5 Best Metal Dog Food Containers (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Do you keep your dog’s food in the bag and spoon it out as necessary, but you are unsatisfied with it. Whether you want a nicer looking barrel, are tired of the mess it can leave, or any other reason there are many different metal dog food containers for you to choose from on the market. Some can hold up to fifty liters of food, while others only hold a few.

Below are the top five recommended metal dog food containers and each one has a short item description to describe why you would want to buy that product. At the bottom of the article is a buying guide for you to peruse, at your leisure, with extra information about the various types of dog food containers on the market.

Best Metal Dog Food Containers

Here are our metal dog food container reviews.

1. Simplehuman Kitchen Step Trash Can Dog Food Container

Simplehuman 50 Liter 13.2 Gallon Stainless Steel Rectangular Kitchen Step Trash Can, Brushed Stain

The Simplehuman Kitchen Step Trash Can Dog Food Container is in fact a trash can however the design is perfect for dog food storage. The foot pedal removes the need for bending over if you have a bad back or knees. The metal is sturdy and rust resistant, lowering the risk of your furry friend having health issues.

  • Design is great for metal dog food containers, despite being a trash can
  • Foot pedal is great for those with bad backs
  • Sturdy and rust resistant metal for your dog’s food
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2. Behrens Large Metal Dog Food Container

Behrens 085995001096 Next Page 6110 10 Gallon Locking Lid Can, Steel

The Behrens Large Metal Dog Food Container is made to hold up to ten gallons of your dog’s food, making it great for people who buy in bulk. The lid is made to lock easily and securely, keeping the food safe from bugs or other animals. The metal is high quality and fire, metal and rust resistant.

  • Dog food container holds up to ten gallons of food for those who like to stalk up
  • Locking lid keeps dog food fresh and safe from other animals or bugs
  • High quality of metal makes of an excellent metal dog food container
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3. Lesser & Pavey Metal Dog Food Container

Lesser & Pavey New Sweet Home Dog Food Tin With Scoop, Metal, Grey, 18 X 15 X 25 Cm

The Lesser & Pavey Metal Dog Food Container is a handy storage with a scoop included to make dishing out your dog’s dinner easy. The container is designed to hold a decent amount of food while looking nice in your kitchen. The lid seals well, making it great for keeping your dog food fresh.

  • Handy metal dog food container is perfect for all your storage needs
  • Designed to hold a small bag of dog food and is aesthetically pleasing
  • The seal on the lid is good, great for keeping your dog food fresh
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4. HIT Corp Metal Dog Food Container

Houston International 5801 Steel 12 Gallon Storage Container, Silver

The HIT Corp Metal Dog Food Container is made from quality metal for a rust proof and sturdy dog food container. The container fits over fifty six pounds of dog food, great for those who buy in bulk. The lid has a tight fit to guard your dog’s food against insects or other animals.

  • Made from quality materials for a sturdy dog food container
  • Fits large bags of dog food easily, making it great for those who buy in bulk
  • Tight fitting lid is great for insect and pest repellant
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5. Mud Pie Three Piece Metal Dog Food Container 

Mud Pie 40220015 Galvanized Tin Storage Container Dog Food Canister, One Size, Silver

The Mud Pie Three Piece Metal Dog Food Container is made with sturdy metal, while the galvanized design looks nice to the eye. The lid is tight enough to seal in your dog’s food, away from pest or insects, while being easy to remove. The container is made for small bags of dog food, great for owners who prefer to buy in small portions.

  • Made with high quality materials while still looking nice
  • Tight seal allows for fresher dog food and less pest problems
  • Made for small portions of dog food
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Metal Dog Food Container Buying Guide

As you can see from the above products there are many designs and features of metal dog food containers for you to choose from. What you choose is entirely up to you, but remember that just because something doesn’t say it is a dog food container does not mean it can’t work as one. Trash cans are an excellent substitute as they are usually made to close well enough to shut off odors. Some are even made dog proof to keep your hungry pup out of the food.

Tight Seal On Lid

When you buy a metal dog food container it is important to find one with a tight seal on the lid. If it doesn’t seal properly then there is a higher chance of your dog’s food going bad or for insects to get into it. Another problem is moisture, if you live in a humid area then the lid needs to be able to keep it out.

Holds Mass Amounts

While not all dog owners buy their dog’s food in bulk, there are many who prefer to do so but their dog food container can’t handle it. Personally, I prefer the bigger containers as you can always put less in them if you want, but it leaves you the option of having more should you choose to buy the larger dog food container.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Many dog food containers on the market are designed to be nice looking to better fit into your home’s decor. Some are made in neutral colors to blend in with most any furniture choices you have, while others have funny sayings on them. The metal dog food containers can be galvanized for a pretty effect.

Rust Resistant

This is one of the single most important features in your dog food container. If your metal containers gets rusty and you don’t notice while continuing to feed your dog from it then there is a good chance they will get sick from the bacteria in the rust. This is especially important if your dog food container will be in a wet environment or humid climate as the extra water in the air tends to rust metals quicker.

Dog Proof

There are many owners who own dogs that are just too smart for their own goods. The dogs that love to get into the treat cabinets, opening doors on the fridge or getting into their dog foods despite being in containers. This is where dog proof food containers come in handy. Even the sneakiest pup can’t get in to sneak food behind your back.

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