5 Best Period Panties for Dogs (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Unless you’ve had your female dog spayed at an early age, you will probably end up dealing with at least one of her heats. Puppies generally have their first heat around age five months old, and each heat can last for several weeks. Two good things though, one is that it only happens twice a year, and two there are products that can help keep your home clean and your girl from being bred.

Best Period Panties for Dogs

Here are our period panties for dogs’ reviews.

1. Pet Magasin Reusable Washable Dog Diapers

Pet Magasin Reusable Washable Dog Diapers

High on the recommended list for period panties, also referred to as diapers, is Pet Magasin’s Reusable Washable Dog Diapers. With almost 9,000 reviews on Amazon you can feel confident in purchasing these highly absorbent panties. Not only practical, but stylish too, as you have multiple options to choose from when it comes to colors and patterns.

  • 4 layers of comfort
  • Comes in 4 sizes with adjustable Velcro closures
  • Washer and dryer safe

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2. BWOGUE Premium Dog Diapers Female

Bwogue Premium Dog Diapers Female (pack Of 2) With Velcro Washable Reusable Sanitary Panties For Sm

The BWOGUE Premium Dog Diapers are made with quality construction and precise stitching. The ergonomic Velcro design closure won’t stick to your dog’s fur and is easy to use. Machine washable and durable so that they can be reused many, many times.

  • Comes in 5 sizes
  • Soft fabric for your dog’s comfort
  • Secure fitting to prevent leaks
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3. Washable Wonders Dog Diapers for Female with No Tail Hole

Washable Wonders Dog Diapers For Female No Tail Hole Premium Reusable Dog Panties Absorbent D

Not all dogs have a long, furry tale to stick through the hole that comes on most period panties. That’s where Washable Wonders with no tail hole come in. These period panties offer all the same benefits as the regular ones but are perfect for breeds with small, or flat, tails. Washable Wonders do offer the regular ones as well.

  • Holds up to 7 times its weight in liquid
  • Adjustable Velcro and snaps to ensure perfect fit
  • Machine washable
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4. Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers for Females

Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers For Female Dogs

Sometimes washable period panties aren’t practical, such as during travel. These disposable period panties provide leak-proof protection with the ease of being able to throw them away after use. Simple Solution has been around for over 30 years so you know their products can be trusted.

  • Breathable outer layer
  • Fur friendly fasteners
  • Made to fit with comfort and tail-wagging in mind

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5. Wegreeco Washable Female Dog Diapers

Wegreeco Washable Female Dog Diapers

Wegreeco offers the largest selection of colors and patterns that we came across so you’re sure to have a stylish pup with these period panties. Soft and comfortable for your dog, while easy to take off and put on. A pad sewn into the panties and a waterproof outer layer ensure that you don’t have any leaks or messes.

  • Comes in 5 sizes
  • Has both Velcro and snaps for the perfect fit
  • Washer and dryer safe
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Period Panties for Dogs’ Buyer’s Guide

Our buying guide reviews the best period panties on the market so you can choose the right one for you and your furry friend.   The following features are included on most period panties for dogs and will help you to choose which features you need on a spray collar for your dog.


Just like menses products for humans, there are generally two types period panties for dogs: disposable and reusable. Disposable being, once it’s been used you just throw it away. The reusable ones you either hand wash or throw in the washer machine and use again. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, so really it comes down to preference and what your circumstances are.


All period panties come with at least two types of material, an absorbent inner layer and a waterproof or jersey-like breathable outer layer. Many of the inner layers are comprised of microfiber as it is a highly absorbent material and will help to wick away any wetness at the top. In addition, other materials used are generally elastic and whatever material the closure is made from, which we will look at below.


When it comes to period panties there are options for closures. You have the choice of snaps, hook and loop, sticky tape-like closures and more. Some period panties have more than one option, we came across more than one that offers both Velcro and snaps. All of these have been tested and held up while still allowing the dog free movement.


Size options differ depending on brand, you can have anywhere from 4 to 6 sizes. Now we understand that your dog just needs one, but the important part is knowing which size. For those with extra small, or extra-large dogs, having the choice of more specialized sizes could come in handy. To find the right size for your dog, measure around your dog’s waist. If you’re in between sizes, go up to a larger size. The snaps and Velcro closures allow for adjusting in each size, for a perfect fit.

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