10 Best Orthopedic Beds for Large Dogs (Reviews Updated 2024)

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We want our dogs to be as healthy as possible, and a big part of that is making sure they have a great place to get restful sleep. Large dog orthopedic beds are a great option for ensuring that your big baby can get some great rest while taking pressure off their hips, elbows, and other joints. Not just helpful for preventing injury and encouraging comfy sleep, they are also perfect for larger aging dogs that may already have issues like arthritis or inflammation.

In our guide, we’ll review the best orthopedic beds available for large dogs, and the features that make them stand out from the crowd. In the end, our buyer’s guide will simplify the task of choosing a bed that your large dog will find irresistible.

Best Orthopedic Beds for Large Dogs

Here are our large dog orthopedic bed reviews.

1. Furhaven Orthopedic Plush & Suede Pet Dog Bed

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Orthopedic Plush & Suede Sofa Style Living Room Couch Pet Bed

The Furhaven Orthopedic Plush & Suede Pet Dog Bed is a versatile orthopedic bed for large dogs. The mattress core is 4” thick, and the bolsters are an additional 4” of snuggly support. The three-sided bolster allows a variety of sleeping positions, from lounging to corner curling, to using the bolster as a pillow.

  • The egg-crate orthopedic foam distributes body weight evenly and improves circulation
  • Ideal for large elderly or disabled pets
  • Available in sizes up to 53”x42”
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2. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Petfusion Ultimate Dog Bed, Orthopedic Memory Foam

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is a premium orthopedic dog bed for big dogs. It is designed with a solid 4” memory foam mattress core. The fabric cover is a soft and breathable 65/35 poly-cotton blend.

  • Comes in 4 sizes, up to 50”x40”
  • The cover is water-resistant and washable
  • The solid base contributes to overall comfort, reduced joint pain, and calming restful sleep
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3. BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

Barksbar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed Snuggly Sleeper With Solid Orthopedic Foam

The BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed is a sturdy and comfortable bed for your large dog. The 4” solid orthopedic core provides ultimate support for pups 100+ pounds. The raised rim design provides several more inches of supportive cushioning to support your dog’s head and neck.

  • Ultra-soft quilted polyester cover is removable and machine washable
  • Nonslip rubber bottom keeps the bed in place and helps prevent sliding or shifting on smooth floors.
  • Cotton padded rim supports the neck and head and decompresses the spine
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4. Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Big Barker 7 Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed For Large And Extra Large Breed Dogs

The Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed is an orthopedic bed specifically tailored to large and heavy dogs. The therapeutic foam used in the mattress core is made in America and guaranteed to keep its shape. The 7” foam mattress core is among the thickest of all dog beds.

  • Available in three sizes up to a giant 60”x48”
  • 100% microfiber cover is removable and machine washable
  • Foam core guaranteed to retain 90% of shape and loft for 10 years
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5. Dogbed4less Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed

Dogbed4less Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed, Pressure Relief Orthopedic

The Dogbed4less Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed is a pressure-relief orthopedic bed. It has a super durable 100% cotton denim cover. The top-quality high-density 4” solid memory foam mattress is hypoallergenic.

  • The gel memory foam orthopedic mattress provides a cooler sleeping surface
  • The denim cover is removable and washable
  • Seven sizes available up to 55”x47”
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6. The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed, Premium Memory Foam S Xxxl, Waterproof, Dog Pain Relief For Arthritis

The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed is a super thick and comfy bed for your large dog. It is designed with a core of 4” high stability premium support foam, topped with 2” of premium grade high-density orthopedic memory foam. The covers are removable and easy to wash.

