10 Best Muzzles For Boxers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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People often wonder why you would need a muzzle for their Boxer. Even some of the friendliest dogs can show fear or aggression in new or unsure situations. These situations can include a visit to the vet, the groomer, preventing licking or biting at a wound, or meeting new people or dogs in public spaces. Some locations in the US and abroad even require certain breeds to be muzzled in public. Training your Boxer to accept and love a muzzle can prevent unexpected bite incidents and barking.

In our guide, we will show you the best Boxer muzzles on the market, and what the unique features of each one are. In the end, our buyer’s guide will simplify muzzle selection and give you the confidence to safely take your Boxer anywhere.

Best Muzzles For Boxers

Here are our Boxer muzzle reviews.

1. Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

The Baskerville Ultra Muzzle is a fully customizable basket style muzzle. It is designed to allow enough room in the basket for eating, drinking, and panting. It also has a bottom loop for attaching to your dog’s existing collar.

  • Can be heat shaped to specifically fit your dog’s face
  • Available in six sizes and two colors
  • Optional overhead strap for additional security

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2. Downtown Pet Supply Quick Fit Dog Muzzle

Downtown Pet Supply Quick Fit Dog Muzzle With Adjustable Straps, Black Nylon, Size 0, Size 1, Size 2, Size 3, Size 4, Size 5, Size 3 Xl, Size 4 Xl, Or Size 5 Xl (1)

The Downtown Pet Supply Quick Fit Dog Muzzle is a strong full coverage muzzle. It is designed for short-snouted dogs and has a single behind-the-ears adjustable strap. It is constructed from strong solid nylon fabric with a soft inner lining.

  • Machine washable on cool
  • Easy to put on and take off with the quick-release buckle
  • Available in nine sizes for the best possible fit

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3. Barkless Dog Muzzle

Dog Muzzle,soft Basket Silicone Muzzles For Dog, Best To Prevent Biting, Chewing And Barking, Allows Drinking And Panting, Used With Collar (2)

The Barkless Dog Muzzle is a basket style muzzle. It is made from durable and flexible silicone. The super-secure design includes integration with your existing collar and an overhead strap for added security. It is designed to not inhibit eating, drinking, or panting.


  • Open basket design allows optimal ventilation and breathability
  • The non-toxic silicone material can flex and stretch with movement
  • Available in six sizes measured by snout

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4. GoodBoy Gentle Muzzle Guard for Dogs

Gentle Muzzle Guard For Dogs Prevents Biting Unwanted Chewing Safely Secure Comfort Fit Soft Neoprene Padding – No More Chafing – Included Training Guide Helps Build Bonds Pet (2)


The GoodBoy Gentle Muzzle Guard for Dogs is a great way to reduce your dog’s ability to bite and chew, while still allowing eating, drinking, barking and panting. Designed with neoprene padding it is built for comfort and effectiveness. The soft design and open front eliminate common chafing areas and hotspots that can occur with other styles.

  • Stay-Fit connection easily keeps the muzzle in place
  • Utilizes high-quality buckles that will not loosen over time
  • Available in four sizes
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5. Lepark Nylon Dog Muzzle

Nylon Dog Muzzle For Small,medium,large Dogs Prevent From Biting,barking And Chewing,adjustable Loop (2)


The Lepark Nylon Dog Muzzle is a sheath style muzzle. It is constructed from durable high-quality nylon. The adjustable head strap and quick-release buckle ensure quick and easy fit and wearability.

  • Chin ring facilitates no-pull walking
  • Padded nose guard to prevent chafing and irritation
  • Available in six sizes and several colors
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6. Canine Friendly Short Snout Dog Muzzle

Canine Friendly Short Snout Dog Muzzle

The Canine Friendly Short Snout Dog Muzzle is specially designed for short-snouted dogs like Boxers. It is constructed from durable nylon fabric with a breathable mesh upper section. It can be easily sized with the adjustable slide and side-release buckle.

  • Breathable mesh allows excellent ventilation
  • Soft inner bumpers keep the mesh from rubbing on the eye area
  • Available in four sizes
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7. Aucanus Dog Muzzle

Aucanus Dog Muzzles For Short Snout, Mesh Dog Mask For Shih Tzu, Bulldog, Pug, Shar Pei To Anti Biting, Barking And Licking (1)

The Aucanus Dog Muzzle is a short snout full-face fabric muzzle. It is constructed from durable nylon and breathable mesh, and will not affect the dog’s sight or breathing. It is designed with adjustable sliding straps and quick-release buckles for a perfect fit and to make putting on and taking off simple.

  • Prevents biting, and unwanted barking and licking
  • Full face coverage with nose and eye holes
  • Available in six sizes
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8. ICC Dog Muzzle

Icc Dog Muzzle,soft Silicone Plastic Adjustable Basket For Dog,prevent Biting, Chewing And Barking (1)


The ICC Dog Muzzle is a sturdy basket style muzzle. It is constructed from durable and soft silicone rubber. The open design allows for completely unhindered ventilation.

  • The durable nylon strap is adjustable for a quick and positive fit
  • Available in three sizes
  • The soft silicone rubber is skin-friendly and non-toxic
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9. Dogs My Love Metal Wire Basket Dog Muzzle

Metal Wire Basket Dog Muzzle Boxer, Bulldog Female. Circumference 13 , Length 3 (1)

The Dogs My Love Metal Wire Basket Dog Muzzle is a very sturdy muzzle. It is a basket style and constructed from chromed wire and genuine leather. It is sized specifically for boxers and bulldogs

  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Open design allows ease in breathing and drinking
  • 3” length from eye line to the tip of the nose, and 13” circumference
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10. Didog Soft Genuine Leather Dog Muzzle

Didog Soft Genuine Leather Dog Muzzle Fit Pit Bull Boxer Amstaff Staffordshire Bull Terrier (1)

The Didog Soft Genuine Leather Dog Muzzle is an all leather basket style muzzle. It is designed to completely stop biting, barking, or eating unwanted items. The mouth is completely enclosed, but the nose is left open.

  • Vent holes for breathability
  • Extra-long straps for ultimate customization
  • High-quality leather is gentle on the snout and eyes
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Muzzles For Boxers Buyer’s Guide

When choosing a muzzle, you will need to consider what type of behavior you are looking to prevent, and how long your Boxer will be expected to wear the muzzle each time.

If you are looking to prevent biting, barking, or chewing, the nylon or mesh muzzles will be highly effective, as they are the most restrictive. If you are only looking to prevent or stop biting and barking, you can also use a basket style. They still allow the dog to eat treats and drink water, and most have enough room for natural panting behavior as well.

Another factor to take into account is how long you expect your Boxer to need to wear the muzzle. For extended periods of time, basket muzzles will likely be the best option. They provide breathability and security while allowing your dog to eat treats and drink normally.

If you use a mesh or nylon muzzle, it is recommended that they not only be fully supervised while wearing it, but also only wear it for short periods, and not while doing any strenuous activities, as dogs cannot eat or drink while wearing these styles, as they hold the mouth shut much more firmly and completely

Boxer Muzzle Review Conclusion

We hope our guide has helped you to decide what muzzle will best fit you and your Boxer’s needs. As long as you take into account what behavior you are training to eliminate, and how long the dog will be wearing the muzzle, you will be able to choose the absolute best muzzle to keep you and your dog safe.

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