The 10 Best Invisible Fences for Dogs (2023)

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Invisible Fences For DogsWhen you don’t have the option to build a traditional fence around your home, keeping stubborn dogs close to your home can be a challenge. This is where invisible fences can come in handy — also known as an electric dog fence or wireless fences, these allow you to create an invisible fence system that keeps your dog safe within the coverage area. Here is the ultimate guide to the 10 best invisible fences for dogs, along with everything you need to know about their unique features.      

What are Invisible Fences? 

Maybe you’ve heard about people using an invisible electric fence, a special dog collar, a wireless fence system, or underground dog fences. In your online search, you may be confused by all these terms and the different kinds of invisible fencing systems available in the market. Fortunately, you’re not alone because many dog owners find these terms confusing too, and are often used interchangeably even though they all provide completely different solutions. 

No matter what invisible dog fence systems are called, they mostly come in two categories: the wireless system and the in-ground dog fence. The latter works by having buried wire throughout your home to act as the perimeter for smaller yards that contain dogs inside. The system will then send radio waves from the transmitter inside your home to the underground wire surrounding your property. 

Once the collar receiver worn by your dog senses that it’s getting close to the boundary, it will send vibrations and sound a beep as a warning to your pooch. If it keeps going and crosses the buried wires, it will receive a soft electric shock. A wireless dog fence works in a similar way but it doesn’t involve digging and installing wires around the perimeter of your home. 

The base of the unit will send radio signals to the dog’s collar to give your puppy a vibration or warning tone as it gets closer to the boundary line. Once again, if your pooch makes it past the invisible boundary, it will get a mild shock. But because these fences work using the same principle, you may not know which option is better, which is what we discuss below. 

Which System is Better?

Some pet owners will prefer in-ground fences to wireless fences because they provide a better and bigger containment area. While most wireless fences will only be effective at a range between ½ acre to ¾ acre, in-ground fences can be extended up to 100 acres depending on which brand you work with. Even if you don’t need a system to cover an area that big, it’s good to know that you can add more whenever you need it. 

Moreover, you can customize the shape of your safe zone in any way you want. This feature can be useful for backyards with keep-out zones such as pools or gardens. Wireless fences, on the other hand, can only provide a circular-shaped containment area.  

Some pet parents also prefer a wired fence over a wireless one because they tend to be more effective. Unfortunately, the performance of wireless fences could be affected by the kind of terrain that exists in the yard, where their signal may be disrupted by trees, rocks, and the weather. As such, there’s a chance that your dog may get out when you think that it should be safe and secure. 

However, an in-ground invisible fence kit is more reliable because it doesn’t get affected by your landscape or the weather. If your home happens to be located on a slope or hill, then this is the best option for you. All in all, in-ground fences will provide more flexibility and control for boundaries and are easier to use, but they will take up more time to set up compared to wireless systems. 

Wireless Dog Fence vs. Wired Dog Fence Summary

Now that you know about the different solutions for your needs, below is a breakdown of their advantages and disadvantages, which quickly explains which is the better choice for your particular situation. Here are the major differences between one option and the other.

Wired Dog Fence Pros

  • Has the ability to customize and outline the desired fence shape
  • Helps to limit dogs from accessing certain parts of your yard 
  • Is more reliable because it’s buried underground 
  • A better option for slopes and hills 

Wired Dog Fence Cons

  • Everything will need to be dug up if your move houses
  • The installation is much more time-consuming and complicated

Wireless Dog Fence Pros

  • Much easier to set up and installation will take up minimal time
  • Highly portable so you can take it with you wherever you go 
  • The boundaries may be adjusted according to your needs 

Wireless Dog Fence Cons

  • It can’t be customized and is only available in circular shapes
  • Its signal strength is dependent on the environment and its performance can be affected 

Best Invisible Fences for Dogs

Now that you know the basics of invisible fences, below are our top choices for the best invisible fences in the market.     

