5 Best Puppy Foods for Cocker Spaniels (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Cocker Spaniels are lean and athletic as part of the sporting group of dogs, so you’ll want to find a puppy food that can keep up with their physical demands, without putting on too much weight. Cocker Spaniels will overeat if given the chance, so keeping an eye on what they’re eating is important. We looked at the best puppy food for Cocker Spaniels so that you can ensure your dog is getting the healthiest diet they can.

Best Puppy Food for Cocker Spaniels

Here are our reviews for the best puppy foods for Cocker Spaniels.

1. Nature’s Recipe Grain Free Puppy Food

Nature's Recipe Grain Free Puppy Dry Dog Food Chicken, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin (1)

Nature’s Recipe develops their formulas with a purpose for every natural ingredient they use. This means that your Cocker Spaniel is getting a well-balanced, high-protein, food that will keep up with their high energy. The company has been crafting natural puppy food for over 30 years.

  • Grain free
  • Promotes strong bones and healthy digestion
  • Free from corn, soy, wheat, poultry by-products, artificial flavors and colors
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2. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Puppy Food

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Puppy, Chicken Meal & Barley Recipe

Hill’s Science Diet may just be the leader in puppy food. This formula is a balance of minerals and added DHA from fish oil, that will help your puppy with their bones, teeth, skin, and coat. Not only will you be helping your Cocker Spaniel by feeding them top quality food, but you’ll also be helping out shelter pets with each purchase.

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Number one recommended by veterinarians
  • Free from synthetic colors, preservatives, and artificial flavors
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3. Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Medium Puppy Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Medium Puppy Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin is another favorite of veterinarians and is tailor made for puppies of medium breeds. This formula supports your Cocker Spaniel’s immune health with an exclusive blend of vitamins and antioxidants. This blend from Royal Canin has a guaranteed minimum of 30% quality protein.

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Prebiotics help support a healthy digestive system
  • Over 50 years of scientific research and observation
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4. Nulo Freestyle Puppy Food

Nulo Puppy Food Grain Free Dry Food With Bc30 Probiotic And Dha, Turkey & Sweet Potato Or Salmon & P

Nulo Freestyle Puppy Food has a patented BC30 probiotic which supports healthy gut flora and aids in digestion.  Added vitamins, minerals, and healthy fatty acids to ensure your Cocker Spaniel puppy is getting a well-balanced diet, helping to promote strong bones, teeth, and muscles.

  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Free of wheat, corn, or soy
  • Grain free
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5. Instinct Puppy Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food

Instinct Puppy Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food

Instinct Natural puppy foods come in both dry and wet formulas. We’re looking at the dry formula as it adds freeze-dried raw chicken to high protein kibble, which is an extra boost of protein for you growing Cocker Spaniel puppy. The number one ingredient in this formula is cage free chicken, which provides plenty of energy for puppy play and growth.

  • Guaranteed levels of probiotics, antioxidants, calcium, and phosphorus
  • Grain free
  • No artificial colors, preservatives, or by-product meal
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Puppy Food for Cocker Spaniels Buyer’s Guide

With plenty of options, our buying guide reviews the best dog food for Cocker Spaniels on the market, so you can choose the right one for you and your little furry friend.


When looking for a good puppy food for your Cocker Spaniel you want to ensure that good quality ingredients are used, as you would with any breed of dog. High protein foods are great for Cocker Spaniels as they are part of the sporting group and tend to have some energy to burn. Some formulas of puppy foods have grains, while others proudly market that they are grain-free, there is no right or wrong answer, just whatever you and your dog prefer.


There are several different types of formulas on the market for puppy food, such as dry, wet, and dehydrated. All formulas have their benefits, but dry food is the easiest type to obtain and overall provides you with more options for your dog. Feel free to treat your Cocker Spaniel with adding wet food into their diet at times, provides them with more protein and hydration.


Packaging of puppy food is pretty standard based on the formula. For the dry foods we looked at on our list, all come packaged in bags. Some have subtle differences to them, such as if they’re resealable or not, or recyclable, but for the most part they’re pretty standard. Other packaging you may come across are boxes, cans, and plastic containers.

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