5 Best Puppy Foods for Bloodhounds (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Bloodhound puppies shoot up like weeds, growing at a fast pace and requiring a nutritious diet rich with vitamins and materials that supports healthy development. Bloodhounds are celebrated for their keen sense of smell and boundless energy. They are a favorite of police and hunters, able to track a scent or prey for miles.

Your growing Bloodhound puppy is muscular and needs a diet that will help support the building of that lean muscle mass, while also providing vital minerals that will nurture healthy eye, brain and joint development. We’ve selected our favorite dog foods that are rich in nutrients and provide a supportive diet for your growing Bloodhound puppy.

Best Puppy Foods for Bloodhounds

Here are our Bloodhound puppy food reviews.

1. Diamond Naturals Large Breed Real Lamb Recipe Premium Dry Dog Food

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Real Lamb Recipe Premium Dry Dog Food

Diamond Naturals uses the finest ingredients to bring your Bloodhound the finest nutrition. This formula is made from superfoods, like blueberries, oranges, spinach and carrots. This formula is also made to support your Bloodhounds immune system.

  • Lamb, along with chia seed and quinoa, provides protein for your Bloodhound’s bones and muscles.
  • Diamond Naturals dry dog formulas are formulated with K9 Strain Probiotics.
  • This formula features no artificial colors, flavors or fillers.
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2. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Puppy, Large Breeds

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Puppy, Large Breeds, Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe, 33 Lb Bag

Hill’s Science is made specifically to meet the nutritional needs for your growing Bloodhound puppy. The balanced minerals and vitamins in this product are meant to support growing bones and teeth.  Hill’s only accepts ingredients from suppliers that meet the highest standards.

  • Hill’s uses DHA from fish oil to support healthy brain and eye development for growing dogs.
  • Hills also added an optimal blend of calcium to support the bone growth of your Bloodhound.
  • This formula features high quality protein helps your large Bloodhound puppy build and maintain lean muscle.
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3. Doc’s Choice Premium Chicken Puppy Food

Doc's Choice Premium Chicken Puppy Food Great For Puppies, Pregnant And. Nursing Dogs, Veterinaria

Doc’s Choice Premium Puppy Formula provides nutritional excellence for puppies. This dog food promotes a patented “power pellet” process that protects the nutrients better than the “kibbling” process because it exposes the ingredients to fewer heat processes. These pellets are easy to chew for your Bloodhounds puppy teeth.

  • Doc’s Choice Premium Puppy Formula contains natural sources of glucosamine and DHA.
  • This chicken food recipe is made with probiotics and prebiotics for healthy digestion.
  • Doc’s Choice also has flax seed which provides important omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.
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4. Nutro Cuts in Gravy Grain Free Wet Dog Puppy

Nutro Cuts In Gravy Grain Free Wet Dog Food Adult & Puppy, 3.5 Oz Trays

Nutro is a high-quality wet food made with all the nutrition your growing Bloodhound puppy needs. In fact, Nutro has their own philosophy, to make products with recipes crafted using real, recognizable, non-GMO ingredients. And, these recipes are also made to be tasty, so your puppy looks forward to their daily meal.

  • Nutro contains no corn, wheat, or soy or chicken by-product meal.
  • Also, there are no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors in Nutro cuts.
  • Nutro is made with non-GMO ingredients.
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5. Eukanuba Puppy Dry Dog Food Chicken

Eukanuba Puppy Dry Dog Food Chicken Large Breed

Eukanuba is made to fuel your Bloodhound puppies boundless energy. It is also well balanced with nutrients to support your Bloodhounds growing bones and muscles. Meat is always the first ingredient.

  • Added DHA promotes healthy brain development .
  • A natural fiber and prebiotic blend aids gentle digestion.
  • Calcium and phosphorus help maintain muscle growth and bone health.
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Bloodhound Puppy Food Buying Guide

Your Bloodhound puppy is filled with boundless energy. As he stumbles and gets his footing on those oversized paws, it’s clear that he will one day grow into them and be a premiere tracking, hunting and family dog. Because your Bloodhound puppy is a large breed, he requires a highly nutritious dog food that is designed specifically for large breed puppies. Your Bloodhound will seemingly have quite a bit of energy and this is important! To keep up your puppy’s energy, veterinarians sometimes recommend feeling your Bloodhound small amounts a few times a day, (never more than he can eat), so his body is processing and creating energy. Because Bloodhound puppies and Bloodhound adults can suffer from allergies in response to a poor diet, there are factors you should consider in your Bloodhound puppy good.

Free from artificial flavors and preservatives and fillers with meat

Bloodhounds are prone to allergies in response to added chemicals and fillers in their food. The best rule of thumb is to look for puppy foods that have minimal ingredients. Better yet, look for formulas that feature meat as the primary ingredient. The best dog food for your Bloodhound puppy should be roughly 85% protein; if meat is not the primary ingredient, move to another formula. In addition, because Bloodhounds may suffer from allergies based on their diet, it’s best to keep your Bloodhound’s diet extremely simple, natural and raw. This will prevent your Bloodhound from experiencing skin rashes, or even exhibiting destructive behavior in response to a poor diet.


Bloodhounds can suffer from bloat and are also prone to overeating. Formulas that are grain-free are best for preventing stomach aches and bloating. These formulas will also not fill your puppy up on needless ingredients, thus creating a deficit in proper nutrition. The grain-free formulas will also help support your puppy’s needs while preventing your puppy from gaining too much weight.

Easy to chew

Puppies have growing mouths, but an adult kibble may be too big for a growing Bloodhound puppy to process. Bloodhound puppy food, like Doc’s Choice, provides smaller kibbles that make it easier for puppies to digest.

Added nutrition for puppies

Bloodhound puppies have additional (and more) nutritional needs than adults. Look for dog food formulas, like Eukanuba Puppy, Hill’s Science and Doc’s Choice that have added DHA to promote health brain development.

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