5 Best Puppy Foods for Basenjis (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Basenji puppies get special attention from their owners, who often can’t wait to see them grow. Puppy food for Basenjis is the best diet for the young pups, be it from a mother dog or a new acquisition. This food differs from adult food by their protein and fiber content. The necessary nutrient for the optimum development of young hunt pets is abundant in puppy food for Basenjis.

Best Puppy Food for Basenjis

Here is our puppy food for Basenjis reviews.

1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Wet Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food Product Image

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Wet Dog Food contains enough turkey and chicken for all the puppy’s protein needs. It comprises essential amino acids to help promote cognitive development, the type found in mothers’ milk. All-natural ingredients are what make up this food, with no by-product meals or preservatives added.

  • It is made with wholesome ingredients, no meat meals.
  • High-quality grain-free protein
  • Nutrients help support the puppy’s immune system
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2. Diamond Naturals Puppy Dry Dog Food

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Real Lamb Recipe Premium Dry Dog Food

Diamond Naturals Puppy Dry Dog Food comprises high-quality protein from healthy lambs. This protein supplies adequate amino acid for the development of healthy lean muscles in puppy Basenjis. It’s formulated with premium ingredients to support tissue and bone enhancement. Fatty acid content helps to nourish the skin and coat of young dogs.

  • Probiotics help in easy digestion
  • Contains no artificial additives
  • Improves sight and cognitive abilities
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3. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Small Paws For Small Breed Dogs

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food is perfect for the basenji puppy’s optimum development. It enhances their active and exercise filled life with excellent development of healthy tissues. The food contains nutrients that improve eyesight and sharpness in baby dogs. Their skin and coat are adequately taken care of with minerals from Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

  • High-quality protein helps puppies develop lean muscles
  • Made with premium quality natural ingredients
  • Promotes strong teeth and bones
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4. Taste of the Wild Grain Free High-Protein Puppy Food

Taste Of The Wild Grain Free Premium High Protein

Taste of the Wild Grain-Free High-Protein Puppy Food comprises healthy amino acids. It is made with roasted bison and venison as its protein sources. These protein sources guarantee that your puppy develops proper lean and strong musculature. For high digestibility and ease of consumption, the food comes in the form of kibbles. It also enhances your puppy’s brain and vision with its vitamin content.

  • Contains antioxidants
  • Zero artificial color or preservatives
  • Contains probiotics
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5. The Honest Kitchen Whole-Grain Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Whole Grain Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen Whole-Grain Dog Food is perfect for the puppy’s tender mouth and stomach. It contains finely chopped ingredients for easier digestion and nutrient absorption. The food contains enough moisture content for an appetizing puppy delicacy. It’s nutritionally dense with an improved deposit of helpful vitamins and minerals.

  • Nutrients are from human-grade standard sources
  • No by-products or GMO products used
  • Contains no preservatives
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Puppy Food for Basenjis Buyers Guide

Basenjis are energetic dogs and need strong lean muscles for their frequent exercises. For them to grow into this athletic adult, basenji puppies need highly nutritious diets. Below are some of the nutrients and features to look for while buying puppy food for Basenjis.

High Protein Content

Puppies need plenty of protein to supply the necessary amino acids for building strong muscles. Basenji puppies are not left out as they need at least 22% of crude protein content in their diet. This quantity would provide them with the amino acids needs for fast growth and improvement. Endeavor to buy puppy food with the right quantity of protein for your basenji puppy.

Protein Sources

The protein contained in dog and puppy foods stems from different sources. This source has an impact on the puppies that consume them either positively or negatively. That’s why you should ensure that the basenji puppies feed on protein from the right sources.

Animal sources are the best sources of protein. Chicken, lamb, turkey, and beef are the most used. Ensure that you run a thorough check on the foods before buying.

Fiber Content

Fiber helps digestion, and so would be a welcome component in any puppy food. Animal-based ingredients contain fiber but not as much as plant-based ones. However, you should be alert on the quantity of fiber contained, as too much may cause health issues. Endeavor to get foods with fiber content of 5% and below.

Fatty Acids

Fatty acids help in the development of a beautiful coat and healthy skin. Essential Fatty Acids such the omega-3 and omega-6 help in nourishing puppy skin and coat. Fatty acids from fish oil are the best, so ensure they are present in the pack of puppy food you’ll get for the basenji.

Vitamins and Minerals

These nutrients help to forge an impermeable immune system for puppies. This system is important as it helps the puppy combat sickness and infections. They also supply antioxidants that ensure safe blood circulation in dogs and puppies. Vitamin E also helps in the young pup’s brain development.

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