5 Best Outdoor Dog Houses (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Do you have a dog that lives outdoors but you just can’t seem to find a sturdy dog house that withstands the weather while still being comfortable for your furry friend? Well look no further, the dog industry is always trying to find new ways of constructing outdoor dog houses for your pooch’s comfort. With new materials being used and new designs being made every day, the dog houses are becoming more and more elaborate for your dog.

There are many features you should look into before purchasing your dog’s house, one of the most important being size and dimensions of the dog house. Your dog needs to be able to sit, stand, lie down and move around comfortably without knocking into walls or being too cramped. Bellow are the best outdoor dog houses.

Best Outdoor Dog Houses

Here are our outdoor dog house reviews.

1. Suncast Outdoor Dog House

Suncast Outdoor Dog House With Door Water Resistant And Attractive For Small To Large Sized Dogs

The Suncast Outdoor Dog House is designed for most sizes of dog, from small to large, but you should always be sure to measure your pup before purchasing to be sure of a safe and comfortable fit. The house comes with easy assembly and is made from the sturdiest materials for a durable and long lasting dog house. On top of being sturdy, this house is water resistant for those rainy days.

  • Great for most dog breeds, sized small to large
  • Easy assembly and made from strongest materials for durability
  • Water resistant keeps your pup dry no matter how much it rains
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2. Precision Pet Outdoor Dog House

Precision Pet By Petmate Extreme Weather Resistant Log Cabin Dog House With Adjustable Feet

The Precision Pet Outdoor Dog House is made for the most extreme of weather conditions, the sealed protective coating, raised floor, and slanted asphalt roof make for a dry and comfy place for your pet. The house is made from solid wood and stainless steel hardware for durability during tough weather. The four posts or feet of the dog house are adjustable for your convenience.

  • Dog house is made for rain, sleet, snow or sun
  • Made from the best materials possible for your dog’s house
  • Posts adjust separately making it great for uneven ground
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3. Petmate Outdoor Dog House

Petmate Barnhome Iii Dog House

The Petmate Outdoor Dog House is designed to house dogs up to fifteen pounds, but has other sizes for fifty to ninety pound dogs. The house is easy to assemble, the pieces slide together and stay connected after snapping in. The plastic has a mold resistant finish, making it great for rainy climates as well as muggy weather.

  • Sized for dogs up to fifteen pounds but goes to ninety pounds in other sizes
  • Easy snap together dog house for easy and quick assembly
  • Mold resistant, high quality plastic for the best dog house possible
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4. Petsfit Outdoor Dog House

Petsfit Dog House, Dog House Outdoor

The Petsfit Outdoor Dog House comes in sizes small to large, for even the biggest dog breeds but always be sure to measure your pooch before you purchase! The house is designed to be weather proof, making it great for any type of climate. The bottom floor is removable for easier cleaning while the roof lists for easy access to inside.

  • Comes in most dog sizes, always measure before purchasing
  • Weather proofing design is great for rain, shine or sleet
  • Removable floor and opening top make for easy access for cleaning
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5. Confidence Outdoor Dog House

Confidence Pet Plastic Dog Kennel Outdoor House

The Confidence Outdoor Dog House is made in sizes medium to extra large to fit most, if not all, dog breeds. The plastic used is heavy duty and durable to make for the sturdiest possible dog house for your pooch. With an easy assembly, this dog house will be up in no time with little effort on your part. Despite being easy to assemble, this house will stay standing through the worst of weather conditions.

  • Sizes medium to extra large available for most dog breeds
  • Durable and high quality plastic used for best strength in dog house
  • Easy assembly and stands strong after putting up
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Outdoor Dog House Buying Guide

Best Outdoor Dog House Review

Now that you’ve seen a few of your options, I will go over some of the features mentioned above, what they are and why you would want them.

Water Resistant

Water resistant is a must have in any outdoor dog house. Unless you live in a desert area or a highly dry climate, there will always be rain which means your dog house needs to be able to handle it without dripping water all over your furry friend.

Weather Resistant

Weather resistant takes water resistance to the next level and is even more nice for climates that constantly change. Weather resistant is made to handle snow, rain, extreme heat and other such conditions. In places where the temperatures range from freezing to burning throughout the year, these are a must have for your pooch.

Removable Floor

Not many dog houses have removable floors, but they should. The removable floor makes cleaning a dream as you just pull it out, hose it off and put it back. No fuss and no hassle during weekly or monthly cleanings.

Opening Top

This is slightly more common to see than the removable floor but not by much. Having an opening top is especially nice for smaller breeds as you can lift them out when you need to. It also allows you to check on how they are doing in their new house throughout the day.

Adjustable Feet

If you‘ve ever set up a dog house on uneven ground you understand the frustration of finally getting it set up and then realizing it is slanted due to uneven ground. This is unfortunately very common as most yards are not truly flat. Adjustable feet allow for you to shift the house as needed without worry to what level the ground is at.

Easy Assembly

There is nothing more frustrating than receiving your dog house and it is a hassle to put together. While it is important that your dog house stays together once built, it is also nice when the assembly is easy. There are was to make assembly quick and easy without compromising the structure of the house.

Mold Resistant

Mold resistant is an important feature in any dog house, even if you live in drier areas. Even your dog’s water bowl being inside the house can spawn mold and having a mold resistant coating can work wonders in preventing your dog from dealing with the nasty bacteria that comes with it. Mold is bad for humans or animals to breath in, especially considering your dog would be sleeping and living in close proximity to it.

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