The Best Puppy Pads (Updated 2024)

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The Best Puppy Pads 2024Whether you’re looking to add new puppies or an old dog to your family, potty training accidents can occur. Getting disposable puppy pads is the ideal solution for dog owners who need extra protection around their home while stepping closer to the goal of potty training their beloved canine companions. In this article, we share the best puppy pads that are available in the market this year, all of which you can find online for your convenience! 

What are Puppy Pads? 

Potty pads are among the most popular health and training tools for very young puppies and even adult dogs. Reusable puppy pads can be put anywhere around your home — when Mother Nature calls, your pooch simply does their business there without a problem. There are many great options available in different sizes, and the best pee pads will keep your home clean and mess-free.

Because we can’t always be in the right place at the right time, using a puppy pad can make pee puddles on the floor a thing of the past! Moreover, they’re not just used for puppies; they can also benefit older dogs and ones with mobility issues. With these in hand, your pup can take bathroom breaks without having to go outside, making it easy to use and access toilets for your pup.  

The Best Puppy Pads 

If there are times when you leave your dog for long periods of time, it’s a good idea to look into these options rather than using paper towels to clean up when you get home. 

1. Bulldogology Puppy Training Pads

Bulldogology Puppy Training Pads


  • Comes with 6 different layers that instantly absorbs liquid and turns it into gel
  • Equipped with adhesive sticky tape at the bottom that stops it from moving
  • Helps to neutralize and eliminate unpleasant odors to keep your space smelling fresh
  • With a built-in attractant to help your dog recognize the right place for business even when you’re not around
  • Offers a full refund if you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase

With these large, 50-count Bulldogology Puppy Training Pads with Bullsorbent Polymer Tech, you can leave your pup at home knowing it won’t make a mess while you’re away. It instantly absorbs liquids and converts them into a gel, keeping your tiles, floors, and carpets dry — with its adhesive tape, you can install this pad anywhere inside your home, especially where your dog feels safest. These large pads are made for puppies but will also accommodate cats, adult dogs, and many other pets while trapping odors to keep the freshness around your house.    


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2. Four Paws Wee-Wee Superior Performance Dog Pee Pads

Four Paws Wee Wee Superior Performance Dog Pee Pads


  • These extra-large dog pads are designed to be 80% bigger compared to their original pads
  • Every pad offers wetness protection for up to 24 hours
  • With a floor armor system that draws fluids to its core to lock in moisture
  • Helps to prevent paws from making a mess through the quilted and rapid-drying top layer
  • Has an attractant that targets your dog to draw it into the pad, reinforcing good habits

The XL Four Paws Wee-Wee Superior Performance Dog Pee Pads were developed to be 80% larger and more absorbent which makes it perfect for larger breeds. With 6 layers and a leak-proof system in place, the bottom layer works to keep your floors clean and dry while the absorbent polymer turns liquid into gel which helps to trap odors. One of these pads is enough to protect your home for up to 24 hours — its targeted attractant ensures that your dog does its business in the right place at all times.    


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3. Hartz Home Protection Miracle Guard Dog Potty Pads

Hartz Home Protection Miracle Guard Dog Potty Pads


  • Designed to provide leak and odor control, which offers peace of mind during potty time
  • Uses an ultra-absorbent design that holds over 3 times more liquid compared to their most popular pads
  • With rapid absorption that traps odors to leave your home with a fresh scent
  • Yellow stains fade in as little as 1 minute, so you won’t have to worry about unpleasant sights
  • Comes with a quick-dry top sheet that won’t let liquids pool on the pads for a more hygienic environment

Using the Hartz Home Protection Miracle Guard Dog Potty Pads, you can keep your home smelling and looking cleaner with just a few pads per day! Whether you’re at home or taking your pup out on a long road trip, these puppy pads are a great way for pet parents to give their dogs relief without making a mess. Available online and in pet supply stores, this option can be used to clean the soiled area or for toilet training. 


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4. Lil’ Squirts Dog Training Pads

Lil' Squirts Dog Training Pads


  • Will perfectly fit in any living space, and are suitable dog trainers for small breeds
  • Engineered and developed to provide 12 hours of maximum protection
  • Comes with an Ultralock Absorbent Core that prevents seeping or leaking
  • Locks in more than 3 cups of urine, making it perfect for medium-sized dogs
  • Extra absorbent pads that turn liquids into a gel to lock away smells

If you’re looking to train your new pup around your home without the use of dog crates, you’ll be happy to know that Lil’ Squirts Dog Training Pads can help. It not only turns liquid into gel but is also extra-absorbent which prevents seeping and leaking — these disposable pads can also hold urine for 12 hours with room to spare! They’re also treated to keep your puppy coming back so you can keep your home clean and mess-free. 


