5 Best Puppy Foods for Goberians (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Goberian puppies are among the cutest little pups you will ever adopt. This cutie pie requires a lot of care and attention at a younger age because you will often find him running around the house. His activity levels are high since puppyhood, so you have to provide him with the appropriate nutritional levels.

You must be wondering which diet would be suitable for your little buddy, so we decided to help you in this regard. You should definitely read our reviews to know more about the reliable puppy foods for your Goberian puppy.

Best Puppy Foods for Goberians

Here are our puppy foods for Goberians reviews.

1. Blue Buffalo Freedom Puppy Food

Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Natural Puppy Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Freedom Puppy Food has been manufactured by avoiding the use of any sort of fillers or potential food allergens such as poultry by-products, corn, wheat, soy, or food preservatives. Blue Buffalo has designed the kibbles’ size in this puppy food smaller so that your Goberian Puppy can chew it peacefully. Furthermore, the fortification through Blue Buffalo’s exclusive LifeSource Bits makes it health9er for your puppy pal.

  • Contains real chicken as its first ingredient to provide abundant protein levels for a better growth
  • Gluten-free
  • Enriched with omega fatty acids

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2. Purina ONE SmartBlend Large Breed Puppy Food

Purina One Smartblend Large Breed Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food

Purina ONE SmartBlend Large Breed Puppy Food is a holistic meal that can prove fruitful for the healthier growth of your Goberian. The company has used real chicken as its first ingredient, which means that it contains considerable protein levels, which are essential for the better growth of your Goberian.

  • Fortified with a dual-defense blend of antioxidants that include Vitamin E, A, selenium, and zinc
  • Contains DHA
  • Does not contain fillers

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3. Nutro Wholesome Essentials Large Breed Puppy Food

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Large Breed Puppy Farm Raised Chicken, Brown Rice And Sweet Potatoe Dry Dog Food

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Large Breed Puppy Food is among the Holistic puppyhood which you can add in your basket. This nutritious puppy food is manufactured using farm-raised chicken as its first ingredient to provide a hefty amount of protein to your Goberian puppy since it is necessary for healthier growth. The company has used brown rice and sweet potatoes, which is rich in carbohydrates and fibers.

  • Contains calcium to build stronger bones
  • Contains glucosamine sourced through natural ingredients, which will help in building stronger joints
  • Contains non-GMO ingredients

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4. American Journey Lamb and Sweet Potato Recipe Puppy Food

American Journey Lamb And Sweet Potato Recipe Grain Free Puppy Dry Dog Food

American Journey Lamb and Sweet Potato Recipe Puppy Food have been introduced for the active puppy pals like your sweet and lively Goberian. This puppy food is rich in energy due to the presence of apt protein levels, which are maintained by having real lamb meat as its first ingredient. Also, the presence of sweet potatoes ensures that you are not required to worry about the digestion issues and think of how you will make your Goberian puppy meet his energy demands.

  • Enriched with fibers and carbohydrates
  • Contains DHA, which is essential for a healthier mental growth
  • Includes real fruits and vegetables to ensure your Goberian is getting the purest vitamins and minerals in the most beneficial way
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5. Merrick Grain-Free Puppy Food

Merrick Grain Free Dry Puppy Food Real Chicken And Sweet Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food

Merrick Grain-Free Puppy Food is designed to provide better nutrition to your growing Goberian pup. This puppy food has 55% dedicated to healthy fats and proteins, whereas the remaining 45% consists of fibers, vitamins, minerals, and other dietary essentials.

  • Contains omega fatty acids such as DHA, sourced from natural ingredients
  • Enriched with real deboned beef as its first ingredient
  • Helps in maintaining the optimal weight of your Goberian

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Puppy Food for Goberian Buyer’s Guide

When Goberian puppies are in their puppyhood, they require a lot of nutrition. This is because they have a higher activity level, and they are also supposed to use energy for better growth. These puppies grow up to be typically medium to large-sized dogs, so they require nutrition accordingly. Their diet can only be optimized if you add some premium-quality puppy food.

We know that this might be tough for you. Therefore, we reviewed the salient features of puppy food, which makes it ideal for your Goberian in our buyer’s guide. You should go through it before picking a puppy food at some pet store to avoid any inconvenience.

Age Limit

You know that Goberian puppies require a slightly higher amount of nutrients than they need in adulthood. Certain specific elements are required in fixed quantities, which is based upon their age. At times the age group in which particular puppy food is curtailing is mentioned upon the puppy food’s label, so you should check for that when you are picking a food for your Goberian puppy. You should also remember that you will have to shift to some other puppy food when the age limit is met. The puppy foods we chose were generalized for entire puppyhood, and you can fond such puppy foods in stores too. 


It is better to have fish oils’ extracts in your Goberian puppy’s diet. The puppy food manufacturers concerned about the mental growth of your Goberian puppy always keep a keen check for that fish oils are an excellent source of DHA, which is essential for better cognitive development. The presence of real fruits and vegetables is also appreciated because that provides the vital vitamins and minerals in the right amount as required by your Goberian puppy.

Furthermore, real meat as a primary ingredient is a must because meat contains protein, which is the primary building block of cells and helps in growing. The chances are that your Goberian might be sensitive to the common food allergens such as soy, corn, wheat, or poultry by-products, so you should avoid buying such puppy foods that contain GMO ingredients. So, in this way, you can optimize the value of the puppy food which you are planning to buy for your Goberian puppy.

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