5 Best Puppy Foods for Schnoodles (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Are you looking for a food for your Schnoodle puppy but can’t find one that meets all the nutritional needs of your puppy? Or maybe you’ve never owned a puppy before and you want to be absolutely sure that your new furry friend is well taken care of? Whatever your reason, this article is here to help you decide which dog food is best for your dog.

Below are the top five recommended puppy foods with short item descriptions that explain why these products made the list. At the end of the article is a buying guide with extra information about the various puppy foods on the market and the features you may want for your Schnoodles.

Best Puppy Foods for Schnoodles

Here are our Schnoodle puppy food reviews.

1. Purina Pro Plan Dry Puppy Food

Purina Pro Plan Focus Grain Free Formula Dry Puppy Food

The Purina Pro Plan Dry Puppy Food is made with real chicken for an animal source of protein for your Schnoodle puppy’s diet. The bite sized kibbles are designed for easy chewing and digestion with your toy breed puppy. The antioxidants in the food are boosted to help your Schnoodle’s immune system.

  • Real animal meat is used for a high quality source of protein
  • Kibbles are sized for toy breed puppies to be easy to chew
  • Antioxidants are added as well as other nutrients for your dog’s health
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2. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Puppy Food

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Puppy Dog Food

The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Puppy Food is made with chicken and brown rice for two sources of high quality protein for your Schnoodle. The all natural formula contains no potentially harmful ingredients or chemicals for your dog’s safety. The lifesource bits mixed into the food are great for boosting your Schnoodle’s health.

  • Chicken and brown rice are awesome protein sources
  • All natural ingredients are safer than the average
  • Lifesource bits are added to the food for a better health for your dog
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3. Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Food

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Puppy, Small Paws For Small Breeds, Chicken Meal, Barley & Brown R

The Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Food is made with the best ingredients to ensure your Schnoodle puppy’s health every day. The minerals are balanced in the food to offer extra health boosts to your Schnoodle. An antioxidant blend in the food also boosts your dog’s immune system.

  • Best and highest quality ingredients in the food
  • Balanced minerals in the formula for a holistic dog food
  • Antioxidants are boosted for your Schnoodle’s immune system
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4. Iams Proactive Health Puppy Food

Iams Proactive Health Puppy Dry Dog Food Product Image

The Iams Proactive Health Puppy Food is made with real chicken to give your Schnoodle’s food an animal source of protein for their growing needs. With twenty two key ingredients that can be found from the mother’s milk, this food has everything your Schnoodle puppy needs to grow up strong. The protein and nutrients boost your dog’s muscles and joints as they grow.

  • Chicken is a real meat source for a high quality protein
  • Many of the ingredients found in their mother’s milk are in this food
  • Protein and nutrients are added for your dog’s muscles and joints
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5. Taste of the Wild Premium Puppy Food

Taste Of The Wild Grain Free High Protein Real Meat Recipe Premium Dry Dog Food Product Image

The Taste of the Wild Premium Puppy Food is made with real venison and bison to offer your Schnoodle’s food two sources of high quality protein. The smaller kibble design is great to reduce choking hazards with puppies. With no grain, corn, wheat or filler this food is safe to eat for your Schnoodle puppy.

  • Real meat is the first ingredient in the food for a high quality protein
  • Smaller kibbles are easier for your toy breed puppy to digest and chew
  • No corn, grain, wheat or filler for a safer dog food
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Schnoodle Puppy Food Buying Guide

As you can see from the above products, there are many puppy foods that your Schnoodles would love. Each one has a list of benefits that would boost your Schnoodle’s various health systems. Before you buy a food for your puppy, be sure to thoroughly go into the ingredients of the food to ensure the food contains no potentially harmful ingredients or by products that can upset your Schnoodles stomach. Now we will go into the most popular features of puppy food that you may want for your Schnoodle.

Animal Sourced Protein

One of the single best things you can get in a puppy food for your Schnoodle is an animal sourced protein. The reason this is so important is that protein is one of the top most vital nutrients that your puppy will need to grow. Protein is the nutrient that gives your schnoodle the energy that their body uses to grow so choosing  a food that has the highest quality and amount of protein goes a long way in your Schnoodle’s growth.

Grain Free

While grain on its own isn’t bad, it is a heavier ingredient. If your Schnoodle has a sensitive stomach then this is the feature of puppy food for you. This food contains no grain of any type and this can be a great asset for your Schnoodle with a sensitive stomach. Keep in mind that puppies are even more likely than adult dogs to have sensitive stomachs.


The term holistic is commonly used in dog foods but few people know what it really means. Holistic, in terms of puppy food, means that food is completely balanced in its nutrients and vitamins. This may not sound important, but consider what happens when a human doesn’t get enough of one vital nutrient in their diet. A wide variety of effects can happen from mild to severe and your Schnoodle is the same way. They have a certain amount of nutrients they need per day and it is your job as a pet owner to ensure that need is met.

Human Grade

Human grade puppy foods are hard to come by and the ones you do dig up are expensive, but there is a good reason for their prices. Human grade is the top tier of dog food, as its formula is made to the point the food could sustain a human. These foods are completely safe and the highest quality you can possibly get for your Schnoodle. Keep in mind that if you want the highest quality, you are going to pay the highest price.

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