10 Best Indestructible Dog Balls (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Greetings to all pet parents of rambunctious or chewing puppies, what is the most common problem you have found with your pup’s toys? They never seem to last, whether because your dog is teething or just because they are on the destructive side it is frustrating to constantly have to buy more balls for them to play with.

Well the pet product industry has made a solution for your very common problem, the best indestructible dog ball. Many different brands claim to make toys that are “indestructible” only for your pup to shred them in minutes.

After thorough research I have listed below the top ten products I recommend, from reviews, product information and researching, for your perusal. While there are many different options, these ten stood out among them.

Best Indestructible Dog Balls

Here are the best indestructible dog ball reviews.

1. Snug Rubber Dog Balls

Snug Rubber Dog Balls

The Snug rubber dog balls come in a pack of three and are virtually indestructible for your pet’s chewing needs and the needs of your wallet. They are made from one hundred percent, all natural rubber with no added harmful ingredients while being the size of your average tennis ball for throwing convenience. The balls are designed to be easy to clean and good for playing in any weather.

  • Made from high quality, all natural rubber
  • Sized the same as any average tennis ball for easy throwing
  • Rubber is designed for any weather or playing type
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2. Doggie Dooley Plastic Ball

Doggie Dooley Plastic Ball

The Doggie Dooley plastic ball is almost indestructible for even the most determined of chewers and comes in a variety of sizes to best fit your breed of pooch. This ball is perfect for water play, the floating design allows your pup to push and herd the ball wherever they please. The high quality plastic material is chosen specifically to last a lifetime.

  • Comes in a variety of sizes and colors for your choosing
  • Made for any type of play, great for water play
  • High quality materials used allow for longer usage
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3. Monster K9 Dog Toys Rubber Ball

Monster K9 Dog Toys Rubber Ball

The Monster K9 Dog Toys rubber ball is designed to be almost indestructible for your chewing puppy, the company backs up their claim with a lifetime warranty. The rubber is made from completely all natural materials with no toxic added chemicals. It has been tested and proved on even the largest dog breeds with success, the shock absorption is insanely high.

  • Company claims indestructible ball and has lifetime warranty to back it up.
  • All materials are natural with no harmful extras added
  • Shock absorption combined with high density rubber make a durable ball
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4. West Paw Design’s Nearly Indestructible Ball

West Paw Design’s Nearly Indestructible Ball

The West Paw Design’s nearly indestructible ball is made to withstand even the most aggressive chewers, the ball is made from a sturdy material that compresses in your dog’s mouth. The ball is made from all safe ingredient with no toxic additives such as glue or lead. They come in a variety of sizes and colors to best fir your pooch’s size and style.

  • Ball compresses in dog’s mouth but not in human hand
  • All ingredients are proven safe with no harmful toxins
  • Various sizes for any dog breed and colors for you to choose from
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5. Planet Dog Tough Indestructible Squeak Ball

Planet Dog Tough Indestructible Squeak Ball

The Planet Dog tough squeak ball is made to endure any type of play no matter how rough, the high quality materials used allow for an almost indestructible dog ball. On top of being sturdy, this ball will float in water, bounce on ground and even freshen your dog’s breath. The squeaky is imbedded without any toxic glue or adhesive used, for your dog’s safety.

  • Made for any type of play, no matter how rough
  • Ball floats in water, bounces well and freshens breath
  • No glue or other toxic ingredients are used
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6. PERSUPER Nearly Indestructible Dog Ball

Persuper Nearly Indestructible Dog Ball

The PERSUPER nearly indestructible dog ball is designed for your pup to chew on endlessly without tearing apart. The unique squeaker sound excites your dog and the ball comes with two addition squeakers for when the first wears out. The rubber used in the ball is food grade to ensure their health and safety with no toxins or additives you need to worry about.

  • Special design for durability and strength
  • Unique squeaker sound excites dogs
  • Rubber is high quality, food handling rubber for your dog’s safety
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7. Bojafa Indestructible Dog Ball

Bojafa Indestructible Dog Ball

The Bojafa dog ball is made in two sizes to best play with any breed of dog you may have, each purchase comes with a set of two nearly indestructible dog balls. The rubber used is a high quality, non toxic type to best ensure your pup’s safety while you play outside. The surface of the balls are smooth and easy to clean for your convenience.

  • Two sizes and a pack of two, great value for your money
  • Highest quality rubber is non toxic for your friend
  • Surface of balls are easy to clean
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8. DLDER Indestructible Dog Balls

Dlder Indestructible Dog Balls

DLDER balls are designed to be nearly indestructible, made from the highest quality of materials to best ensure your dog’s toy is long lasting. All ingredients used in the making of the balls are non toxic and safe for your pet to chew on. As well as being sturdy, this ball is great for water play with its floating feature and easy to wipe of surface.

  • Only high quality materials used for your dog’s safety
  • Rubber is non toxic and safe for chewing
  • Ball floats and is easy to clean for your convenience
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9. EXPAWLORER Indestructible Rubber Bouncy Ball

Expawlorer Indestructible Rubber Bouncy Ball

The EXPAWLORER rubber bouncy ball is made to be the closest to indestructible as a dog ball can get, with high quality elastic rubber they are durable and strong. Coming in a pack of twelve, these balls are a great value for your money. The balls are light weight, safe, strong and float in water for the best usage in any type of outdoor or indoor playing.

  • Elastic rubber is great for durability
  • Pack of twelve for best value for money deal
  • Balls are all around safe and fun for your pup
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10. Vivifying Indestructible Dog Ball

Vivifying Indestructible Dog Ball

The Vivifying indestructible dog ball is an all natural ball made from high quality rubber with no added toxic elements. The material is gentle on your dog’s mouth while still being sturdy enough for everyday playing with even the most aggressive chewers. The ball comes in three bright colors for you to choose from, purple, blue and orange.

  • Ball is all natural and non toxic for your dog’s health
  • Material is tough for playing and gentle on dog’s mouth
  • Variety of colors for you to choose from
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Indestructible Dog Ball Buyer’s Guide

Best Indestructible Dog Ball ReviewsNow that you have an idea of what types of balls are out there, I’m going to go over some common phrases and features that are nice to have in any dog ball.

All Natural

This is very important to look for in any toy your pooch will be putting in his mouth, which means anything that is theirs since dog’s love chewing on things. Many products are made with not safe, often toxic, plastics or rubbers due to them being cheaper, but ultimately less safe for your pooch. When buying a ball be sure to check the type of plastic or rubber and the quality before you purchase.

Elastic Rubber

The elastic quality in a ball is what makes them bounce, if you throw the ball at the ground and it has a very low height on the return it has low elasticity. This isn’t a vital attribute for your ball, but it is nice for when you’re out playing with your pup. The elasticity also lends toward how durable it is, as the shock absorption adds to the balls durability.

Floating Ability

Not all balls are made to float in pools or rivers, but it is a nice bonus to have if you have a pooch who loves water. Many balls that claim to be indestructible sink due to the high density of the materials used, but not all of them do. If you have a water dog then keep an eye out for this attribute.

That is the end for this product review and recommendation. Now that I have gone over the best and worst attribute of an indestructible dog ball with you I hope you have a wonderful time choosing your dog’s new toy.

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