5 Best Outdoor Dog Beds (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Do you have an outdoor dog who needs a bed replaced, after just replacing it last month? Any owner of an outdoor pet knows the struggle of finding a bed that can survive not only the elements of nature, but your dog’s rough and tumble play time. There are many different types of outdoor dog beds out there with a variety of features to each of them. Finding the one that will fit your pooch’s needs isn’t easy and it takes extensive research.

To save you the time I have done the research and picked out what I believe to be the best outdoor dog beds on the market. After the five products and their descriptions will be a buying guide that will offer extra information for you.

Best Outdoor Dog Beds

Here are our outdoor dog bed reviews.

1. Coolaroo Outdoor Dog Bed

The Original Elevated Pet Bed By Coolaroo

The Coolaroo Outdoor Dog Bed is a light wieght and portable bet bed for all of your traveling needs, the simple frame makes storage easy and set up a breeze. The suspended platform offers massive support as it puts pressure on aching joints and muscles, as well as giving your dog three hundred and sixty degree air flow for warmer months.  The fabric is a breathable high density polyethylene, great for the hotter summer months as it cools your pup.

  • Light weight is good if you travel a lot, small and easy to store
  • Suspended platform is great for pressure relief on aches and pains
  • Breathable fabric allows wind to pass through for maximum cooling potential
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2. K&H Pet Products Outdoor Dog Bed

K&h Pet Products Original Pet Cot, Elevated Dog Bed With Mesh Center

The K&H Pet Products Outdoor Dog Bed is an elevated dog bed made from the highest quality of mesh to best support your dog in sleep. Mesh center helps your dog stay cool in summer months and is water proof to collect less dirt and grime. The skid proof feet are made to easily shift the bed as needed without scratching up the surface underneath, great for dog beds on back patios.

  • High quality mesh center supports sleep through pressure on joints
  • Mesh helps your pup stay cool with breathable fabric
  • Anti-skid feet are great for not scratching floors and to prevent accidents when bed moves
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3. K&H Heated Outdoor Pet Bed

K&h Pet Products Lectro Soft Heated Outdoor Pet Bed

The K&H Heated Outdoor Pet Bed is designed with your pet’s utmost comfort in mind, the soft cover feel great against skin while the heating soothes aches and pains. The foam is orthopedic, making it great for elderly dogs or dogs with arthritis. The mat’s heating system is designed to sense temperatures and heat up only when it hits a certain point of cold to avoid accidents.

  • Soft cover is plush to the touch and comfortable for your pup
  • Orthopedic foam combines with heating to make perfect outdoor dog bed for elderly pups
  • Heating system is guaranteed safe, only heats up when temperature drops and stops before it burns
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4. K9 Ballistics Outdoor Dog Bed

K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed, Chew Resistant Indestructible Dog Cot

The K9 Ballistics Outdoor Dog Bed is a chew resistant dog bed made for even the most tenacious teething puppies, advertised to be indestructible with water proofed material. The sturdy aluminum frame combines with the sturdy fabric bed sling to make an all around comfortable and durable bed for your pup. This bed is made to fit in crates or anywhere else you may need it.

  • Chew resistant, great for tenacious puppies who are teething
  • Sturdy materials used for the best possible dog bed
  • Made to fit crates, again great for puppies crate training
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5. Furhome Collective Outdoor Dog Bed

Furhome Collective Outdoor And Indoor Dog Beds For Medium Dogs With Removable Faux Fur

The Furhome Collective Outdoor Dog Bed is made for your every convenience, the soft cover is removable to reveal a cool mesh material underneath for summer. The bed has a built in fleece blanket for your pup to cuddle into on  those cold winter nights. The memory foam is high quality and made for your dog’s sleeping needs.

  • Soft, removable cover for your cleaning needs and great for any weather
  • Built in blanket for dog to curl up in on cold nights
  • Foam is designed dense enough to support your pup but soft enough to be comfortable
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Outdoor Dog Bed Buying Guide

Best Outdoor Dog Bed Review

Now that you’ve seen some of the options available to you and taken a glance at the variety of features the beds have I will go over each of the features in depth.


Orthopedic is a very nice trait to have in a bed, especially an outdoor dog bed. If you live in a colder climate then the chance of the cold causing pain in your dog’s joints is higher. Orthopedic stops that pain or in some cases prevents it from becoming a problem.

Removable Cover

Removable cover is a fantastic thing to have on any dog bed, but especially so for outdoor beds. If your dog is an outdoor dog it is unavoidable that their bed will get dirty sometimes. Being able to easily remove the cover and wash it, whether hand wash or machine is different for each bed, makes your life easier in the long run.


A light weight bed is a good bonus if you travel a lot. I know people who choose beds such as this if their job demands constant travel or if they like camping with their canine companion.

Non-Skid Bottom/Feet

Non Skid feet are nice because if your dog is elderly or if you live in an icy temperature then accidents are likely to happen when your dog lays down. Non skid feet lower the risk of accidents by your pup toppling their bed, giving you extra peace of mind.

Breathable Fabric

Breathable fabric is a must if you live in hot temperatures, especially if your dog is an outside dog. Breathable fabric is exactly what the name sounds like, the fabric is made to allow air to pass freely through it which cools off your pup while they sleep.

Suspended Platform

The suspended platform design is great for outdoor dog beds as it keeps the main portion of the bed off the ground. This lowers amount of dirt and dust that gets caught in the bed, it also is a great repellant for bad smells.

Recycled/Environmentally Friendly

Many pet beds are made with sometimes harmful chemicals or materials and it is important when you buy them, especially if you have a chewer, that you check what they are made of. Environmentally friendly dog beds are rare but worth it in some cases.

Bug Resistant

There are certain fabrics or designs that are mite, flea and other such bugs resistant. These beds are great for outdoor beds as it lowers the risk of you having to comb through your dog’s fur for hours on end to get every last bug off of them.

Quick/Easy Assembly

Some dog beds are more elaborate than others, but the quick and easy assembly ones are the nicest in my opinion. If it takes less than five minutes for you to set it up then I like it.

Machine Washable

This is always an awesome feature to have on any type of dog product. Being able to strip the cover off the dog bed or just throw the entire bed into the washing machine is a great time saver for pet owners everywhere.

Water Proof

When your dog bed is outside it is inevitable that it is going to get wet, which then leads to mildew and other such problems.  A water proof bed is great for lowering the risk mold or mildew, something no dog should ever have to breath in.

Chew Proof

This is a must have feature for puppies who are teething. If your pup has chewed through multiple beds and other pieces of furniture you should look for a chew proof dog bed. Most of them are elevated beds with metal frames, which have other bonuses.

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