1. PetSafe Wireless Containment System 

Petsafe Wireless Containment System


  • Can cover a play area of up to ½ acre starting from the transmitter
  • Allows you to make a virtual fence around your home to protect your furry friends
  • Unlike other electronic dog fences, this model allows your pet to come home without a shock even if it passes their boundary
  • A portable system that’s great for vacation homes, camping, and traveling 

Using the PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence, you’ll never have to deal with installing a physical barrier or burying wires — plus, you can get done in just one or two hours! All you have to do is install this wireless dog fence inside a weatherproof location and plug it into an outlet. Then just simply adjust the dial to determine the right size area for your dog’s needs. 

You can customize your coverage from 5 to 90 feet towards all directions from the base of the unit or as far as 180 feet across. This range can also be further expanded with an additional transmitter if you have a larger area to cover. Purchasing additional collars for this Wireless Containment System will allow you to keep an endless number of pups within one system.  

Each purchase of this system also comes with a PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System Receiver Collar which is battery-operated. This waterproof collar comes in tone-only mode and has 5 levels of correction which can be changed according to your canine pal’s temperament. It will comfortably fit small dogs to large dogs starting at 8 pounds in weight and can be adjusted for neck sizes between 6 to 28 inches.  


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2. SportDOG In-Ground Dog Fence Transmitter

Sportdog In Ground Dog Fence Transmitter


  • The transmitter may reach up to 100 acres with added flag kits and wires
  • More collars mean more pets for your home
  • It can be used with the Add-A-Dog collar, Contain + Train system and more
  • With dimensions of 7.4 x 2.6 x 9.5 inches, it is perfect for all dog breeds

When you purchase the SportDOG Contain+ Train system or In-Ground Fence system and its included transmitter runs out of juice, this replacement will save the day! You can also create your own training and containment system using the SportDOG Remote Transmitter. Just pair this transmitter with the Contain + Train Collar Receiver as well as the Wire & Flag Kit and you’re good to go! 


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3.  Free Spirit In-Ground Fence

Free Spirit In Ground Fence


  • An in-ground system that contains enough markers and wires for ⅓ acre
  • With tone and vibration mode warnings that alert your puppy of boundaries
  • Delivers a small shock once the pup walks past the boundary wire 
  • With a waterproof collar that can withstand the elements

Now you can give your beloved dog room to move around while keeping him within your property line using this In-Ground Fence from Free Spirit. This kit comes with enough boundary markers and wires to surround up to ⅓ acre and has everything you need to create a customized perimeter fence. Its collar can deliver a tone or vibration warning that has five shock levels that will help to keep your dog within the boundary for your peace of mind. 

The waterproof collar can also face the elements head-on without slowing down, and this in-ground fence can be expanded with markers and additional wire. As such, it provides the best way to keep your companion safe while it enjoys the freedom of roaming throughout a large property. This collar is also ideal for all dog breeds over 5 pounds and a neck size between 6 to 26 inches. 


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4. Dogtra E-FENCE 3500 Containment System In-Ground Wired Fence

Dogtra E Fence 3500 Containment System In Ground Wired Fence


  • Has a reach of up to 40 acres for a good dog run with your buddy
  • With a stimulation mode that provides a stronger reminder if your dog keeps going out of bounds 
  • Comes in a vibration-only option
  • Has an advanced filtering system that keeps it operating at optimal levels

The Dogtra Electronic Dog Fence System provides a great way to keep your companion safe and secure on your property. Suitable for stubborn dogs, this underground fence system allows you to perfectly customize your boundary design within the perimeter of your home. No matter the landscape or shape of your yard, it will keep your pooch safe for as much as 40 yards across, making it a top choice in the market. 

A waterproof receiver ensures that everything is functional, even while it’s raining. The system also uses a transmitter built with a continuity light across the boundary wires to alert you of breakage. Should anything cause your Dogtra Electronic Dog Fence wires to break, you’ll be alerted of the issue through a warning beep, while the light turns off automatically. 


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5. StayFence In-Ground Pet Containment System 

Stayfence In Ground Pet Containment System


  • With an 18-gauge boundary that reaches over ½ an acre
  • Has a hassle-free and easy installation
  • Compatible with the Robot Lawn Mower System
  • Built to have a long battery life

You can keep your dog safe inside his own personal space using the StayFence Pet Containment System. With 650 feet of wire, this system comes with an 18-gauge boundary that can cover more than half an acre, so your dog has plenty of space to roam. Because it’s easy to install, is compatible with Lawn Mower systems, and has plenty of battery to keep it running, it’s easily the best choice when it comes to in-ground systems. 