  • Wide variety of sizes available, up to 64”x44”
  • Designed to support larger dogs and be a preventative measure against joint pain, circulatory issues, and ligament stress
  • Heat sensitive mattress provides optimal skeletal support and alignment
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7. First-Quality Orthopedic Dog Bed

First Quality Orthopedic Dog Bed Pure Premium Shredded Memory Foam Ideal For Aging Dogs

The First-Quality Orthopedic Dog Bed from Better World Pets is a great option for dogs up to 120 pounds. The 5-inch thick mattress provides optimal orthopedic support for your large dog. The mattress core is comprised of 100% shredded memory foam fill that is densely packed to keep its shape and provide pressure point relief.

  • The bed includes a waterproof lining and a durable mattress cover
  • The sleek design is available in four colors
  • The bottom is non-skid to prevent slipping while your dog gets on or off
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8. eLuxurySupply Pet Bed

Eluxurysupply Pet Bed Deluxe Cluster Fiber Filling Pet Beds For Dog And Cats

The eLuxurySupply Pet Bed is a great orthopedic option for large dogs who like a slightly softer surface. It is constructed with a generous amount of high loft hypoallergenic polyester cluster fiber that won’t lose its shape. The bed includes a durable and plush washable cover.

  • 100% cotton cover is removable and machine washable
  • Wide variety of colors and patterns available to fit your tastes
  • Additional replacement covers are available for purchase
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9. Serta Ortho Quilted Pillowtop Pet Bed

Serta Ortho Quilted Pillowtop Pet Bed

The Serta Ortho Quilted Pillowtop Pet Bed is a top-quality orthopedic bed from one of the most loved orthopedic bedding brands. It is made with pressure-relieving 100% CertiPUR Ortho foam. The luxurious quilted pillowtop on a 4” thick mattress provides a perfect sleeping surface for large dogs.

  • Two sizes available: 36”x27”x4” and 47”x39”x4”
  • Eight different color variations to fit your decor and tastes
  • Large flat design is perfect for your large dog that loves to sprawl
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10. KOPEKS Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Kopeks Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed With Pillow And Waterproof Liner & Anti Slip Bottom

The KOPEKS Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed is a hypoallergenic premium memory foam bed for large dogs. It is designed with a 5.5-inch thick mattress core and a 2.5-inch thick headrest at one end. To prevent damage to the mattress, it includes a waterproof fabric interior cover.

  • Includes two water-resistant covers that can be unzipped and removed for washing
  • The anti-slip rubber bottom surface keeps the bed from sliding around on smooth floors
  • The soft plush cover will quickly become your dog’s favorite snuggle spot
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Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large Dogs Buyer’s Guide

Best Orthopedic Bed For Large Dogs Review

When choosing an orthopedic bed for your large dog, there are a few things you should consider. First, you’ll need to take into account your dog’s body type and general shape. Then, you should consider how your dog generally likes to sleep.

When looking at your dog’s body type, you should determine if you need a bed more suited to high density, muscular dogs, or large-framed dogs with long limbs. If your pup is a big muscular dog, like a large terrier breed, bully types, English Mastiffs, Newfoundlands, Dogue de Bordeaux, etc. then you should look at orthopedic beds that have thicker and denser mattresses to support the higher weight in a thicker package. On the other hand, if your dog has a very large, leggy frame with long limbs, like Great Danes, Deerhounds, larger German Shepards, Belgian Malinois, etc., then you will want to choose a bed that has a moderately thick mattress, but a bigger surface area, so that weight can be spread over a larger area.

Next, you’ll want to consider your companion’s sleeping style. If they are a curler or a leaner, you should make sure to pick a bed that also has either a raised rim or bolster, so they have something to curl up or lean against. Now, if your pup is a lounger or a stretcher, you should be sure to choose a nice big, flat, bed or one with a pillow at only one end, so that when they flop down, the bed can help retain a comfortable skeletal alignment.

Large Dog Orthopedic Bed Review Conclusion

We hope that our guide has helped you to decide which bed is best for your large dog. As long as you take into account your dog’s body type and shape, and their preferred sleeping style, you can choose the best orthopedic bed for your dog.

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