide

Now that you have seen some of the possible High Velocity Dog Dryers, I can go over some of the features that appear in the different products that you may want in your dog dryer.

Flexible Hose

This is important when you own a dog grooming business as it allows you to maneuver around the pooch with ease. Some dryers have stiff hoses and it severely restricts movement and tires your muscles quicker.

Long Hose

The average hose length is anywhere between five and eight inches, this can be frustrating to use while working around an excitable or nervous canine. I have seen hoses up to almost five feet in length at best and the reviews state that using them was a dream for their owners.

Insulated Outer Shell

The problem with anything that pulls a lot of power or voltage is that it tends to overheat easily, when you add in the dryers small and compact nature it is difficult to stop over heating from happening. Some dogs take hours on end of drying to completely finish them, so an insulated outer shell is wonderful for reducing that risk. The insulation holds the heat where it should be, lowers risk of over heating and makes it cool to the touch on the outside in some cases.

Interchangeable Heads

Some dog dryers only come with the dryer and no attachments, and these are less nice than others who have said attachments. Some dogs coats need special maintenance or different heads to get the job done right and looking fabulous. There are dog dryers on the market that comes with five or six interchangeable heads with the actual dryer for your convenience. The heads give you more variety on what you can do, as well as making other tasks you could do before easier.

Made From Sturdy Material

When you use a machine for hours on end, every day, it takes a massive toll on the machine. It doesn’t matter what kind of machine it is, constant use will increase needs for maintenance. However, if you choose a dog dryer that is made from the best  and most sturdy materials you have longer in between maintenance visits. This saves you money on fixing it or in extreme circumstances, throwing it out and getting a new one.

Multiple Temperature Settings

Anyone who has worked on multiple dog breeds knows that not all dogs are made the same, and neither are their coats. The thicker coats take longer to dry completely, and it is vital you be be sure they are completely dry to avoid potential health problems. On the other side, if you use a hotter temperature on a dog with sensitive fur and skin it will hurt them, which no one wants. Being able to adjust the temperature to fit a specific fur type is an amazing help in the dog grooming business.

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