This kit comes with a Plug-In AC Adaptor, StayFence Transmitter, Receiver Collar, Wire Joiners, Test Bulb, Boundary Flags, a Magnet, a 650-ft 18 Gauge Boundary Wire, and an Instruction Manual. All of these pieces come together to provide your pet with the living space it needs to roam about freely without going too far. 


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6. GROOVYPETS Fence & Remote Dog Trainer System 

Groovypets Fence & Remote Dog Trainer System


  • The training collar comes with a rechargeable battery and three correction modes
  • Comes with a fully customizable boundary that covers ⅓ acre
  • Has a remote transmitter with a big LCD screen that can train up to two dogs
  • With a durable collar that’s suitable for rough outdoor environments

Built for medium to large dogs, this Fence and Remote Dog Trainer Combo by GroovyPets will make training sessions even more fun. Plus, the training collar comes with rechargeable batteries and is also waterproof that’s equipped with long and short prongs for various coat types. The training collar features three different modes: 10 levels of static correction, 10 levels of vibration, and a warning tone. 

The correction it provides will get stronger in increments as your playful puppy approaches the invisible fence — it will shut down if your pooch is stuck in correction mode for over 8 seconds. With a 500-foot wire covering ⅓ acre and a containment zone that’s fully customizable, it is an excellent choice for the start of your dog’s training process. Lastly, the system can be used on many collars, so you can train as many dogs as you want and create a space that’s suitable for them. 


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7. High Tech Pet Products Humane Contain X-10 Electronic Dog Fence Containment System 

High Tech Pet Products Humane Contain X 10 Electronic Dog Fence Containment System


  • Best value containment system and electronic fence for dogs 
  • With a collar that fits neck sizes from 2 inches to 28 inches
  • Delivers audible tones or quick pings of shock stimulus
  • With plenty of accessories and inclusions

Your puppy deserves to have a place of its own, and you can give it to them with the High Tech Pet Products X-10 Premium Electronic Dog Fence & Containment System. Featuring patented technology, this provides a great option if you’re looking for a water-resistant and rechargeable collar. Complete with an illuminated status panel and a waterproof transmitter, you can continuously monitor your dog as well as deliver audible and visual break alarms. 

To avoid false triggers, this unit utilizes a digitally coded signal and has a power boost switch. When your canine friend approaches the boundary, this containment system delivers a quick shock stimulus as well as audible tones to deter it. This kit contains an RX-10 multi-function collar, a TX-1 transmitter, 500 feet of wires, 50 boundary flags, a collar charger, 3 wire splices, an AC adapter for the charger, and an AC adapter for the transmitter. 


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8. KoolKani Remote Training Dog Collar & Inground Electronic Fence System  

Koolkani Remote Training Dog Collar & Inground Electronic Fence System


  • Serves as a dog containment system and a remote training system 
  • The training system can be used to train as many as three dogs
  • The training collar is both waterproof and rechargeable 
  • With a shock collar that works within a range of 1,200 meters

Now you can give your smart pup proper training through the KoolKani Remote Dog Training Shock Collar & Underground Containment System Combo. Just bury this electric fence 3 to 6 inches underground around the area of your home and adjust the settings accordingly through the LCD display located on the controller box. It contains wires that stretch over ⅓ acres and can be made even bigger through the addition of more wires. 

With a range of 1,200 meters, you can give corrections and commands even when you’re far away from your beloved pooch. This system contains everything you need, including a waterproof and rechargeable collar as well as a remote control, so you can rest easy even if you don’t have a physically fenced-in yard. Because this electric fence has the capacity to train up to three dogs, it can be the ideal tool for teaching hunting and outdoor sports, which is why it’s considered the best invisible dog fence.  