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5. Rocket & Rex Washable Puppy Training Pads

Rocket & Rex Washable Puppy Training Pads


  • These reusable training pads can make house training much easier and more eco-friendly
  • Offers a machine washable option that’s more convenient than buying more pads
  • Come with 4 layers and a waterproof bottom that retains and absorbs odors
  • Ideal for use with senior dogs, housebreaking puppies, and traveling
  • Won’t let your dog make a mess around the house since it stays dry and fresh

Good news! The Rocket & Rex Premium Reusable Puppy Training Pads can help your home become even more eco-friendly while making house-training even easier. Simply place one of these pads into your dog’s potty trays or whelping box then put it inside your washing machine to get it ready for use again. These durable and absorbent pads can stand multiple uses and will retain odors to keep your house fresh; they will also protect your rugs and floors from tracking, so you never have to worry about maintaining your home’s cleanliness. 


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6. Frisco Large Premium Dog Training & Potty Pads

Frisco Large Premium Dog Training & Potty Pads


  • Leak-proof and disposable pads that give your dog somewhere comfortable to do their business
  • Available in scented and non-scented variants that will attract your dog to the right place every time
  • Super absorbent and fast-drying pads that will make cleaning up easy and will keep your floors dry 
  • Available in various sizes so you can pick the right option for your dog
  • Helps to make training much easier for you and your dog

If you’re looking for new pads, Frisco by Chewy Potty Pads is among the top picks when it comes to puppy training, for both small dogs and large dogs. It offers 5 layers of protection that locks in wetness thanks to a fast-drying top layer and a leak-proof plastic lining that absorbs the mess, which makes picking up waste much easier. It also has an effective attractant that will let your pets know where they need to go, making it ideal for puppy training. 


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7. Honey Care All-Absorb Charcoal Carbon Dog Training Pads

Honey Care All Absorb Charcoal Carbon Dog Training Pads


  • These carbon-activated pee pads have been designed to absorb pet odor and urine
  • Comes with 5 layers that protect dogs from stains when inside a pet carrier
  • With a bordered polyethylene backing to protect the floor from leaks 
  • Can be used at home or on the move while you travel
  • Great for dogs of any age and can be used in a wide range of environments

If your dog can’t do its business outside the house because of bad weather, these Honey Care All-Absorb Charcoal Carbon Eliminating Urine Odor Dog Training Pads are your best friend. Providing quick-drying and leak-resistant protection, these 5-layer pads control odors, contain messes, and are easier to clean up while reducing odors. Finally, a specially formulated attractant helps to guide your puppy to the proper area as you train it around the house.  


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8. American Kennel Club Ultra-Absorbent Dog Training Pads

American Kennel Club Ultra Absorbent Dog Training Pads


  • Great to use on senior dogs and puppies
  • Features the fresh scent of grass to eliminate unpleasant smells
  • Perfect for training a young puppy or to support a senior pooch
  • Can be used as a crate liner during trips since they fit most crates
  • Uses a drying gel for fast absorption and a plastic back the prevent leakage

These Ultra-Absorbent Fresh Grass Scented XL Dog Training Pads by the American Kennel Club are among the best options when you want to train your dog to use the potty at home. They’re perfect for training your small puppy, supporting your older dog, or using them as crate liners when you’re out for a trip. Moreover, this training pad features a fresh grass scent that will keep odors at bay.  


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9. All-Absorb Silicone Training Pad Holder

All Absorb Silicone Training Pad Holder


  • Protects carpets, floors, and fabrics from urine when paired with a pad
  • Made from lightweight, durable, and soft silicone with raised edges
  • Can be rolled up and stored when not in use and picked up when you need to go
  • Ease to use; simply put over a surface and top up with a training pad
  • The perfect tool for house training and will provide a seamless fit with most training pads

With this All-Absorb Silicone Training Pad Holder, you can train your dog to do its business without worrying about leaving a mess around your house. Luckily, it protects your carpets, floors, and fabrics while its lightweight and durable construction allows it to be used time and time again. Because it’s leak-proof and easy to roll up for quick storage, you can use it anywhere in your home, or take it with you during travels. 


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Buying the cheapest pee pads won’t always give you the best results when training your dog to use the potty inside the house. The options above can be used with a litter box, with many being large enough to be suitable for large breeds. But before you get started with training, keep in mind that using positive reinforcement and consistency is key to becoming the best dog trainer you can be.