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9. Extreme Dog Fence Pro-Grade Electronic Dog Fence System 

Extreme Dog Fence Pro Grade Electronic Dog Fence System


  • Covers ⅓ acre and with extra wires, it can be extended to as much as 10 acres
  • Uses a heavy-duty 16-gauge boundary cable
  • With a compact and lightweight collar that can be submerged up to 10 feet 
  • Has an advanced transmitter that adjusts to the temperature to prevent damage

Ditch traditional dog fences for the Extreme Dog Fence Pro-Grade Electronic Dog Fence System, which will keep all your precious dogs close to you while giving them freedom. Creating an invisible barrier that covers an area as wide as ⅓ acre per kit and as much as 6 acres with additional wires, all you have to do is run it around your fence. You’ll be thrilled to know that it comes with seven customizable levels that you can adjust according to your dog’s needs. 

The collar is also waterproof, and once your dog wears it, the collar becomes activated as your pup advances toward the wire. After just a few days of training, your canine friend will know to respect the fence that you’ve established. This great kit contains everything you need for your dog’s safety and security; you can also change the frequencies on the transmitter to prevent interfering with another fence system in your neighborhood.  


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10. Educator By E-Collar Technologies Educator E-fence Underground Fence Dog Containment System & Boundary Kit 

Educator By E Collar Technologies Educator E Fence Underground Fence Dog Containment System & Boundary Kit


  • DIY installation that’s more cost-effective and easier compared to others
  • Delivers a vibration, stimulation, or sound when close to an underground line
  • With thin border wires that plug into the control panel 
  • The collar receiver has been designed to be shock-resistant, rechargeable, and waterproof

With the Educator E-fence Underground Fence Dog Containment System & Boundary Kit by E-Collar Technologies, you can quickly and easily build an invisible fence around your home. Now you can establish your dog’s play fence, where it will love the freedom of running without a leash and you’ll be at peace knowing that your furry friend is safe. You can also use it to block your dogs from reaching off-limit zones such as the pool and garden.

Just line the border wires throughout your desired areas and plug the wire into the control panel, which you will then connect to a wall outlet. Next, strap the electronic collar to your pooch and it will be ready to go — the wires will be buried just underneath the ground or can even be woven into latticework. When your dog comes into contact with the wire, a sound, vibration, or up to 30 stimulation levels will be given off by a radio frequency.  


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Types of Invisible Fences

While wired fences can provide more flexibility when it comes to the fence’s shape while being more affordable, their installation is also labor-intensive and may send quite a shock to dogs. On the other hand, wireless dog fences will have shape and range limitations but will be perfect for travel and are easy to build. Some advanced models will contain GPS technology — however, GPS dog fences will usually need a phone plan to use and a smartphone app that may be expensive. 

If it’s within your budget, it’s best to look for advanced containment systems that offer a surge protector, a workaround for power outages, offers multiple fencing options, and safety features. Unlike regular systems, the best wireless dog fences will work through GPS technology, dog tracking capabilities, along with other modern features. 

Things to Consider with Invisible Fences

While you’re shopping for the best invisible fences for dogs, be sure to think about the different situations in which you may need them for. Here are some things you might want to look for. 

  • Collar: Think about the size of your dog since some wireless collars may be too heavy or big for small breeds. Similarly, if you have bigger dogs such as a German Shepherd or a Golden Retriever, look for bigger collars. 
  • Coverage Area: Every invisible dog fence will have a different range of coverage, so whether you’re looking for an option that will cover a small space or a large space, be sure to check the product’s manual. 
  • Installation: Each invisible fence will take a specific amount of time to set up before you’re able to use the actual fence. Unfortunately, the most labor-insensitive kind will involve burying wires to create an in-ground fence. While you can hire professionals to do this, it will cost you more. 

Conclusion to the Best Invisible Fences for Dogs

Any dog parent will want to give their dogs the freedom of roaming around their homes, but it’s also important to establish safe areas and no-go zones for everyone’s safety. When you’re looking for the best invisible fences for dogs, you can count on either wired or wireless fencing solutions, which both come with pros and cons. Depending on your pet’s needs and your lifestyle, you should be able to choose the right set of invisible fences that will serve to protect your dog from the outside and even contribute to their training.